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    Læffy is the Norwegian army’s battalion clown. The origin of his first well-known appearance on the internet is on the video sharing site,Youtube. The original video was posted on January 6th,2011 by a user by the name of MrFleksnes123.


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  • 02/24/13--09:32: Azumanga Daioh
  • WIP. Feel free to request editorship


    Azumanga Daioh is manga by Kiyohiko Azuma, adapted to anime in 2002. It chronicles the daily life of six girls and two of her teachers in an unnamed Japanese high school. Azumanga have a large fanbase, and it have created some memes.






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  • 02/24/13--11:58: simply aint got time
  • Simply walk into Mordor? Ain’t nobody got time fuh dat

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  • 02/24/13--20:02: Selfie
  • This is a work in progress, I’m gonna be working on it for a bit so bear with me!


    Selfie is an internet slang term short for “self-portrait” that is used online to describe self-taken photos of oneself. The term is commonly used as a hashtag on these types of photos.





    Related Memes

    MySpace Angles

    MySpace Angles



    Self Pop Tart

    Self Pop Tart

    Search Interest

    External References

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  • 02/25/13--09:09: How It Feels To Chew 5 Gum
  • About:
    How It Feels To Chew 5 Gum is an image macro series in which a person is portrayed in a disturbing pose or being harmed in some way, overlaid with the caption “how it feels to chew 5 gum,” a sort of antithesis to the euphoric feelings the original 5 gum commercials implied from chewing 5 gum.

    Ever since it’s introduction in 2007, Wrigley’s 5 gum has been airing a series of commercials with the the phrase “how it feels to chew 5 gum.” Over the years, a number of YouTube videos began parodying the commercials. Here’s one such example:

    Some examples also appeared on 4chan, Reddit, Meme Generator, FunnyJunk, and I Can Has Cheezburger, such as this thread on Reddit’s r/4chan forum, where users are seen suggesting disturbing scenarios on how it actually feels to chew 5 gum:

    Some instances:






    Keyword search volume is low at the moment but showing an upward trend, 0 instances before 2012, seeing a spike during 2012 and continues rising into 2013:


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    google glass meme

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  • 02/25/13--13:12: /g/



    /g/ is a board on 4chan that mainly focusses on technology and are known for idolizing Richard Stallman even thought he stated that “He tried to look at the page but only saw inane comments [1].”

    External References

    [1]Chanarchive – Stallman hates

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  • 02/25/13--16:03: Danbooru
  • About

    Danbooru (site domain: or[1] is an online imageboard and tag-based image archive using a non-hierarchical semantic structure in which users are able to post content and sort this through tags and ratings. There exist numerous different Danbooru-style imageboards, often specialising in a specific subject.


    According to the WaybackMachine web archive,[2] the first archived instance of Danbooru dates back to February 15th, 2006, with an image count of 23,871 at the time. Although the Facebook page[3] for Danbooru implies they were around as early as May 25th, 2005.


    Danbooru has an Alexa[4] global rank of 7,777, with a rank of 1,242 in Japan and 6,384 in the US. Danbooru also has a Quantquast[5] rank of 15,893. According to Quantquast’s demographics, the user base is 59% male and 41% female with the majority being below the age of 24.

    Danbooru reached its 100,000th upload on January 19th, 2007, and it’s 1,000,000th on September 20th, 2011. As of February 25th, 2012, the site contains over 1,36 million images.


    Tagging System

    Danbooru and other image boorus often make us of a tagging system in which users sort the images into categories (shown below) while uploading. These main focus of these categories is to divide images by the show they’re from, the characters showing, and the artist, but can go as deep as specific details present in the images such as clothing or facial expressions. Image boorus contain pools where certain images that are related to each other in a way that the tag system doesn’t allow for can be collected for viewing, and is the primary means for works hosted on the boorus to be compiled.

    Another notable tagging feature is the dividing of images through rating based on whether they’re safe, questionable or explicit. The rating is commonly decided by the inclusion of erotica or intercourse, but can also be decided through subjects such as gore. Certain image boorus specialize only in a certain rating, in which the rating system is properly adjusted to match the site’s function.

    Related Sites

    The non-hierarchical semantic structure and tagging & rating system used by Danbooru has be taken over by various websites. These related websites, nicknamed “Image Boorus”,[6] commonly specialize in specific subjects or ratings. Gelbooru[7] posts similar anime-related content as Danbooru, but specializes more in explicit content and hentai. Totalling over 1,66 million images as of February 25th, 2013, it has an archive of around 300,000 images more than Danbooru. Rule34.XXX[15] also got close to Danbooru, totalling over 1,19 million images as of the same date.

    Besides Gelbooru focussing more on explicit content, Konachan[13] is another spinoff of Danbooru that specializes in wallpapers. Paheal[14] is an infamous image booru for its specialization in Rule 34. Other notable image boorus are commonly specialized in fandoms, examples of this are Touhou’sTouhou Radio,[8] the Furry Fandom’se926[9], Bronies’Derpibooru,[10]Homestuck’sMSPAbooru,[11] and Katawa Shoujo’sThe Mishimmie.[12]

    Search Interest

    External References

    [1] Explicit Content)

    [2]Web.archive –

    [3]Facebook – Danbooru – Info

    [4]Alexa –

    [5]Quantcast –

    [6]TvTropes – Image Booru

    [7]Gelbooru(NSFW: Explicit Content)

    [8]Touhou Radio




    [12]The Mishimmie

    [13]Konachan(NSFW: Explicit Content)

    [14]Paheal(NSFW: Explicit Content)

    [15]Rule34.XXX(NSFW: Explicit Content)

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    ((Work in Progress))



    On February, 24 2013, during the Academy Awards, the official twitter account for The Onion made a controversial tweet about Academy Award nominee, Quvenzhane Wallis.


    Negative reaction to the tweet spread quickly on sites like tumblr, twitter, and facebook. Several posts on tumblr gave contact information of The Onion. Within an hour of the tweet being made, it was deleted.

    The Onion Apologizes

    The morning after the incident, The Onion issued an official apology on their tumblr. [1]

    External Links

    [1]tumblr – The Onion Apologizes

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  • 02/25/13--19:55: Move Faster Pokey!
  • How it all began

    Sometime in 2007, a group of goons from Something Awful decided to tackle a game called Kaizo Mario World.[1] This group of goons consisted of three people – Proton Jon, Psychedelic Eyeball, and Wugga – and they decided to take turns playing through the stages. They suffered greatly, and their fellow goons were greatly amused. Eventually, Proton Jon’s turn to play Special Stage 2 came up… and when the video reached YouTube, he was catapulted to stardom.

    Kaizo Mario World itself (the name literally meaning “Hacked Mario World”) was designed by an unknown Japanese gamer with the intent of challenging a friend of his to complete the hellishly difficult levels.[2] Ironically, it was ProtonJon and his team who brought Kaizo Mario World into the limelight, with their hilarious videos; without the Something Awful goons, the hack probably would have served its purpose and then languished in obscurity. The “Move faster Pokey” moment in particular received numerous spinoffs, including Sparta remixes and more custom levels involving hitching rides on Pokeys.


    Proton Jon’s reaction

    In the wake of the original video series’ success, Proton Jon went on to play numerous other Super Mario World hacks, many of them sent in by his ever-growing fanbase.[3] Many of these fanhacks were outrageously difficult, much in the same vein as Kaizo Mario World (which found itself being a huge inspiration to game modders once Proton Jon and his team brought it into the limelight). However, Proton Jon gradually grew weary of the constant barrage of invisible blocks, end-of-level death traps, and other completely unfair tricks he was faced with in fan-submitted (and frequently fan-designed) hacks, and eventually decided to put playthroughs of Super Mario World hacks on indefinite hiatus to focus on other Let’s Plays (including those with his new LP team, the Runaway Guys).[3]

    Today, Proton Jon finds the “Move Faster Pokey!” meme to be tired and irksome, and dislikes it being brought up.[3] Needless to say, this spurs people who he collaborates with (most notably Chuggaaconroy, fellow member of the Runaway Guys) to bring it up on a regular basis, much to his chagrin (and his viewers’ amusement).


    [1]Something Awful Kaizo Mario World thread

    [2]TV Tropes Kaizo Mario World article

    [3]ProtonJon’s TV Tropes article

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  • 02/25/13--20:01: Florida Man
  • ((Work in Progress))


    Florida Man is the name of a fictional superhero whose actions are derived purely from newspaper headlines.



    While posts calling Florida Man the worst superhero existed in early fall of 2012, the term “Florida Man: The World’s Worst Superhero” became more popular in late January 2013.

    On February 2, 2013, a twitter account was made collecting several headlines containing the term “Florida Man”. [1]

    A similar character was named “Massachusetts Man: Florida Man’s Unlucky Brother” due to the number of accident reports containing the phrase “Massachusetts Man” that make headlines.

    External Links

    [1]twitter – Florida Man

    [2]tumblr – tagged: Florida Man

    [3]reddit – /r/Florida-Man

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  • 02/25/13--21:35: Eyes Up Here / Power Girl
  • About

    Eyes Up Here is a common breast joke and famous quote from DC Comics superheroine Power Girl (Karen Starr) when people get distracted by looking at her large breasts.


    Power Girl[1] is a DC Comics superheroine and Earth-Two counterpart of Supergirl and the first cousin of Kal-L (Superman of the pre-Crisis Earth-Two). She made her first appearance in All Star Comics #58 (January/February 1976).


    Power Girl’s “Eyes Up Here” quote became a popular name for fanarts, videos, fan clubs, and cosplaying in tribute of Power Girl and her Eyes Up Here breast joke. She also make cameo appearances in mini-shows like Attack of the Show’s Bustice[2].

    External References

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    “Stepping up the cringe” or “The Brutal Brony” is a two panel image macro showing the transformation of a metal-head into a brony.


    On April 13, 2012, a reddit user, bfgmovies, uploaded an image of himself poking fun at his transformation from a hardcore metal-head and weapons specialist into a pony loving brony. [1] The image was posted on the My Little Pony subreddit, and got a total of 705 karma points.


    In early 2013, the image was seen floating around on 4chan which made it’s way to the Google image search engine. This is when reddit user Pineo found the image and uploaded it to the cringepics subreddit on Febuary 20, 2013[2]. The post made it’s way to the front page, with a total of 2011 karma points and was subsequently seen by the original poser, bfgmovies. Bfgmovies made an appearance in the comments, and was warmly welcomed by the cringpics redditors after he explained the image and the meaning behind the image. The redditors began tagging bfgmovies with different names, till the name “Brutal Brony” was decided on, and the mods flaired him as such. Much criticism was given to bfgmovies for his lack of trigger discipline and poor handling of the firearm since bfgmovies worked as a gunsmith. To these comments he replied “I wanted to create a certain image when taking the pic, so to create the image of a guy who thinks he’s some badass metal-head, but really isn’t, I knew it would help if he had his finger on the trigger. I am very safe with my firearms and i know how to properly treat and hold them and i still took all the necessary precautions when taking the pic. I had the firing pin out and other random parts out, i took the pic after i had an idea while cleaning my gun. It was purposely done for the sake of effect and image”[3].
    The image started making more appearances on 4chan’s /mlp/ and /b/ boards, and made it’s way to the fan administrated 4chan facebook page, which further spread it’s usage.[4]

    Notable Derivatives

    External References

    [1]Reddit – The power of ponies Posted on 4-13-2012
    fn2. Reddit – Stepping up the cringe Posted on 2-20-2013
    fn3. Reddit – Stepping up the cringe Posted on 2-20-2013
    fn4. Facebook- Stepping up the cringe Posted on 2-28-2013

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  • 02/28/13--22:53: I Knew You Were Trouble
  • About

    “I Knew You Were Trouble” is a 2012 hit pop single by American singer-songwriter Taylor Swift from her fourth studio album Red. In February 2013, the chorus part of the song became a popular subject of audio-spliced mash ups and parodies featuring similarly high-pitched notes sampled from a range of viral videos.


    Taylor Swift’s dubstep-influenced pop single “I Knew You Were Trouble” was originally released on October 9th, 2012, followed by the premiere of the music video on December 13th (shown below, left). Largely driven by digital sales, the song debuted at number three on the Billboard Hot 100 and received generally positive critical reviews and ratings.

    On February 9th, YouTuber Goosik uploaded an audio-spliced mash up of Taylor Swift’s song with the Yelling Goat edited into the chorus (shown above, right). Within three weeks, the upload accumulated more than 1.09 million views and 800 comments.


    In the following weeks of February, YouTuber Goosik’s mash up went viral and spawned dozens of derivative remixes. On February 22nd, YouTuber MaShitUp2012 uploaded another remix featuring the 2010 music video “Firework” by Katy Perry, including several yelling goats from The Roosevelts’ supercut montage (shown below). In less than a week, the video received over 260,000 views and 40 comments.

    Goosik’s “Yelling Goat” remix continued to gain popularity through shares on the social networking site Facebook, as well as mentions on many other forums and websites. There is a fairly popular subreddit called /r/iknewgoatsweretrouble where there are more than 50 variations of the clip from Taylor Swift’s video.

    Notable Examples

    Search interest

    External References

    [1]Wikipedia – I Knew You Were Trouble

    [2]YouTube – Search Results for ‘I Knew You Were Trouble Parody’

    [3]Reddit – /r/iknewgoatsweretrouble)

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    On February 26, 2013, Melissa King resigned her crown when confronted a midst speculation about an online sex video that claims to star her. Hailey Lawler, the runner-up, will replace her.

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  • 03/01/13--08:03: The Barney Bunch
  • The Barney Bunch originated from Newsgrounds,originally known as “The Barney Crew”. The Barney Bunch at some point moved there way up to YouTube. The videos use Speakonia and portray the Barney Bunch as homosexuals. The barney bunch has there own wiki too! The wiki is called “Barney Bunch Swellest”

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  • 03/01/13--11:52: MeeM
  • ‘MeeM’ has originated from YouTube, it includes a wooden medic target that is used in the Team Fortress 2 training.
    The sound clip is from if you call for a medic to heal you (Medic!) and then reversed in the middle of the speech.
    The wooden medic target has an ability to turn other characters into wooden targets. It has currently appeared
    on many TF2 videos, mainly made with Garry’s Mod.


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  • 03/01/13--14:43: Baman Piderman
  • About

    Baman Piderman is a web-animated cartoon about the cartoon-rendered adaptations of Batman and Spiderman, and their “adventures.” The original first episode was created by Alex Butera, and then joined with Lindsay Small, the show was featured on Mondo Media (creator of Happy Tree Friends and Dick Figures).


    The first episode was a school project done by Alex Butera back in 2009.[1] After two more episodes, Lindsay Small-Butera joined Alex in the making of episodes, which subsequently led to the joining with Mondo Media.

    List of Characters

    (listed in order of appearance)


    A cartoon-based rendition of Batman. A friend of Piderman, he always comes over to Piderman’s house in the beginning of each episode. His movements often are inexplicable and is seen growing more arms and legs.


    A cartoon-based rendition of Spiderman. A friend of Baman, Piderman is often requesting some form of help from him. Like Spiderman, Piderman can shoot webs from his hands, but often instead moves around in a rag doll-like manner.


    A pumpkin introduced in Episode 2 (Hab Da Pumkin). Originally just a Pumpkin, later on Pumkin get’s carved and begins to rot throughout the next episodes. When Baman and Piderman “make him all better”, he gains legs and arms and moves around like a normal human, despite still having a pumpkin for a head.


    Literally a tuba introduced in Episode 3 (Make Da Band). Although a regular tuba is inanimate and genderless, Tuba can slide around and interact with other characters, mostly her boyfriend, Baman.

    Those Guys

    Color-opposite clones of Baman and Piderman introduced in Episode 7 (Guess Da Number). First seen carving Pumkin, they are often seen as side-characters throughout the series. While living in Piderman’s basement, they have an odd fascination with Baman and Piderman, whereas at one point trying to take their spot in the title sequence.

    Baman’s Boss

    A giant quadruped first seen in Episode 8 (Hab Da Sleepover). He is oddly similar to Jake from Adventure Time While it was Baman’s boss, Baman’s job is eventually taken and instead employs Squib.


    An odd pizza with a face that was created by Those Guys. While first seen in Episode 9 (Tell Da Joke), Pizza’s importance wasn’t revealed until the next episode, where it’s shown can be placed on a wall or floor to create a passage to The Trees.


    A giant mass of green tentacles first seen in Episode 10 Part 2 (Happy Winter Friends). After “hatching” from a tree in, it chases Baman and Piderman through The Trees and eventually comes to live around Piderman’s House. After taking Baman’s job, it’s often hanging with Pumkin, implying a genderless romance.

    Tuba’s Dad

    A sousaphone who lives in a house in The Trees first seen in Episodee 10 Part 2 (Happy Winter Friends). As his name implies, he is Tuba’s dad, and is often showing great concern for his daughter, which often makes Baman uncomfortable.


    A.K.A. Buzzkill Bug, Bug is first seen in Episode 11 (Frow Da Party), but was actually seen in comics prior to the release of the episode. Whenever someone is stared at by him, they often become nervous and uncomfortable. While often seen doing taxes with a small typewriter, he later employs Baman as a music critic.

    Red Squib

    A giant mass of red tentacles first seen in Episode 13 Part 2 (Revealations). After first “hatching” in The Trees, he is seen as a more hostile version of Baman & Piderman’s Squib. It’s seen later on either harassing Baman & Piderman or hanging with with Those Guys.


    Ghost, officially named Wanda, is a blue ghostly figure first seen in Episode 14 (Play Da Song). While originally the embodiment of Baman’s Happy Winter Friend wish that was used to save Pumkin, the wand was snapped in Episode 14, causing her Ghost form to haunt Piderman’s house. Her humanoid form is first seen in Episode 16 (Weirdy Feeling), but is fully seen in the Episode 19 special (Ghost Night). She has a liking towards Piderman.


    Main Area

    The Main Area is the location of Baman’s House and Piderman’s House, where most episodes are featured. It’s a barren white landscape with hills.

    Piderman’s House

    Piderman’s House is a large multiple-story house where Piderman, Pumkin, Squib, Those Guys, Pizza, Red Squib, and Wanda live. It has an entry room, a living room, a kitchen, a bathroom, a basement, a stairwell to Pumkin’s room, as well as a trapdoor in Pumkin’s room that leads to a room with a giant portrait that hides a long hallway with yellow wallpaper.

    Baman’s House

    Baman’s house is a small one-story room where Baman and Tuba live. While it’s size is very small, it has a steering wheel in it that Baman can use to “drive” it.

    The Trees

    The Trees is a large forest that Tuba’s Dad lives in. It can be accessed when Pizza makes a portal to it. Similar to the Main Area, the trees are white, with most of the landscape being covered in snow. A river flows through the forest. The trees in the forest are apparently “eggs” that squibs can “hatch” from.



    Snow in the Baman Piderman universe is quite deadly. Instead of small flakes, snow is giant snowflakes raining down that can penetrate the ground and smash into houses. The sky turns blue when it snows.


    Rain is actually giant teardrop-shaped pieces of glass that rain down on the area. They shatter when they hit the ground or something else.


    “The Nighttimes” is a time of the day that begins at 7:00 PM. Exactly at 7:00 PM, the world turns a pitch-black darkness that no one can see in. Piderman is revealed to be terrified of the dark.


    In December of 2012, rumors began to circulate that Mondo Media would be pulling funds from Baman Piderman to fund a new show. When it was made official by Lindsay Small[2], people began to respond with negative comments toward other Mondo Media shows, like Happy Tree Friends and 4th Period Lunch.

    External References

    [1] Find Da Sandwich – Baman Piderman Wiki
    [2] Baman Piderman Creators Talk about New Show; it Doesn’t Go Well

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  • 03/01/13--16:26: Donald Trump
  • [Work in progress]


    Donald Trump is an American entrepreneur, television personality and author known for hosting the NBC reality show The Apprentice and being an outspoken political conservative.

    Online History

    Birther Movement

    While billionaire Donald Trump was attempting to make a bid for the republican nomination for president in March 2011, he began looking into the validity of Barack Obama’s birth certificate[2], stating that the “Certification of Live Birth” the White House released did not bear a signature of authenticity.[5] He also claimed that the release of Obama’s birth certificate was because of his involvement in the process.[4] He continued to question Obama’s birth certificate throughout 2012, tweeting[3] on August 6th, 2012 that the produced certificate was a fraud.

    On October 22nd, 2012, Trump asserted he would be making a “very big” revelation about the president within two days.[6] On the 24th, Trump released a video (shown below, left) stating he would donate $5 million dollars to the charity of the President’s choice if he provided his college applications and records as well as his passport records by October 31st to the billionaire’s satisfaction. Many news sources including CBS News[7], Business Insider[8] and the Huffington Post[9] claimed the announcement fell flat of his Twitter hype. In response, satirical news host Stephen Colbert made a counter offer to Trump, saying he would donate $1 million to the charity of his choice if he would allow Colbert to “dip his balls his in mouth.”[10] The same night, Obama responded on The Tonight Show[11], joking that his feud with Trump dated back to when they were growing up together in Kenya (shown below, right).

    2012 Presidential Election Reaction

    Following the 2012 United States Presidential Election, Trump published several angry tweets about Barack Obama’s election for a second term as President of the United States.

    Twitter Chain

    On February 25th, 2013, Trump published a tweet promoting his reality television show The Apprentice. Immediately after, Twitter user Mark Gurman tweeted a link to Trump’s promotion with the word “Wow.” After Arizona student Erik Schmidt tweeted a link to Gurman’s tweet with the word “Wow,” a trend was created in which other Twitter users began tweeting links to tweets prefaced with “Wow.” On February 28th, the Twitter worm was traced back by the tech news blog The Verge.[1]

    Search Interest

    External References

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  • 03/01/13--19:19: Jennifer Lawrence
  • (this is a work in progress)


    Jennifer Lawrence is an award-winning American actress best known for her starring role as Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games. Online, her awkward interviews and seemingly down-to-earth personality have earned her a large fanbase on the social networking site Tumblr.

    Online History




    Oscar Fall

    Personal Life


    Search Interest

    External References

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