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  • 02/19/13--10:53: Small Dads
  • About

    Small Dads is a photoshop meme in which a family photo is edited to have the father shrunk to half his original size.


    On February 7th, 2013, Redditor afdlips submitted a post[1] declaring his newest hobby was shrinking the fathers in various family photos, providing an Imgur album of some of his photoshops (shown below). Within 12 days, the post received over 26,500 up votes and 880 comments.


    On February 8th, Gawker[2] published an article about the photoshop meme, featuring several notable examples from the series.

    Notable Examples

    Search Interest

    External References

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  • 02/19/13--11:24: It Would Be a Shame If...
  • Work in progress. Feel free to request editorship


    It Would Be a Shame If… it’s a three-pane image macro, which consist in a image of something or someone talking about something in the first pane, saying “it would be a shame if…” in the second one and saying something that damages the mentioned in the first pane in the last pane.



    Search Interest

    External References

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  • 02/19/13--22:24: Dwarf Fortress
  • As usual, work in progress. Images will be embedded in a second, after I get them put in the gallery.


    Dwarf Fortress is an indie computer game in development by Bay12 Games, comprised of the brothers Tarn “ToadyOne” and Zach “ThreeToe” Adams. It is a sandbox city-building/roguelike game set in a procedurally generated fantasy world, which draws heavy inspiration from ancient mythology and other Tolkein-style settings[1].

    The game is notable for its high level of complexity and depth of gameplay, in addition to being the inspiration for several other popular sandbox games, such as the widely successful indie game Minecraft.

    The game is completely free to play, and has versions for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux (i386). Development is supported by donations from the fanbase.


    Dwarf Fortress started development in 2002, as a side project/sequel to the game Slaves to Armok: God of Blood, making Dwarf Fortress’s full title Slaves to Armok: God of Blood Chapter II: Dwarf Fortress. As time went on, the brothers began to focus more of their time on Dwarf Fortress, and in 2004 work on Armok ceased entirely. The first public version of Dwarf Fortress was, released in 2006. The game has been in perpetual development since then, with new features being added constantly[2].

    With the veritable mountain of features planned, Tarn has stated that development will probably take upwards of 20 years, and will continue even after this “completed version” is released.


    A game of Dwarf Fortress starts with the creation of a world[3], which is randomly generated based upon certain general specifications the player chooses (such as world size, mineral occurrence, and length of pre-generated history). Each world has a set of civilizations, each with their own population, and the world generates years worth of historic background preceding the ‘present’ time that the user will play their session in. The default world specifications will generate a few civilizations for each major race (Dwarves, Humans, Elves, and Goblins), as well as 250 years of history, in a world large enough to house several thousand average-sized player fortresses without overlap.

    Every bit of data in Dwarf Fortress is tracked, down to a nearly microscopic level. The only time anything is specifically spawned by the game is during world generation at year zero. Afterwards, every individual living creature is remembered and followed through its entire life (though with varying levels of detail based upon historic importance), tracking regional movement, injuries, reproduction and death. For sentient creatures such as Dwarves, their appearance, thoughts, and preferences are all calculated.

    Dwarf Fortress has two main game types: Fortress Mode and Adventure Mode. In Fortress Mode[4], the player takes command of a group of Dwarves as they attempt to survive countless dangers in order to mine out the wealth of their chosen point of embark. The game progresses in real-time, with the ability to pause in order to make commands. Characteristics of Dwarven life include ubiquitous alcohol dependency, and a high predisposition towards manic depression.

    Adventure Mode[5] plays like a very open-world Roguelike game, where the player is given control of a single character and can travel through the world, completing quests and exploring places such as fortresses they’ve previously built during past games in that same world.

    Graphical Style

    Everything in Dwarf Fortress is represented by a variation of ASCII[6] characters, called “code page 437”[7], and this fact has contributed heavily to the game’s steep learning curve. The player views the game from above, looking at a flat slice of the world at a certain elevation.

    Similar to texture packs in Minecraft, Tilesets work to make the game look more modern, by replacing the ascii characters with more recognizable sprites.


    Due in part to the steep learning curve, and also because of the long but steady development cycle, Dwarf Fortress has gained a dedicated and enthusiastic fanbase of players, who generate quite a sizable amount of fan content. An official forum, founded in 2008, has about 50,000 members as of 2013.

    Of particular note is Dwarf Fortress’s unique form of Let’s Play, most often called a Succession or Bloodline game. In these games, a group of players each take charge of a single fortress for a certain amount of time (usually a single in-game year), then pass the save onto the next person in line[8]. It is traditional during these games to write updates (often role-playing as a Dwarf living in the fort) based upon the player’s experiences during that year. In late 2006, a group of DF players on the Something Awful forums began Boatmurdered[9], which would later become the most well-known Succession game ever played, and put Dwarf Fortress on the map. References to the LP are still commonly seen within the community.

    Fan Content

    Interestingly enough, the Dwarf Fortress community produces a sizable amount of fanart for a game that has close to no actual visuals. This is most likely because, due to the highly minimalistic nature of the game’s graphics, players often exercise a high level of imagination to interpret the world. Sharing such concept art is, therefor, a popular pastime.

    Notable Sub-Memes

    Losing is Fun!

    The game, and community’s, adopted motto[10]. As the saying goes, there is no final ending to the game, no way to “win” in the traditional sense. Thus, every fortress and adventurer will, eventually, die. Whether by Dwarf-eating river carp (which have been nerfed in recent versions, but used to be very dangerous and are still frequently referenced), Goblin invasions, or digging too deep and unleashing [spoiler redacted], every fortress ends in catastrophe.

    Dwarf Fortress’s difficulty has become one of the most well-known aspects of the game, and the players have embraced this through their seeking of new and exciting ways to put Dwarves through any hardship imaginable. If it doesn’t involve gratuitous amounts of magma and complicated death traps, it isn’t “dwarven” enough.


    Dwarf Fortress is a game of extreme complexity, with enough features to keep many players occupied for years. Thus, quite a lot of the possibilities the game’s deep physics engine provides are as of yet unknown or untested, even by the creators themselves. As a result, DF players take it upon themselves to perform all manner of ridiculous tricks and feats of engineering in the name of testing boundaries, or simply because it’s “the Dwarven way”[11].

    Notable examples:

    1.) Dwarven Daycare: A user by the name “Girlinhat” developed a system to trap infant dwarves (who are capable of feeding themselves) in an overcrowded room full of angry dogs, with Masterwork tier engravings and furniture. The dogs would attack the dwarf because of crowding, turning the child into a nihilistic killing machine over time.

    2.) Planepacked: By accidentally abusing a bug involving “burrows” (a method of restricting dwarves to certain areas), a dwarf in a “strange mood” created Planepacked, a limestone statue adorned with a ridiculous amount of items. It is believed to have the entire history of the world engraved onto it. The feat has since been replicated, resulting in such artifacts as “Broiledprincess”, which finally allowed the community to discover the cause of the bug.

    3.) Project: F**k the World: A famous construction from the aforementioned Boatmurdered Succession game. Project: F**k the World was a cannon that, when activated, would flood the entire outside of the fortress in lava. It was used to kill monster elephants.

    4.) A Dwarven digital computer used to automate the fortress. Its practicality was limited by the fact that every dwarf in the fortress was required to keep it running.

    LMAO 2CAT!!1

    Within the Dwarf Fortress universe, cats can be used for pets, food, and clothing among other uses. They are also known for being incredibly virile, often reproducing massively if they find a home in your fort, often overrunning fortresses that do not keep their populations in check. The phrase is repeated by Dwarf Fortress fans, often mixed in as a caption to images, as a representation of how a Dwarf Fortress fanatic would respond to 2 cats as opposed to just a casual player[15].

    Cacame Awemedinade

    Cacame Awemedinade is a randomly generated character who has achieved legendary status in the Dwarf Fortress fandom.
    See Main Entry for more details.

    See Also

    Search Interest

    External References

    [1]Dwarf Fortress Wiki – About Dwarf Fortress

    [2]New York Times – The Brilliance of Dwarf Fortress

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    [13]Bay12 forums – Dwarven Computer

    [14]Bay12 Forums – Dwarven… Child Care

    [15]/jp/ Otaku Culture – Please Explain This Meme to Me

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  • 02/20/13--01:56: Satan's Lair
    Satan’s Lair is a comic strip created to string a series of animated .gifs together. All the animated .gifs portray someone or something falling through the floor usually in a comical or unexpected way.

    The first time all the images were uploaded in one post was January 23rd, 2013 onto the Tumblr blog
    The main cannon involves a girl falling off a swing into a deep puddle. The puddle sends her into Satan’s lair, where he is reading a book.
    Not long after that a man falls through a trap door into the lair on the other side of satan. Satan complains about getting a leak fixed and then a skateboarder gets stuck in the ceiling.

    (As a comment) A horse climbs into a car which sinks into the ground and lands on Satan. Followed by Hawkeye and Thor (who gets stuck in the ceiling). Finally a person caked in mud faceplants a mudpuddle and falls into the lair.

    It is at this point that the story spurs off into different directions and there are a few different narratives. Including one with an ice skater:

    and one with an anime character caled Beryl:


    The humor made the post popular and bloggers started adding their own animated .gifs in response asking for a continuation of the comic strip. Some times the new cells would be drawn by the user adding the .gif and other times they would be added by other Tumblr users.

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  • 02/20/13--02:37: Beep Boop
  • (work in progress, help will be greatly appriciated)

    “beep boop” is a very common and a rather popular catchphrase that depicts noises and expressions of various mechanical beings, mainly, robots.

    (work in progress)
    The catchphrase seems to used for a very long time, it is possible that it first became widly used in pop-culture after the Cinematic – StarWars: A New Hope. in which one of the secondary character was R2-D2:
    an egg shaped three legged droid that, although was intelligent, could only issue beeping sounds that could only be understood by other robots. the character was very well loved and appricated especially for his signature beepings.

    Recently, the phrase recieved an increase in popularity thanks to Valve adding a new robot costume to their multiplayer FPS– Team fortress 2, the character wearin the costume – The Soldier would often utter “beep boop” in an intetionally overacted manner.

    The phrase is commonly used with image macros that has robots and mechanical intruments in them, as well as in images of ordinary objects, humorously depicting them as robots.
    It is also used to give an impression of a robot or to playfully pretend that one is a robotic entetity

    example images:

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  • 02/20/13--09:47: Cacame Awemedinade
  • [Work in progress]


    Cacame’s origin can be traced back to a 50+ page thread in the Bay12 Forums. [1] Bay12 Forums, primarily based around Dwarf Fortress but also covered a few other games, is a central hub of the Dwarf Fortress fandom. The user who posted Cacame’s story was called Holy Mittens. [2]


    Cacame Awemedinade, also known as Cacame Apebalded the Immortal Onslaught, is a character within Dwarf Fortress. He is legendary among the Dwarf Fortress fandom due to his epic generated backstory, despite their typical disdain for elves. (To be called an Elvish player is an insult on the Bay 12 Forums)

    The Story of Cacame

    Cacame’s character was born an Elven civilization at war with the Dwarfs. When he was 7 years old, the Elves were defeated, and a Dwarfen governor installed in his city. 5 years later, at the age of 12, Cacame became a guard. [1]
    Two years later, an Elven attack on the city resulted in Cacame’s wife, Nemo, being killed and eaten by an Elf warrior. Later, his king died in battle. Through processes not quite understood, Cacame became an Elf king of Dwarfs.
    At some point in his life, Cacame kills a dragon with a simple hammer. [3]


    Cacame, as previously stated, is a legendary figure among Dwarf Fortress players. He has spawned numerous lengthy threads and inspired the creation of a large assortment of fan art, fanfiction, mods and commemorative in-game megaprojects.

    Tributes to Cacame

    The Collosus of Cacame

    Holy Mittens latter built a gigantic statue, called the Collosus of Cacame, to commemorate the character. [4] The statue featured a solid gold cape and eyes glowing with the elf-hating fury of the Dwarf King. The monument was constructed so that anyone entering the fort would have to walk in between Cacame’s legs as a form of psychological warfare.[4]

    External References

    [1]Bay12 Forums – Dwarven King is an Elf

    [2]Bay12 Forums – Holy Mittens

    [3]Dwarf Fortress Wiki – Cacame Awemedinade

    [4]Bay12 Forums – The Collosus of Cacame

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  • 02/20/13--09:53: Bitches Be Like
  • About

    “Bitches Be Like” is an expression used to mock cliché behaviors or catchphrases associated with women. The phrase is often used as the top caption in image macros parodying the descriptions used in self-photographs shared by women on various social networks online.


    One of the earliest known uses of the phrase “bitches be like” comes from the rap song “I’ll Bee Dat” by Redman (shown below), released on December 8th, 1998.

    “My first name must be he ain’t shit
    ‘Cause every time I’m in a car bitches be like he ain’t shit
    I’ll bee dat, I’ll bee dat, I’ll bee dat, I’ll bee dat”

    The earliest known image macro using the phrase was submitted to the Asian Town Forums[6] on April 15th, 2012, which featured a photo of the rear end of an uncooked turkey with the caption “Bitches be like / I’m still a virgin thoe (sic)” (shown below). Within the next 10 months, the thread received over 900 responses.


    On October 7th, 2012, the @BitchesBeLike Twitter feed was created, tweeting notable image macros featuring the “bitches be like” caption. Within four months, the feed gained more than 5,100 followers.

    Also in October 2012, the “Niggas/Bitches Be Like” Facebook[5] page was launched, which garnered more than 196,000 likes in the next four months. On November 2nd, YouTuber recklessmike uploaded a video titled “Bitches be like,” which parodied stereotypical behaviors associated with women (shown below). Within the next three months, the video received upwards of 89,000 views and 340 comments.

    On November 20th, the single topic blog Bitches Be Like[4] was created, reblogging notable image macros from the series. On January 21st, 2013, Redditor bromando500 submitted an image macro featuring the character Luigi from the video game series Super Mario standing in front of a mirror with the caption “Bitches on Facebook be like” (shown below). Within one month, the post received over 8,700 up votes and 150 comments.

    Notable Examples

    Image macros featuring the caption “bitches be like” often mock the descriptions and hash tags paired with photos shared on various social networking sites. Additional examples can be found on Pinterest[3] and Tumblr under the tag “#bitches be like.”[2]

    Twitter Feed

    Search Interest

    External References

    [1]Reddit – bitches be like

    [2]Tumblr – bitches be like

    [3]Pinterest – Bitches be like

    [4]Bitches Be Like – Bitches Be Like

    [5]Facebook – Niggas/Bitches be like

    [6]Asian Town – Bitches be like

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    The evolution of the Harlem Shake meme is best described here:
    The Science Behind Why The Harlem Shake Is So Popular

    The meme became popular especially in the academic society. One of the most unique interpretations can be found here:

    Harlem Shake Zeppelin University Edition

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  • 02/20/13--18:41: Speed Painting Videos
  • About

    Speed Painting Videos are recorded footage of artists using graphics painting software to create an illustration which is sped up to create a time-lapse of the painting process.


    The earliest known speed painting video was uploaded by YouTuber macpulenta on February 9th, 2007, featuring a real-time drawing of Radiohead vocalist Thom Yorke illustrated by artist Nico Di Mattia within four hours (shown below). Within the next six years, the video accumulated more than 1.67 million views and 3,100 comments.


    On May 2nd, 2007, YouTuber macpulenta uploaded a speed paint video of Spider-Man illustrated by Nico Di Mattia in Photoshop (shown below, left), which garnered upwards of 22.1 million views and 11,400 comments in six years. On May 5th, YouTuber mint301 uploaded a video in which he mockingly draws a poor version of a pixel art Super Mario (shown below, right). Within the next six years, the video received over 200,000 views and 1,200 comments.

    On November 3rd, 2008, YouTuber shukei01 uploaded a time-lapse video in which a Gundam character is drawn within the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet program (shown below, left), garnering upwards of 1.9 million views and 1,600 comments in the next five years. On January 18th, 2010, the digital art blog Digital Arts Secrets[1] published a post providing instructions on how to create a speed painting video. On November 29th, YouTuber shadowmuttzr0 uploaded footage of a speed paint featuring the characters Ino and Hinata from the Japanese manga series Naruto (shown below, right), gaining more than 1.89 million views in the following three years.

    On January 18th, 2011, YouTuber DrawingNowTutorials uploaded a video featuring a speed paint of the character Lightning Mcqueen from the animated film Cars (shown below, left). The video accumulated over three million views in the next two years. On January 30th, 2012, YouTuber tsitra260 submitted footage of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic speed paint, receiving upwards of 630,000 views and 2,600 comments within the next year.

    Notable Examples

    Search Interest

    External References

    [1]Digital Arts Secrets – Whats Speed Painting All About?

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    “That’s The Evilest Thing I Can Imagine” is an expression used to ironically highlight juvenile pranks or trolling schemes, in a similar vein to the phrase “Some Men Just Want to Watch the World Burn.” In image macros, the phrase is usually accompanied by a screen capture of cartoon characters HIM and Mojo Jojo from the animated television series Powerpuff Girls.


    In Season Six Episode Two of the Powerpuff Girls,[1] originally aired on July 16th, 2004, the villain characters Him and Mojo Jojo compete to win the respect of the Rowdyruff Boys by demonstrating evil deeds. As HIM and Mojo Jojo fight with each other over who is the most evil, the Rowdyruff Boy Brick declares that he only cares about destroying the Powerpuff Girls, to which Mojo Jojo replies “Why, that’s the evilest thing I can imagine!”

    Brick: "SHUT UP! We don’t care which one of you is more eviller, or more stupider or whateverer! There’s only one evil thing we care about! And that’s destroying the Powerpuff Girls!
    Mojo Jojo: “Why, that’s the evilest thing I can imagine!”

    An animated GIF of the scene (shown below) was posted by Tumblr[4] user nodularity on September 14th, 2011, followed by color version by Tumblr[5] user thegoddessbunny on January 8th, 2012.


    On February 12th, 2013, 9gag[3] user vladimirvamp12 uploaded an image showing onions disguised as caramel apples followed by the Mojo Jojo image macro (shown below, left). Within nine days, the post gained more than 36,000 up votes, 11,000 Facebook shares and 35 comments. On February 20th, Redditor gh7gpx submitted an image macro featuring instructions on tricking others into smelling flatulence, followed by the reaction image of Him and Mojo Jojo (shown below, right). Within 24 hours, the post received over 4,200 up votes and 40 comments.

    Notable Examples

    Search Interest

    External References

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  • 02/21/13--13:32: PlayStation
  • (work in progress)


    PlayStation is a series of video game consoles produced by Sony beginning in 1994. Online, fans of the console have fiercely defended it versus competitors like the Xbox as well as Nintendo’s releases.


    The first PlayStation console[1] (shown below, left) was released on December 3rd, 1994 in Japan and September 9th, 1995 in the United States. It is considered a fifth-generation[2] console, with its major competitors of the time period being the Sega Saturn and the Nintendo 64. Within the first year, more than 100 titles were released, helping Sony sell more than 10 million PlayStations by 1998.[3] The system was later rebranded as the PlayStation 1 after a slimmer redesign and launch of the PlayStation 2[4] (shown below, right) in 2000. As of January 2011, the PlayStation 2 became the world’s best-selling home gaming console of all time[5], selling more than 150 million units. The console was discontinued in January 2013.[6]

    In November 2006, the PlayStation 3[7] (shown below, left) was released, considered a seventh-generation console. The system has been redesigned twice as of February 2013 and many versions are backwards-compatible with PlayStation and PlayStation 2 titles. There have also been two handheld PlayStation systems: 2005’s PlayStation Portable (PSP, shown below, center) and 2011’s PlayStation Vita (shown below, right).

    On February 20th, 2013, the PlayStation 4[8] was announced at the PlayStation Meeting 2013 press conference. No official release date was set, but Sony President and CEO Andrew House noted it would be out by the fourth quarter of the year. While the console was not actually displayed at the conference, it was noted that the system would feature cloud support, connectivity with smartphones and a new controller featuring a touchpad and Share button that will allow users to record their gameplay.[9]


    PS4 Announcement

    The day of the PlayStation Meeting 2013 press conference, “PlayStation 4” was mentioned on Twitter more than 402,000 times.[10] The next morning, New York Times[11] chronicled some tweets from journalists, analysts and gamers about the conference, noting that many people complained about the lack of an actual PS4, pricing or release date.



    Search Interest

    External References

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  • 02/21/13--14:54: Google Maps
  • About

    Google Maps is a mapping website and mobile application created by the American multinational internet and software corporation Google.


    Google Maps was initially designed as a C++ application by the Australian brothers Lars and Jens Rasmussen and later acquired by Google in October 2004, culminating to its official launch on February 8th, 2005. Google introduced the first mobile application for Google Maps in 2006.

    Google Maps’ design evolution between 2009 (top) and 2011 (bottom)

    On June 29th, 2007, the first iPhone by Apple was released, which included a mobile Google Maps application. On October 22nd, 2008, the first phone to run Google’s Android operating system was released, which came with a Google Maps application installed.


    Satellite View

    Google Maps allows the user to view a high-resolution aerial or satellite image over certain areas across the world. Many of the images are taken by aircraft flying at 800-1500 feet from the ground and are approximately one to three years old according to the Google Earth support page.[13]

    Google Transit

    Google Transit is a public transport route planner integrated into Google Maps, which calculates route, transit time and cost between locations in hundreds of cities worldwide.

    Google Places

    Google Places is a local business service integrated into Google Maps, which allows business owners to claim a listing to add photos and additional information for their location. The service also allows users to provide reviews for the business, accompanied by a one to five star rating.

    On April 30th, 2010, the digital marketing blog Econsultancy[16] published an article describing techniques that could be used to increase a ranking on Google Place’s listings, including using fake addresses, spamming the company name and hiring people to write fake reviews. Following the announcement that Osama bin Laden had been killed on May 1st, 2011, Google Maps users began posting spoof reviews for the bin Laden compound and labelled the site an “amusement park.”[14][15] On March 15th, 2012, the search optimization blog Search Influence[18] published a post about fake Google Places listings, which included a Google Satellite image with a place labelled “Penis Pool” (shown below, right).

    Street View

    Google Street View is a feature which allows users to zoom in to a 360° panoramic photo taken on the road at a specific location. The photographs are shot by a fleet of Google Street View cars, which include panoramic cameras mounted on the hood (shown below).

    From 2009 to 2011, compilations of notable Google Street View photos were published on a variety of Internet humor and tech news blogs, including Holy Taco,[6] The Huffington Post,[7] BuzzFeed,[8] The Next Web,[9] Funny or Die[10] and Mashable.[11]

    On January 11th, 2012, Redditor squidesquide submitted a post titled “Click the woman,”[3] which linked to a Google Street View page in Brazil showing a woman fall as the car drove by (shown below). Prior to being archived, the post received over 35,800 up votes and 1,800 comments.

    On December 18th, the website Google Street View World[1] was launched, which highlights notable photos taken by Google Street View cars. On January 14th, 2013, Redditor FreddyPenner submitted a link to a Google Street View page in Botswana, Africa,[4] which showed a donkey that appeared to have fallen over after being passed by the Street View car (shown below). Within one month, the post gained more than 3,300 up votes and 400 comments. Two days later, Google Maps group project manager Kei Kawai explained on the official Google Maps blog[5] that the donkey had been lying down and rose when the car approached.


    Several online communities have launched centering around the Google Earth platform. The official one, Google Earth Community[26], allows its users to publish their information to a community layer inside the program. It is broken down into several sub-forums, including boards dedicated to living things, landmarks, weather and sports, among others. Additionally, there is a Fun and Games board[27], where users are encouraged to create riddles and leave hidden messages for each other in the program. Several of these threads often show a location with an instruction on another perspective at which the image should be viewed to see something unique or an error in the data. There is also a separate group called Google Earth for Educators[28], which acts as a hub site for teachers to discuss how they use the program as well as provides resources and tutorials to help teachers incorporate the program in to their curricula.


    Map Crunch

    MapCrunch is a website which allows users to be virtually transported to a randomly selected street view location in Google Maps. The website has inspired a participatory online game in which the player must find their way to the nearest airport from a spawned location. Due to the fact that the initial location is chosen at random, the game has proven to be notoriously frustrating and time consuming. The game saw a rise in popularity from Tumblr in February of 2012, when players began writing about their experiences and uploading pictures from their searches.

    Hidden Mickeys

    Hidden Mickeys, or subtle three-circle representations of Mickey Mouse that have been placed indiscriminately around the Disney theme parks and other Disney media, have been documented online for years[19], with more than 1000 found to date.[20] Since as early as 2006, Disney enthusiasts have shared coordinates of possible Hidden Mickeys with each other, beginning with a post on the WDWMagic forums[21] in February of that year. Over the years, other fans have shared their Hidden Mickey finds on Talk Disney[22], The Disney Blog[23], WDisneySecrets[24] and DISUnplugged.[25]

    Single Topic Blogs

    In 2005, a single topic blog called Google Sightseeing[29] launched, highlighting selections in numerous categories including sculptures, landmarks, abandoned sites, crop circles and large crowds. That same year, the blog Google Maps Mania[30] (shown below) was established in effort to track projects utilizing either Google Earth or Google Maps. With contributors from 10 countries, the blog continues to update almost daily as of February 2013.

    In 2006, Virtual Globetrotting[31] launched, offering people virtual adventures in a similar vein to Google Sightseeing. In 2013, British window and door company Safe Style UK launched The Secret Door[32], randomly transports users to indoor views found on Google Maps.

    The Secret Door


    iOS 6 Maps Controversy

    iOS 6 Maps is an application which replaced Google Maps in Apple’s iOS 6 operating system, publicly released on September 19th, 2012. Due to the amount of errors in the app, many iPhone users began posting screenshots of the faulty application and criticizing the way locations were displayed. On December 13th, 2012, a version of Google Maps was made available in the Apple App Store[12] for those who wanted an alternative to iOS 6 Maps.

    Privacy Issues

    Shortly after its release in 2007, Street View was criticized for violating pedestrian privacy by publishing clear photographs of people out in public. In May of 2008, Google began using facial recognition technology to blur the faces of individuals photographed by Street View cameras. In April of 2010, Google admitted that Street View cars had been collecting data from Wi-Fi networks, including MAC addresses and SSIDs. In March of that year, United Kingdom politician Paul Keetch and anonymous military officers criticized the inclusion of Street View photographs showing the outside of the Special Air Service base in Herefordshire, England.[17]

    Internet Meme References

    • In September 2011, Google Maps launched an annually updated Pirate Day party locator.

    • In December 2011, Google Maps implemented a reminder that one cannot simply walk into Mordor on their walking directions from a Wisconson address masked as the Shire to an address located in Mordor, Illinois.

    • In June 2010, Google Maps decorated its street view pegman with the South African stadium horn Vuvuzela.

    • In April 2012, Google Maps unveiled a special layer that presented everything in low-resolution 8-bit pixel art.

    Search Interest

    External References

    [1]Official Google Blog – Mapping your way

    [2]Google Street View World – Google Street View World

    [3]Reddit – click the woman

    [4]Reddit – Did Google Street View run over a donkey in the Botswana desert?

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    [10]Funny or Die – 30 Awesome Google Street View Images

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    [12]iTunes – Google Maps

    [13]Google – Blurry or Outdated Imagery

    [14]The Huffington Post – Osama Bin Ladens Compound Gets Bad Reviews on Google Maps

    [15]The Atlantic – Osama Bin Ladens Compound Already Mapped on Google

    [16]Econsultancy – Sneaky Ways to Top Googles Local Listings

    [17]The Daily Mail – Fury as Google puts SAS secret base on street view

    [18]Search Influence – Fake Google Places

    [19]Hidden Mickey Guy – Home

    [20]Orlando Attractions Magazine – Author documents 1,000th Hidden Mickey; Fifth edition on sale

    [21]WDWMagic – Hidden Mickey on Google Earth

    [22]Talk Disney – accidentally found a big hidden Mickey

    [23]The Disney Blog – Hidden Mickey on Google Maps

    [24]WDisneySecrets – Google Earth Hidden Mickeys

    [25]DISUnplugged – A Hidden Mickey Discovery at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

    [26]Google Groups – Google Earth Community

    [27]Google Groups – GEC: Fun & Games

    [28]Google Earth for Educators – Home

    [29]Google Sightseeing – Home

    [30]Google Maps Mania – Home

    [31]Virtual Globetrotting – Home

    [32]The Secret Door – Home

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  • 02/21/13--20:24: Mr. Creepypasta
  • Mr. Creepypasta is the user name of an adolescent male (Judging by his voice) who posts videos to YouTube typically displaying of a still image (Sometimes being slowly distorted to make the viewer feel as if they’re losing their mind) well he reads Creepypastas. Although he mostly reads more frightening stories like Slenderman or BENDROWNED he has read some more (For lack if a better world) humorous stories, like THEDAY OF ALLTHEBLOOD.

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  • 02/22/13--06:00: HowToBasic
  • About

    HowToBasic is a tutorial YouTube channel featuring instructional videos on how to complete basic tasks. Although a handful of these videos actually complete a task, most of them are parodies of standard tutorial videos featuring over-the-top actions that often will involve smashing ingredients, especially eggs, creating large messes.

    Online History

    The first HowToBasic video was uploaded on December 8th, 2011, with instructions on how to pick up an umbrella (shown below, left). The 4-second clip shows a hand reaching out and picking up a white umbrella that is standing upright. As of February 2013, this video has more than 146,000 views. That day, two other videos were uploaded, each 17 seconds or less, depicting how to shut a door and save power. In January 2012, a Facebook fan page[2] for the channel was launched, but it was not actively used until later that year. The channel lay dormant until March 26th, 2012, when a video instructing viewers on how to open a water bottle (shown below, left) was uploaded. On that day, the channel uploaded 93 other instructional clips, all under 43 seconds.

    Of the 94 videos uploaded on March 26th, some of the instructions began to become more bizarre, with one video featuring soup recipe (shown below, left) using three different soaps and bread and another instructing viewers that the proper way to eat a cupcake (shown below, right) is to take bites and then spit them out on the counter.

    On April 14th, the channel began regularly updating instead of uploading a large amount of videos in one batch. The videos also began to utilize special thumbnail images of delicious looking food the YouTuber would attempt to recreate (shown below), despite the recipes not actually creating the food. The videos also began to regularly incorporate smashed raw eggs and spilled liquids, emphasizing creating a mess rather than something edible.

    By the end of April, the Facebook fan page[2] for the channel had become active, accruing more than 48,000 likes as of February 2013. A Twitter account[3] for the channel was also established that month, gaining more than 5700 followers in less than a year. On April 24th, 2012, a HowToBasic video was first shared on FunnyJunk.[4] Hours later, the channel was linked on MetaFilter[5], receiving more than 50 comments. The following day, Guyism[6] posted a slideshow of the 10 best videos from the channel, resulting in coverage on Uproxx[7], The Daily Dot[8] and movie blog The Substream[9] on April 26th. Over the next several months, the channel was also discussed on gaming forum NeoGAF[10], HTML Giant[11] and College Humor.[12] In December 2012, HowToBasic released an iPhone app[16] compiling the channel’s videos that earned a five-star rating within two months.

    As of February 2013, HowToBasic’s YouTube channel has more than 489,000 subscribers and nearly 75 million video views, averaging approximately 170,000 views per day.

    Notable Videos

    Personal Life

    Not much is known about the vlogger behind HowToBasic except that he is located in Australia. There have been four AMA (Ask Me Anything) requests for him to do an interview on Reddit[13], but he has yet to respond. In addition to Twitter and Facebook, the owner of the channel maintains an Instagram[14] account posting both personal photos as well as highlights from his videos. He also has two other YouTube account: HowToBasic2[15] features bloopers and personal tutuorials featuring merchandise for the series (shown below, left) and The Fruit Smasher[16] features less than 10-second clips of a hand smashing fruit (shown below, right).

    Search Interest

    External References

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  • 02/22/13--07:43: Day X
  • About

    Day X is an image macro series in which a person, animal or inanimate object is portrayed as an undercover agent unsuccessfully attempting to blend in with a different group. The images are typically accompanied by a caption written in the style of a spy mission log, based on the snowclone template “Day X: They still don’t know I’m a Y.”


    On May 29th, 2012, Redditor FTWindsor submitted an image macro featuring several World War II-era German soldiers accompanied by a man in a bear suit and the caption “Day 45: I have earned the Germans’ trust / They still do not realize I am bear” (shown below).[1] Within the next eight months, the post received upwards of 13,300 up votes and 240 comments.


    Prior to the use of the “Day X” caption, other image macros using similar base images were created. On November 22nd, 2008, an image macro featuring a fox surrounded by several hunting dogs was submitted to the website I Can Has Cheezburger?[7], featuring the caption “They suspect / Nothing!” (shown below, left). The You Came to the Wrong Neighborhood image macro series has comparable base images as well, featuring a homogeneous group of people or animals staring at the viewer in an intimidating manner (shown below, right). The earliest known example was submitted to FunnyJunk on June 11th, 2009.


    On September 3rd, 2012, Redditor 15calderm posted an image macro of an Old English Sheepdog surrounded by sheep with the caption “Day 33 / they still suspect nothing” (shown below, left) to the /r/funny subreddit.[4] In the following five months, the post garnered more than 14,000 up votes and 110 comments. On November 27th, 9gag[6] user peterwee submitted a photo of a box of cookies next to several containers of Pringles potato chips (shown below, right), which gained over 19,000 up votes and 5,000 Facebook shares within three months.

    On January 31st, 2013, the Internet humor blog Smosh[2] highlighted a compilation of notable image macros from the series. On February 6th, Redditor seearc1 submitted a post titled “Day 201, they suspect nothing” to the /r/pics[3] subreddit, featuring a photograph of a package of Coca-Cola bottles with one Pepsi bottle (shown below). Within the next 15 days, the post accumulated upwards of 4,300 up votes and 60 comments.

    Notable Examples

    Search Interest

    External References

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  • 02/22/13--10:56: Rape Sloth
  • About

    Rape Sloth is an image macro series featuring a photograph of a sloth that appears to be whispering in a woman’s ear. The captions often contain creepy sexual innuendo, pick up lines and disturbing threats.




    On August 31st, 2012, Redditor happyman91 submitted an image macro with the caption “You know what rhymes with sloth? / Rape” (shown below). On the following day, the post was linked in the subreddit /r/ShitRedditSays,[5] which criticized the post for joking about rape. On September 25th, the @RapeSloth Twitter feed was created, which tweeted captions from the image macro series.

    Notable Examples

    As of February 2013, the “Rape Sloth” Quickmeme[1] page has received over 100 submissions and the Meme Generator[2] page has accumulated over 140 items. Additional examples can be found on the microblogging site Tumblr under the tag “#rape sloth.”[3]

    Search Interest

    External References

    [1]Quickmeme – Rape Sloth

    [2]Meme Generator – Rape Sloth

    [3]Tumblr – #rape sloth

    [4]Reddit – What rhymes with sloth

    [5]Reddit – A Picture of a sloth

    [6]Twitter – @RapeSloth

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  • 02/22/13--16:28: Lucky Star

  • About

    Lucky Star is a slice of life manga and anime series, detailing the daily lives of 4 Japanese high school girls. The series has garnered a large fanbase in both Japan and in the West, due to it’s comedic style and references to other anime.


    The original four-panel comic strip manga version of Lucky Star was first created by manga author Kagami Yoshimizu[1] in January 2004, followed by the first volume of the manga that was published on January 8, 2005.As of December 26, 2011, nine volumes have been released. The manga was licensed by Bandai Entertainment[2] for release in English in North America,with the first volume being released in June 2009. A Lucky Star anime was produced by Kyoto Animation[3], and aired between April 8, 2007, and September 16, 2007, consisting of 24 episodes. The anime was then licensed and dubbed in English by Bandai Entertainment again.


    Soon after it’s creation the Lucky Star series gained a large fan following, due to the different references to the Otaku culture and the moe animation style used. Many people also speculate that the success of Lucky Star is due to the previous success of Kyoto Animation’s fellow anime series, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya[4]. The show has a large presence on sites like Tumblr[5], DeviantART[6] and 4chan’s /a/ Anime and Manga board[7]. Lucky Star also has it’s own fansites, such as Lucky Star Shrine[8] and Lucky Star Fan Club[9], as well as it’s own wiki[10].

    Related memes

    Motteke! Sailor Fuku

    Motteke! Sailor Fuku (meaning “Take It! Sailor Uniform”) Is the opening song to the anime. The opening dance routine became a popular dance trend, especially in MADs, similar to Hare Hare Yukai from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.

    No! Yes

    No! Yes is a Youtube poop meme originating from a scene in which the 4 girls attempt to open a door, but due to getting electric shocks, only Konata succeeds.


    Timotei is a meme based on a short clip from episode 6 of the anime in which Konata recreates an advert[11] in a public bath by stroking her hair while saying, “Timotei”. Numerous remixes and MAD’s were spawned using the sound clip on sites such as Nico Nico Douga.

    Tsukasa Plays the Recorder

    Tsukasa Plays the Recorder is a scene from episode 8 of the anime, in which Tsukasa in attempts to play a recorder, but plays it poorly. The scene was subject to a number of Youtube Poop parodies, in which the scene is paired up to a number of different songs.

    Search Interest

    External References

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  • 02/22/13--16:42: Darksydephil/DSPGaming
  • Work in progress. Editorship is requested.

    Darksydephil/DSPGaming (Philip Burnell) is a 30 year old YouTube video gamer personality that is best known for his live commentary on his video game playthroughs. Due to constant trolling and negative backlash towards some of his videos, he has been given the nickname “The King of Hate” and has a fan following.


    Darksydephil began his YouTube career in 2007 on his original channel, Darksydephil. It is rumored that his first playthrough that he did was Fallout 3. He rose to fame with his Heavy Rain playthrough which is considered to be one of his funniest playthroughs of all time.

    His popularity was further expanded with playthroughs of other games such as Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, Mass Effect games, Fallout games, and PS Move games with his best friend John Rambo. In summer of 2010, Phil lost his normal everyday job and as a result, he partnered himself with Machinima in fall 2010 thus making him a full time YouTube employee.


    DSP is also known for his other segments such as Friend Request Ridicule (cancelled), Ask the King, DSP Tries It (cancelled then rebooted), Poorly Cooking with the King (cancelled), Week in Preview, Release Day Unboxing, The Hateful Truth, and Project 7 (cancelled, then rebooted, and is now on indefinite hiatus). He also does annual traditions such as an April Fools special, a Mega Man week, a Halloween special, and an end of the year countdown of DSP’s funniest moments (funniest racist moments in 2010), worse moments (changed to worst gaming trends in 2011), and the best games of the year.

    Criticisms and Controversies

    People have often been critical of how Phil does his playthroughs. Many critics have claimed that DSP is completely unobservant in some situations and often ignore simple facts about the gameplay which is shown in such playthrough such as the HD remake of Metal Gear Solid 2 and Black Mesa. In his Metal Gear Solid 2 playthorough, viewers noted at DSP’s inability of using the L2 button which activates health rations in the game and also Phil’s failure to use stealth techniques. In part 9-11 of his Black Mesa playthrough, DSP struggled with a crouch jump on a certain platform and has accused the failure to do a crouch jump as a game bug. Phil has been noted for accusing parts of games to be bugged without realizing that the failure to complete a task in the game is actually his fault and not the game’s fault. As a result, Phil’s “haters” have uploaded reaction videos of these moments.

    In April 2010, DSP began a playthrough of Splinter Cell Conviction with 13 videos. One day, DSP received a copyright strike from Ubisoft and had his channel taken down. However, Ubisoft claims that they did not send a copyright strike to DSP and it was later revealed that a troll by the name of Steve Jones sent DSP the fake copyright strike. As a result of the Steve Jones controversy, Darksydephil was used as an archive channel to this day. Phil also created a new account called DSPGaming which is used for his current playthroughs, RedDeadDSP which was only used for his playthroughs of Red Dead Redemption and L.A. Noire due to a previous copyright strike on Phil by Rockstar Games during his GTA IV Lost and the Damned playthrough, DSPFinalFantasy which was used for a playthrough of Final Fantasy XIII, DSPStreetFighter which was used for any fighting games playthroughs, and The King of Hate HD which was used for non-gaming vlogs.

    Other controversies included the end of Phil’s Godfather II playthrough which was cancelled due to a nudity strike, and as a result, Phil could not upload a playthrough of Dante’s Inferno due to the nudity. When nudity was involved in Phil’s playthroughs of God of War III, Red Dead Redemption, and Heavy Rain he used funny images to block out the nudity.

    In 2011, DSP showcased his hatred of the mainstream media especially after the bashing of Duke Nukem Forever. In July 2011, Phil bashed Playstation Magazine for giving Catherine, F.E.A.R. 3, and Captain America First Soldier the same score of 7/10. He later got into an intense feud on Twitter with freelance game reviewer Mitch Dyer. In October 2012, Phil defended Resident Evil 6 after critics bashed the game. To show his defience to the mainstream gaming media, Phil gave Resident Evil 6 a 9/10 and placed it at #4 on the top 10 games of 2012.

    In 2012, DSP was involved in numerous feuds with the popular YouTube gaming personality Toby Turner (Tobuscus Games). The rivalry began when Phil posted a video stating that he was outraged when ads for college football video game NCAA Football 13 which featured Turner appeared on the side of DSP’s videos. Throughout 2012, Phil has often bashed gamers such as Turner, PewDewPie, and IJustine and called them “phony YouTube gaming personalities.” This incident was placed at #2 on DSP’s Worst Gaming Trends of 2012.

    Plans for 2013

    In January 2013, DSP announced that he was going to make changes to how he would do his playthroughs. The first change is that Phil play less games every week and upload less videos everyday so that people can catch up. Phil also announced his new segment called Retro Replay in which he will replay a previous game from his early days as a YouTube gamer and post it on his main channel. He has also unblocked everyone in the comments section and will now post all fighting game coverage on his main channel. Finally, DSP announced the creation of a new channel called TheKingOfHateVlogs where Phil’s non-gaming vlog-like segments would be shown. So far, fan reception has been positive to these changes.

    Personal Life

    Philip Burnell is 30 years old and lives in a condo in Connecticut and currently has a 20 year old girlfriend named Liana who is also a Machinima partnered YouTube gamer and goes by the name of Panda Lee. In many of his videos, Burnell has often discussed about his back problems in which one of his disks is disconnected due to unknown reasons. He states that walking, driving, and doing other normal activities for a long period of time can have a painful impact on his back. DSP states that he would like to move out of Connecticut due to high condo property taxes and would like to afford a surgery to fix his back.

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  • 02/22/13--19:20: Venom Extreme Maldito
  • About

    Venom Extreme is a famous brazilian youtuber.His channel was created on May 29th,2011. He is the creator of the group Extreme Gamers,created on August 29th,2011,which created a lot of inside memes around the subscribers.


    On May 29th,2011,VenomExtreme created a brazilian/portuguese channel in youtube about games.His channel popularized a lot of inside memes,catchphrases.Between them the catchphrase “Maldito!”,that means something like “Danmit!”,spoken everytime by him.
    The first time he said it was in the first video,at 07:21,but was in the mo’creatures series,the biggest venom series,that the catchphrase really spreaded.Then the catchphrase was spammed in the comments,some brazilian forums,and other youtubers was repeating it,creating remixes trough youtube.

    Venom Extreme Phrases

    A unnoficial twitter was created posting a lot of catchphrases of Venom Extremes,using hashtags,posting alog with other youtubers.




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  • 02/23/13--10:30: Super Mario Dance Bros
  • Super Mario Dance Bros is a YouTube video uploaded on May 4, 2008 by user JoeldinhoNoEnemies, It features badly animated versions of Mario and Luigi dancing set to the song “Dirty Little Secret” by The All-American Rejects. The video has became very popular on Tumblr for being very poorly animated.

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