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  • 02/02/13--14:35: Le X face
  • About

    Le X face is a series of image macros featuring black and white drawings of popular images along with a caption following the formula “le X face”, where X is a humorous misnaming of the original image, and “face” is sometimes left out if X represents more than one word.


    Over the course of 2011, /v/ on 4chan developed a big obsession with Reddit, often expressing frustration with Reddit stealing their memes and running them into the ground, and worry about whether they would steal an image there known as Feelguy, which had a great popularity on the boards. December 2nd, 2011, a rage comic was uploaded to Reddit featuring the image, along with the caption “le voldemort face”. [1], tricking /v/ users into believing the meme had been stolen.
    The Reddit obsession continued, and /v/ decided to vectorize some image macros with “le”, in order to parody Reddit and see if Reddit would steal them, and some more “le X face”s were created.


    The drawings spread all over 4chan, and more le X faces has been created and are still created. Le X faces can be seen all over 4chan, also referenced to purely by text, referencing well known le X faces or captions that could exist on a drawing, but does not yet exist. The formula has also been applied to the ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) smiley, giving it the name “le lenny face”, and the facial expressions commonly associated with Dreamworks movies has been called “le dreamworks face”.

    Some popular le faces

    le monkey face

    One of the most popular le faces is le monkey face, a vectorized version of the Gorilla Munch image associated with “rustling jimmies”. It has spawned the parody image “lemon key face”, and there has also been created a Facebook page which currently has more than 15000 likes. It has also been taken into use in rage comics, but with the caption “Monkey Trouble” rather than “le monkey face”.

    le happy merchant

    Le happy merchant is parodying the stereotypical jew, and is often used is spurdo comics, where he is tricking Americans into thinking he is their “greatest ally”, while actually working to enrich himself and promoting pro-jewish world.


    The origin of the “le” saying originated from a 2003 video entitled End of Ze World. It became popular in 2009 when a rage comic used it

    External References

    [1]Reddit – le voldemort face: / Posted on 12-2-2011

    Spread and Popularity

    I’m gonna let someone else work on this bit – rukario1122

    Search Insight

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  • 02/02/13--20:38: Obama Skeet Shooting Photo

  • Overview

    On February 2nd the White House put out a press photo of President Obama skeet Shooting at Camp David. Along with a caption [4] that stated “The photograph may not be manipulated in any way”. As expected, this request has backfired and gathered attention of Photoshop enthusiasts.


    During an interview by NewRepublic [2], reporter Franklin Foer asked President Obama “Have you ever fired a gun?”, to which Obama responded “Yes, in fact, up at Camp David, we do skeet shooting all the time”.

    About a week later, an official Twitter [3] account associated with the White House tweeted an image of President Obama skeet shooting, to verify the claim given during the interview. Later, the photo also surfaced on the official White House Flickr [1] photo stream.

    Notable Examples


    Photoshopers on 4chan [10][11] and Reddit [7] have been responsible for some of the better quality macros but the spread of this meme is mostly seen on pro-gun [6]& libertarian [5] Facebook pages and also pro-gun [8] and libertarian [9] threads on Reddit.

    External References

    [1]Flicker – White House,

    [2]New Republic – Obama Interview

    [3]Twitter – Dan Pfeiffer

    [4]Brietbart – Photoshop Warning

    [5]Facebook – The Obaminator

    [6]Facebook – We Will Not Be Disarmed

    [7]Reddit – /r/photoshopbattles

    [8]Reddit – /r/progun

    [9]Reddit – /r/libertarian

    [10]4Chan (NSFW) – Chanarchive /b/

    [11]4Chan (NSFW) – Chanarchive /k/

    [12]Facebook – Obama Skeet Shooting oh so funny pics

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  • 02/03/13--09:03: Neil deGrasse Tyson
  • About

    Neil deGrasse Tyson is an American astrophysicist and advocate of science and free thought.

    Online Presence


    Tyson is a frequent user of the micro-blogging website Twitter, and tweets under the handle @neiltyson[2]. He currently has over 990,000 followers. His tweets are usually of humorous nature and of scientific topics:


    Neil deGrasse Tyson is a popular character on the news aggregation website Reddit. Numerous image macros and other media are regularly posted and shared among redditors.


    Tyson has posted three AMA (“Ask Me Anything”) threads on the popular subreddit /r/iama:

    The first AMA was posted on the 13th of November 2011. It has accumulated a total of 7041 points prior to being archived[3]. The second AMA was posted on the 17th of December 2011. It has accumulated a total 3329 points prior to being archived[4]. The third and final AMA was posted on the 1st of March 2012. The thread has accumulated 4048 points prior to being archived[5].


    As an advocate for science and education, Neil deGrasse Tyson’s quotes are frequently posted on the /r/atheism subreddit in the form of quote image macros.

    /r/fffffffuuuuuuuuuuuu (F7U12)

    The F7U12 subreddit is using a “rage face” called Neil deGrasse Reaction. The face is an outline created from a still from BigThink interview by Tyson:

    There is a caption on the image saying “Watch out Guys, we’re dealing with a badass over here”, which implies that the face is used in a sarcastic manner to boastful and arrogant statements.


    Neil deGrasse Tyson’s presentations are frequently posted on the video uploading website YouTube.

    On the 27th of November 2012, YouTube user MinutePhysics, uploaded a video featuring Neil deGrasse Tyson, called “Does the Universe Have a Purpose? feat. Neil deGrasse Tyson”.

    Tyson is also frequently interviewed by the YouTube channel BigThink:

    Search Interest

    External References

    [1]Wikipedia – Neil deGrasse Tyson

    [2]Twitter – @neiltyson

    [3]Reddit – IAMAI am Neil deGrasse Tyson -- AMA

    [4]Reddit – IAMAI am Neil deGrasse Tyson -- AMA

    [5]Reddit – IAMAI am Neil deGrasse Tyson, Ask Me Anything…

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    Editor’s Note: This entry may contain spoilers.


    Twilight Sparkle Alicorn Controversy refers to an event in which one of the main characters of the animated series My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Twilight Sparkle, turns into an Alicorn (combination of pegasus and unicorn). After the announcement of the event weeks prior to the actual airing of the episode in which it occured, the event managed to spark large discussions amongst the brony fandom.


    The first official information confirming Twilight Sparkle turning into an alicorn was in an exclusive article on Entertainment Weekly[1] released on January 29th, 2013, containing an interview with the show’s head writer Meghan McCarthy. According to McCarthy, this was a planned event as Twilight Sparkle "was set up from the very beginning to be on an important journey”.

    The event was also covered the same day by various brony hubsites such as Equestria Daily[4] and Derpy Hooves News.[5]


    Rumors and speculations about the event already made their round on various places prior to the announcement. On September 30th, 2012, Funrise, an officially licensed plushie manufacturer, placed a picture on their Facebook (shown below, left) page showing a shot of their office as they were working on new plush toy releases for My Little Pony.[2] One of the plush toys for Twilight Sparkle on this picture was shown to contain wings. On October 17th of the same year, Brand Licencing Europe shared a picture on their Twitter (shown below, right) of an event with a poster on the background on which the vector for Twilight Sparkle was shown to have wings.[3] Although neither were ever confirmed to be related to the show itself, both events managed to spark discussion amongst the brony fandom whether it was going to occur or not.

    Reception & Spread

    The show development was met by a large variety of responses. Fans positive about the change mainly looked forward to the episode and asked others to wait and give it a chance first. Those negative about the change found the event too much of a change, being a risk of damaging the show more than it does good and turning Twilight Sparkle into a Mary Sue.

    A poll on the MLP Forums[6] (shown below, left) posted November 1st, 2012, resulted in a majority of voters having a negative opinion towards the speculation. An Equestria Daily poll[7] (shown below, right) released on January 20th, 2013, showed that although more voters disliked the situation than preferring it, the majority was still neutral towards it.

    Shortly after the announcement, the header of 4chan’s /mlp/ (ponies) board[10] was changed to WHERE IS YOURGODNOW (shown below, right). A GIF posted by Tumblr user bronychilensis-gwain (shown below, right) on January 30th, 2013, pointing out /mlp/’s overall calm approach in comparison to other websites, managed to gain nearly 1,900 notes within 5 days.[11]

    A thread on The Round Stable forums[8] was created after various “Thanks, Obama!”GIF edits replacing Obama with M.A. Larson, the writer of the episode, started making their round on various sites, satirizing those who approached the situation in a more extreme and negative fashion. In less than 3 days, the thread managed to gain over 80 replies, excluding positive replies by M.A. Larson on his Twitter account.[9]

    Creator Response

    Various creators and other people involved with the production of the show have been given reactions or their Twitter and Facebook accounts, most notably episode writer Mitch Larson and the voice actor for Twilight Sparkle’s Tara Strong. Most of these related posts approach the controversy in a more joking matter, and imply that fans who approach the situation from a negative viewpoint shouldn’t worry. These tweets are commonly shared amongst the fandom, and result in artworks related to them on occasion.

    The developer of the series, Lauren Faust, has implied through her Twitter that the current course of Twilight Sparkle don’t match her original intentions for the character, but also shared that she has no intention to undermine the current writers as she is no longer involved with the production of the show since the third season.

    Search Interest

    External References

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  • 02/04/13--15:42: Surgeon Simulator 2013
  • About

    Surgeon Simulator is a free online simulation game in which the player assumes the role of a medical surgeon and performs a heart transplant by controlling the hand and arm movements in first-person perspective. Due to the game’s difficult control system, it has often been compared to the indie flash-based game QWOP and many YouTubers have uploaded humorous playthrough videos conveying their frustration.


    The game was created under 48 hours in late January 2013 by Bossa Studios employees Tom Jackson, James Broadley, Luke Williams and Jack Good as their entry for Global Game Jam, an annual video game hack-a-thon held across 47 countries. On January 28th, the game was publicly released on the Bossa Studios[1] website.


    The player must perform open heart surgery on a patient laying on an operating room table using a doctor’s hand and a variety of surgical tools. The hand is moved using the mouse, lowered by clicking the left mouse button, rotated by holding down the right mouse button and each finger is opened and closed using a corresponding key. The player must grasp the tools laying next to the patient and use them to remove the patient’s heart to replace it with a new one.


    On January 28th, 2013, YouTubers PewDiePie (shown below, left) and Robbaz (shown below, right) uploaded Surgeon Simulator playthrough videos, with each receiving over 1.5 million views within the next week.

    On January 29th, Forbes[5] published an article on the game, likening its online buzz to that of QWOP. On January 31st, the RoosterTeeth YouTube channel uploaded a Surgery Simulator gameplay video with narration by hosts Michael Jones and Gavin Free (shown below).

    On February 2nd, Redditor JakeFraser submitted a banner image to the /r/roosterteeth[2] subreddit, featuring Jones and Free performing heart surgery. Within 48 hours, the post received over 720 up votes and 25 comments. In the following week, several news sites published articles about the game, including the International Business Times,[6] Game Informer,[7] and Laughing Squid.[8]

    Creators AMA

    On January 31st, 2013, James Broadley, Luke Williams, Tom Jackson and Jack Good submitted an “ask me anything” (AMA) post to the /r/IAmA[4] subreddit, which received over 8,500 up votes and 1,500 comments within four days. The team answered a total of 120 questions in the post, noting that there is a special scalpel for heart removal, their appreciation for the Robbaz playthrough video and that one player had beaten the game in 28 seconds.

    Notable Examples

    Search Interest

    External References

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  • 02/05/13--02:45: Vsauce
  • About

    Vsauce is one of the scientific youtube channels. It has been created by Michael Stevens, Adam and Jeff. This channel includes scientific information, brainstorming, philosophic thought and a lot of sources in every single video.


    At first this channel was created for the gaming subculture; similar to the AVGN. Moderators of the channel kept upload videogame fails, details and versus series. This channel wasn’t supposed to be for the scientific discussions at all.

    But Michael Stevens attracted more attention than Adam and Jeff. Michael’s WTF and IMG series have over 1 million views.


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  • 02/05/13--11:04: Beyonce's Illuminati Sign
  • This entry is currently in workshop mode. To contribute research, please head over to the forum thread or request editorship!


    Beyonce’s Illuminati Sign refers to a triangle-shaped hand gesture made by singer Beyonce Knowles during her half time performance at Super Bowl XLVII, held on February 3rd, 2013.





    Search Interest

    External References

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  • 02/05/13--11:50: Got my nugs

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  • 02/05/13--14:50: Hatchet-Wielding Hitchhiker
  • About

    Hatchet-Wielding Hitchhiker is a nickname given to Kai, a man who saved a woman from an attacker by hitting him repeatedly with a hatchet. On the Internet, he was hailed as a hero after a local news station uploaded a video of his eye witness account to YouTube in February of 2013.


    On February 2nd, 2013, YouTuber Jessob Reisbeck uploaded a video featuring an interview with a homeless man named Kai from a local Fox affiliate KMPH in Fresno, California. In the video, Kai recounted saving a woman from a deranged man who had just rammed a man with his car (shown below).

    The same day, Reisbeck uploaded an extended version of the KMPH news report as it was aired, including several other eye witness accounts insisting that the man rammed his car into a PG&E worker because he was black (shown below).


    On the following day, Redditor Kickass_Cajun submitted the video to the /r/videos[1] subreddit, where it received over 6,400 up votes and 1,000 comments within 48 hours. Shortly after the video was submitted to Reddit, it was made private by the uploader. That same day, a mirror version of the video hosted on World Star Hip Hop was submitted to the /r/justiceporn[2] subreddit, where it received more than 1,600 up votes and 250 comments within the next two days. The News Tribune[11] published an article reporting that the PG&E worker was sent to a hospital with a broken leg and that the attacker had been identified as Jett Simmons McBride, a 54-year-old from Tacoma, Washington. Also on February 3rd, a Facebook group called Kai the Homefree Hitchhiker[9] was created by an anonymous fan and Kai himself later was invited to the group as an administrator. The fan page gained 340 likes within the first 48 hours. On the following day, the original video was shared on Uproxx[13], The FW[14] and Metafilter[12], where it earned more than 120 comments. The same day, YouTuber MrDamageGames uploaded a musical remix based on the news report (shown below).

    On February 5th, Kai’s interview was featured on TIME[3], the Daily Kos[4], Perez Hilton[5], BoingBoing[6] and Buzzfeed.[7] A Wikipedia page[8] was submitted for Kai, but it was promptly deleted.

    Notable Examples

    Search Interest

    External References

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  • 02/05/13--16:38: LOLbucket
  • LOLbucket is an app for iPhone developed by Derek, which first hit the app store in early 2012. In its current build, the images are all uploaded by users (with the exception of admin posts) which then either get liked and promoted into the ‘Popular’ section, or demoted/disliked and removed from the app (usually for not being funny or irrelevant).

    In the beginning, the app consisted of developer uploaded images put into several categories. The first builds were buggy and lacked user integration (including the ‘User Upload’ section, which didn’t update until the next day), and were soon fixed as slowly the community began to rise out of the comment section. There was no account feature yet, so many people ended their post with -(Insert Name Here) for reference, and a Like/Dislike system was added also, but the user uploading was abused, with users posting MLP and pornography en mass (Leading to the eventual banning of Pony material). Also, users exceed at identifying reposts, but their efforts were soon unable to change the reposters minds, leading to the creation of a Repost Filter for user uploads.

    Soon, the next build came changing the app to a full-time user based app, with new pictures coming constantly from the ever waiting users. The old categories could be accessed through the ‘Archives’ and also included Like/Dislike and commenting. The build still had the presence of bugs, such as being unable to remove/delete an account requiring anything related to so had to be emailed directly to the Admins Derek and Finch.

    Bucketman became a prominent character in the community, constantly posting great material (to the point where the app crashed while viewing his profile) and also posted vivid comments. Soon a “Bucketman for Admin” campaign was launched. Constantly users uploaded campaign images for him (Although he took no part in it) begging Derek to make him an Admin too, which only seemed to be gaining the attention of Finch. A few days later, Bucketman had been banned for unknown reason, showing that the Report tool had been abused because of its programming (After so many reports, the user is automatically banned). In the end, Bucketman soon found his glory when he was found to be the new Admin! Cheer and praise swept the community for his great achievement as he had climbed the ranks to glory.

    Finally (after some tough reviewing time of the new update, which was a day pornography was uploaded) the most recent update has been released, featuring a clean and easy to use interface with a fixed ‘Likes and Commented’ section. Shown most prominently is the users knowledge of other users and seemingly ‘stereotypes’ between them.

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  • 02/05/13--19:14: Space Station 13

  • Just another day


    Space Station 13> also known by its other variants, Goonstation, /tg/station, Baystation, /vg/station, and D2K5Station is a more or less roleplaying game on the BYOND platform. Since 2007 it’s established a cult following for its terminology, playerbase, and clunky interface


    In 2003 Exadv1 released Space Station 13 as a simple atmospheric simulator. It grew on from that. But it took 3 years for it to be noticed.
    In 2007 a member from PennyArcade forums posted a thread on the forums telling people about the game, and it grew from there. Shortly, the SomethingAwful goons got ahold of it.


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  • 02/06/13--08:23: Valentine's Day Cards
  • About

    Valentine’s Day Cards are special cards handed out on Valentine’s Day to one’s significant other or the person one likes. On the internet, these cards are often combined with internet culture for a humorous effect.


    Valentine’s Day[1] is an annual event that takes place each year on February 14 and is celebrated in most countries around the world. The day itself is dedicated to romance and love, and serves as an occasion in which lovers express their feelings for each other by presenting gifts and greeting cards. Although valentine’s day cards were originally handwritten, they have given way to mass-produced greeting cards since the 19th century.

    The rise of Internet popularity at the turn of the millennium has generated new traditions for Valentine’s day, with many people using the digital highway as a way to create and send Valentine’s Day messages such as e-cards, love coupons or printable greeting cards.

    Online Activity


    The rise of internet culture in the late 2000’s has left a mark on annual events, with these events often generating content that is related to both the event and internet culture in certain ways. So are Valentine’s Day cards often combined with internet fandoms and meme culture.

    On the internet, Valentine’s Day is often nicknamed “Single Awareness Day”, mocking the general impression that people who spend large amounts of time on the internet aren’t in a relationship.

    Search Interest

    External References

    [1]Wikipedia – Valentine’s Day

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  • 02/06/13--14:05: Super Bowl XLVII
  • Overview

    Super Bowl XLVII was the National Football League (NFL) championship game between the Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco 49ers held in New Orleans, Louisiana in February 2013. Being the most watched television broadcast in North America and one of the most watched sporting events in the world, the event spawned quite a few discussions and gossips on Twitter and other social media outlets in real time, particularly surrounding Beyonce’s halftime performance and a blackout that put the game on hold for more than half an hour.


    On February 3rd, 2013, the Super Bowl XLVII championship game kicked off at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans, Louisiana. The game was broadcast live on CBS in the United States and was streamed online for free on the network’s website.

    Notable Developments

    On Twitter

    During the game, there were over 24.1 million tweets about the game and halftime show, with the most-tweeted moments surrounding the power outage with 231,500 tweets-per-minute (TPM), the 108-yard touchdown with 185,000 TPM and the Ravens win announcement with 183,000 TPM.[4]

    Beyonce’s Halftime Show

    In October 2012, singer-songwriter Beyoncé Knowles was chosen as the headline performer for the halftime show. For part of the show, Knowles performed alongside members of her previous female R&B group Destiny’s Child. According to Billboard[5] estimates based on Nielsan ratings, the halftime show received an average of 104 million viewers, making it the second most-watched halftime show in history.

    Illuminati Hand Signal

    During the performance, Beyonce made a triangle-shaped hand gesture, that many online joked was a symbol for the conspiratorial organization of governments and corporations known as the “Illuminati.” Prior to this episode, both Beyonce and her husband rapper Jay-Z had been speculated of being involved with the Illuminati on several occasions.

    Photo Removal Request

    Following the show, BuzzFeed[8] published a compilation of animated GIFs and screen captures from notable moments during the performance. Two days later, BuzzFeed[9] published a post including an email from Beyonce’s publicist asking for the removal of six “unflattering” images from the website (shown below).


    During the third quarter of the game, a power outage occurred resulting in a 34-minute delay before play was resumed, leading many to nickname the event “blackout bowl.” It was the most-tweeted moment during the game, with many users joking about the cause of the outage. That evening, the viral content site BuzzFeed[6] published a compilation of notable humorous tweets referencing the blackout.

    While the game was still delayed, the Twitter feed for Oreo cookies tweeted an ad referencing the power outage, which featured a lone Oreo cookie next to a dark shadow with the caption “You can still dunk in the dark” (shown below). Within three days, the tweet received over 15,900 retweets and 6,000 favorites.

    On the following day, Tumblr[7] user thefrogman posted an animated GIF in which he causes the blackout by using two hair dryers at the same time (shown below). Within 48 hours, the post received over 89,000 notes.

    Search Interest

    External References

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  • 02/06/13--14:48: 331Erock / Eric Calderone
  • About

    331Erock is the YouTube handle of metal guitarist Eric Calderone who reinterprets a variety of pop songs and opening themes to TV shows and video games as metal songs, often infusing his own original solos into the arrangements.

    Online History

    On November 5th, 2009, Eric Calderone uploaded his first video to YouTube[13] (shown below) in which he performs a metal cover of Hans Zimmer’s “He’s A Pirate,” which was featured in the original soundtrack of the 2003 fantasy adventure film Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl.[2] Calderone noted in the description that the arrangement was originally written for a classical guitar trio, but he could not help giving it a metal spin. He also uploaded the arrangement to Scribd[1] so other fans could play this version. As of February 2013, this video has more than 1.4 million views.

    In October 2010, Calderone launched a Twitter account[8] and an official Facebook fan page[3] which has gained more than 105,000 likes as of February 2013. Later that month, he uploaded a cover of Lady Gaga’s 2009 single “Bad Romance” (shown below) which gained more than 70,000 views within four hours.[5] The success of the video also gave a significant boost to his subscriber count, multiplying from 400 subscribers to 4800 subscribers. It was subsequently featured on Viral Viral Videos[10] and Tampa Bay Soundcheck.[11] By December 2010, the video had become the fourth most-watched music video in the world.[12]

    Calderone launched a personal homepage[4] in February 2011 as a hub site for his audio clips and gear information. In September of that year, Calderone hosted an Ask Me Anything (AMA) in the Metal subreddit[19] during which he shed more light on his creative process, influences and response to his popularity. In 2012, two unofficial fan pages for Calderone’s videos were launched on Facebook[6][7] with more than 1600 likes combined. Since 2009, Calderone’s videos have been featured on Smosh[14], the Doctor Who Facebook fan page[15], Geekologie[16], Reddit[17] and CBS News.[18] As of February 2013, Calderone’s cover songs have been played more than 20,000 times on[9] and his YouTube channel has more than 410,000 subscribers and 58 million video views.

    Notable Videos

    Personal Life

    Eric Calderone (born March 11th, 1985) began playing electric guitar in 2001. After attending high school, he earned his first bachelor’s degree in orchestration for television and film from the Berklee College of Music and in 2010, he graduated from the University of Tampa with a second bachelor’s degree in music, focusing on classical guitar. In addition to being a prolific YouTuber, Calderone is a guitar teacher.[12]

    Search Interest

    External References

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  • 02/06/13--17:21: Chilled ___ Series
  • About

    Chilled ___ Series (冷やし○○シリーズ) is an 音MAD fad using the part featuring the Hammer theme and REDZONE from the song 7 Colors of Nico Nico Douga (七色のニコニコ動画).


    The video 7 Colors of Nico Nico Douga was first uploaded on NND on June 3, 2009. As of February 2013, it has been watched over 2’600’000 times. [1]

    Before the Chilled Series came out, there were earlier MADs but they were not as a part of the fad. There’s also no specific reason, why this part was remixed in MAD style. However, the first MAD using the part was uploaded on August 19, 2009 featuring the anime Yu-Gi-Oh![2]. A fad response of this video was made a month later, which also featured the anime and it has been watched over 33’000 times. [3]

    This was somehow the trigger video, which inspired by well-known german YTPMV maker Healzer to make his YTPMV featuring Keyboard Crasher. It was uploaded both on NND and YouTube on November 13, 2009 [4]. This video was the trigger video for not much YTPMVs on YouTube. The snowclone for the titles are X ZONE【7 Colors of Nico Nico Douga Ver.】

    Begin of Chilled Series

    On October 16, 2010, the NND user 杯. uploaded a MAD video titled 冷やし土下座 (Chilled Dogeza) featuring the part of the song and the Japanese TV series Kamen Rider Blade (仮面ライダー剣(ブレイド)[5]. Until it’s deletion, it received over 118’000 views. As of February 2013, under the tag 冷やし○○シリーズ there are over 800 videos on NND[6].

    External Links

    [1]7 Colors of Nico Nico Douga


    [3]【初代蘇生】HAMMER ZONE【七色のニコニコ動画版】




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  • 02/06/13--19:41: The Harlem Shake
  • About

    The Harlem Shake is a series of satirical videos parodying the Harlem Shake dance, set to the tune of New-York based musician Baauer’s song ‘Harlem Shake’. These videos tend to initially show a lone masked individual dancing while other around him show indifference to the act, before cutting quickly to a scene of everyone doing assorted viral dance crazes once the song’s chorus starts. These typically include dances such as the Bernie, twerking, krumping, and several other forms of stereotypical urban dance.

    Origin & Spread

    The Harlem Shake first came into being in 1981, and 20 years later achieved greater levels of popularity after being featured in several rap videos. The dance itself is defined by Urban Dictionary as ‘An eccentric upper body dance move that involves the shaking of the upper torso and shoulders.’

    On January 30th, 2013, a video was uploaded to Youtube by Gam3xpert featuring DizastaMusic’s Filthy Frank dancing to Baauer’s song, using multiple urban dance styles. According to the video’s description, it was origanally made as part of a school project. On February 2nd, parodies of Gam3xpert’s video were uploaded by TheSunnyCoastSkate and PHL On NAN, the latter of which would go viral on February 5th, amassing 300,000 views in 24 hours and prompting further parodies to be uploaded by other users shortly after.

    Notable Examples

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    Brandon McCartney, best known by his stage name Lil B or the Based God, is an influential rapper from Berkeley, California, known for his off-tempo rhymes, extensive social media usage and an exceptionally devoted fanbase. He has been also described as a prolific songwriter, having released thousands of songs since 2004, including more than 600 that were released on the social networking site MySpace by 2010.

    Online History

    Lil B began rapping with the San Francisco-based hip hop group The Pack[1] in 2004, releasing two mixtapes that were locally successful before seeing mainstream attention with the 2006 single “Vans,” (shown below, left) which Rolling Stone ranked at #5 in its Top Tracks of 2006.[2] By April 2009, he had uploaded dozens of solo songs across at least 114 different MySpace pages[3] he called his “novelty pages,” which has been also referenced in his song “My Life’s a Dream” (shown below, right). Each account was numbered chronologically and documented the way his music changed, abandoning rhyme schemes around page 60 and rambling about eating with monkeys in space in the 100s. Many of these pages have since been deleted, but archives remain on Digital Dripped[4] and Hulkshare.[5] As of February 2013, his main MySpace page[6] is still live, where his tracks have gained more than 1.7 million plays.

    In March 2008, Lil B joined YouTube[8] and uploaded his first video on April 8th, showing an instructional session of him learning how to shoot a gun (shown below, left). The channel has since expanded to include music videos and has more than 81.8 million views as of February 2013. Also in 2008, his solo work was featured on Real Talk NY[9], resulting in a handful of positive comments about the rapper. The next year, Lil B launched a homepage, BasedWorld[10], and a Twitter account[7], which has more than 620,000 followers as of February 2013. He also began selling his music on iTunes[11], opening up his music to a wider audience. In 2009, Lil B was featured on NPR[12], The Seattle Times[13] and the Fader[14], who called him “the internet’s savviest” rapper.

    Also in 2009, the term “based”[15] began taking off, in reference to Lil B’s nickname “Based God.” Lil B has defined the term as being true to onesself and not caring about other’s opinions.[17] That year, a blog post explaining the various levels of based a person could attain began circulating on MySpace.[16]

    On May 4th, 2010, Lil B created a Facebook page[18] to directly interact with his fans, which has gained more than 293,000 likes as of February 2013. In July, a fan-run single topic Tumblr called Thank You Based God[19] launched, featuring images, videos and quotes from the rapper. A few months later, the first definition for Lil B was added to Urban Dictionary on November 2010.[20] Throughout 2010, his music was reviewed and discussed by the New York Times[21], MTV[22], SF Weekly[23], Pitchfork[24], Fact Magazine[25] and Mostly Junk Food.[26] In December, the rapper joined Tumblr[45] and observing this, Complex[27]predicted that Lil B would blow up the following year, thanks not only to his free music but because of his deft navigation of social media.

    Most Popular Videos



    In April 2011, Lil B announced onstage at the Coachella music festival that his next mixtape would be titled “I’m Gay.”[28] Following the announcement, however, Lil B began receiving hateful messages and death threats[29] from the community, despite him claiming his heterosexuality. Additionally, many members of the LGBTQ community, as well as rapper DMX[31], saw the announcement as a publicity stunt intending to sell his project.[30] The album was released June 29th, 2011, with the amended title “I’m Gay (I’m Happy),” featuring songs discussing race relations, poverty and the justice system, never mentioning homosexuality. News of the album was shared on The Fader[32], Billboard[33] and MTV[34] before Lil B chose to make the album available for free download on July 1st.[35]


    Lil B’s fans in general are known as the Bitch Mob, with an elite faction known as the Task Force, who swear to protect Lil B at all costs. He has written songs dedicated to both groups, in support for his fans. The Task Force song (shown below, left) specifies that these fans should not only be based themselves, but they have to be one of the top commenters on Lil B’s social media sites. In early February 2013, members of the Task Force caused Brooklyn-based rapper Joey Bada$$ to delete his Twitter account after he got into a fight with Lil B, which lasted over the course of several diss tracks and social media mentions. After Task Force members took to harassing Joey Bada$$ over Twitter, he called them “gay ass computer nerds” and deactivated his account.[46]

    Related Memes

    “Thank You Based God”

    The phrase “Thank You Based God was popularized in late 2010, reflecting the cultish nature of Lil B’s fans, who attribute any positive experience to the rapper. One of the earliest known uses of the phrase appeared in a blog post on Destructural[36] explaining the allure of Lil B on July 28th, 2010. By November, a Facebook fan page[37] launched, accruing more than 7500 likes by February 2013. In May 2011, TYBG was first defined on Urban Dictionary[38], noting that the phrase can replace any congratulatory remark. After Osama Bin Laden’s death in May 2011, Fox News captured someone yelling “Thank You Based God” at a college celebration. Around the same time, a Yahoo! Answers question[39] asking about the importance of the phrase was posted. The hashtag version, #thankyoubasedgod, is active on Instagram[40], Tumblr[41][42] and Twitter[43], where it has been used more than 25,000 times.[44]

    Personal Life

    Lil B was born on August 17th, 1989 and grew up in Berkeley, California. He began rapping at the age of 16 and has since released seven full-length solo albums, two albums with The Pack and 43 solo mixtapes, one of which contained over 800 freestyles, as of February 2013.

    Search Interest

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  • 02/06/13--23:16: Unflattering Beyonce

  • About

    Unflattering Beyonce is a photoshop meme based on humorously timed screen captures of the singer Beyonce from her 2013 performance at Super Bowl XLVII. After her publicist requested BuzzFeed remove images deemed “unflattering,” the photos instantly became a trending topic in the social media and spread more widely than ever before, a phenomenon known as the Streisand Effect.


    On February 4th, 2013, Buzzfeed published a post-Super Bowl compilation titled “The 33 Fiercest Moments From Beyoncé’s Halftime Show”[1], featuring fan-made GIFs and news photographs from Getty Images. The following day, Buzzfeed editors received an email from Beyonce’s publicist at Schure Media asking to remove seven of the photos from the original post, noting that they were “unflattering.” Instead of removing them, Buzzfeed further highlighted them in a post[2] also containing a redacted version of the letter (shown below, left).


    The publicist’s request caused the photos to gain even more unwanted attention from a number of news outlets, including The Week UK[3], the Huffington Post[4], The Vancouver Sun[5], Marie Claire[6], The Telegraph[7], the Examiner[8] and TechDirt[9], among others. As these photos continued to spread throughout the day, photoshopped images began surfacing on various message boards and social networking sites, including a BodyBuilding Forums[10] thread with nearly 300 posts and two Reddit threads, one on /r/PhotoshopBattles[11] and the other in /r/AdviceAnimals[12] which saw nearly 500 comments combined.

    On February 7th, Deadspin[13] launched a photoshop contest, the highlights of which were featured on Gawker[14], Buzzfeed[15], The Daily Dot[16], the Huffington Post[17], Smosh[18], Uproxx[19] and MSN Now,[20] among others. The following day, Deadspin[21] showcased the best submissions from their contest. Also on February 8th, Gawker[22] reported that five of the seven requested images had been removed from Getty Images’ database, however they were still available in the original Buzzfeed post.

    Notable Examples

    Search Interest

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  • 02/07/13--00:14: Tweaking
  • Status = Researching


    Tweaking is a catchphrase at many FPS games and MMOs. This catchphrase is use when somebody is talking with a harsh but girlish voice
    also close to the mic. This is also considered also micspam if it’s resuming for a long period.


    Actually unknown but first showed up at Sega’s Dreamcaster systems at 2000 with the Online Voice Chat Service,but the popularity gained when Valve launched Half Life with Multiplayer Support. Reason was many servers had alltalk and muting service. Also the players reacts this
    activity. Many people got kicked or blocked for ‘’being annoying’’ and ’’micspam’’.



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  • 02/07/13--07:45: Cook asks cook
  • Cook asks cook (rus. Повар спрашивает повара) is a popular in Russian Internet video, used in a lot of remixes, and one of the most usable source in Russian YouTube Poops. In this video teen-age boy tries to tell a joke about two cooks, but begins to laugh at it without finishing.


    Russian lyrics

    Повар спрашивает повара:
    -- Повар, какова твоя профессия? Ты милиционер?
    -- Нет, -- отвечает Повар. -- Моя главная профессия -- повар!
    -- Аха! А твоя? (смех)
    -- А твоя… наверно… наверно врач, повар?
    -- Нет! (смех) Я повар!

    literary translation

    A cook asks another cook:
    -- Cook, what do you do for a living? Are you police officer?
    -- No, -- says the second cook. -- My major job is a cook!
    -- A-ha! And yours? (laughs very contagiously)
    -- And you… You must be a… a doctor, cook?
    -- No! (laugh)… I’m a cook!

    This video was recorded in 2006 by Anton Sidorov – young 10 year old boy, living in Saint-Petersburg city. There isn’t any confirmed information about why and how did he record it, and how did it get in the Internet. In 6th of July, 2008, video was uploaded by user KventinBuratino on YouTube – this upload considers to be original.


    Video began to spread around Russian Internet in 2009. In 2011, popular Russian viral video reviewer Maksim Golopolosov reviewed it in his Internet-show’s first episode. After that, video got viral character, because of its stupid and mad character, and then spread around all Russian YouTube community and other sites. It has much less popularity in Internet’s English community.

    Because of its usability, video became very popular as source for Russian YouTube Poops. His “nickname” in Russian YouTube community is “cook” (rus. Повар).


    Now Anton Sidorov’s studying in Saint-Petersburg’s Musical University and leads his own musical group. He hides from his fans and refuses giving an interview. According to the video, recorded in 2011, he hates everything connected with this record and feels regret about shooting it.

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