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  • 10/24/12--00:48: Drunk Jeff Goldblum
  • About

    Drunk Jeff Goldblum is a series of slowed down Apple commercials starring American actor Jeff Goldblum.


    The original slowed-down parody of Apple’s 1999 TV commercial starring Jeff Goldblum was uploaded by YouTuber notatypewriter on July 30th, 2007. [researching]

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  • 10/24/12--03:13: Poka Poka
  • About

    The Poka Poka series (Japanese: ポカポカしてるだけシリーズ, Pokapoka Shiterudake Series) refers to a series of hand drawn animated videos of one character pounding on another’s chest along with the fan-made remixed version of Hammer song from Super Smash Brothers series by Nintendo.

    This animation is one of the popular templates for parodies among amatuer illustrators on the Japanese video sharing service Nico Nico Douga (NND).


    “Poka Poka” (ポカポカ) is a Japanese onomatopoeia for a sound of pounding something mildly, which sounds very cute to the Japanese sensibility. And videos in this seires is made from combining two “Poka Poka” materials.

    One, the action, is taken from just a 1-second footage in the opening movie of a Japanese TV anime series for a manga Seitokai Yakuindomo written by Tozen Ujiie.[1] It was aired from July to October in 2010. The other, an electro-pop tune playing in the background, is a vocal remixed version of Hammer song, which was composed by a famous NND user Satsuki Ga Tenkomori[2] and sung by moe voice actor/singer Nanahira in 2009.[3]

    “Poka Poka” Beating in Seitokai Yakuindomo
    “Poka Poka” singing by Nanahira

    The trigger of this series first combined these materials and reproduced the action by Akio Fudo and Michiya Kuon from a Japanese TV anime series for a video game Inazuma Eleven produced by Level-5.[4] This video was uploaded to NND on July 14th, 2010.[5]


    The cuteness of this video was received favourably by other female amateur illustrators on NND due to a huge popularity of Inazuma Eleven among Japanese female Otakus and its quite convenient editing style. They soon began mimicking the style of this video with their favorite characters.

    As of October 2012, the amount of videos in this series on NND is near 250.[6]

    Notable Examples

    For more videos, check out the videos section in this entry.

    Tiger & Bunny[9]

    Appearance Outside Japan

    Non-Japanese people also have joined into this fad, though the number of them isn’t so many. They have occasionally posted their works to YouTube[11] and deviantART.[12]

    Professor Layton
    Star Wars OC
    South Park

    Search Interest

    [Not Available]

    External References

    Editor’s Note: Registration is needed to browse the original videos listed in this section.

    [1] Wikipedia – Seitokai Yakuindomo

    [2] niconico – さつき が てんこもり’s user page

    [3] niconico Video – 【ハンマー状態】ハンマーを電波ソングにしてみた / Posted on 10-11-2009

    [4] Wikipedia – Inazuma Eleven

    [5] niconico Video – 【手描きイナズマ】あきおちゃんがポカポカしてるだけ / Posted on 07-14-2010

    [6] niconico Video – Search results for ポカポカしてるだけシリーズ

    [7] niconico Video – 【描いてみました】銀魂でポカポカしてるだけ【バラエティパック】 / Posted on 11-20-2010

    [8] niconico Video – 織姫がポカポカしてるだけ【手描き鰤】 / Posted on 09-23-2010

    [9] niconico Video – 【手描き】おじさんがポカポカしてるだけ【T&B】 / Posted on 04-26-2011

    [10] niconico Video – スノーゴーレムがぽかぽか(じたばた)してるだけ / Posted on 09-30-2012

    [11] YouTube – Search results for "poka poka" OR pokapoka OR ポカポカ

    [12] deviantART – Search results for poka poka

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  • 10/24/12--11:16: Check Your Privilege

  • About

    Check Your Privilege” is an online expression used mainly by social justice bloggers to remind others that the body and life they are born into comes with specific privileges that do not apply to all arguments or situations. The phrase also suggests that when considering another person’s plight, one must acknowledge one’s own inherent privileges and put them aside in order to gain a better understanding of his or her situation.


    The phrase “Check Your Privilege” was used as early as March 2006 on the social justice blog[1] in an article explaining how to accept one’s inherent privilege and understand situations that members of non-privileged groups are going through.

    Precursor: Privilege Checklists

    The concept of a social privilege checklist was popularized by Peggy McIntosh in a 1998 article titled “White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack.”[2] In the article, she discusses both white and male privileges with a list of 26 advantages that white people have due to their skin color.

    * I can if I wish arrange to be in the company of people of my race most of the time.
    * I can turn on the television or open to the front page of the paper and see people of my race widely represented.
    * I can swear, or dress in second hand clothes, or not answer letters, without having people attribute these choices to the bad morals, the poverty, or the illiteracy of my race.
    * I can do well in a challenging situation without being called a credit to my race.
    * If a traffic cop pulls me over or if the IRS audits my tax return, I can be sure I haven’t been singled out because of my race

    Inspired by this article, many privilege checklists in both article and list form began popping up online, especially via the women’s studies listserv WMST-L.[9] In September 2006, social justice blog Alas! A Blog[3] compiled a list of fifteen of these, including those for able-bodied people[4], black males[5], members of the upper class[6], Americans[7] and heterosexuals.[8]


    In 2007, “Check Your Privilege” appeared on a number of blogs including Feministe[10], Shapely Prose[11] and The Geek Side.[12] In 2008 and 2009, the phrase was used on women’s blogs including The F Word[13], Feminist Critics[14] and The Angry Black Woman.[15] In June 2009, “Check Your Privilege” was mentioned on the Geek Feminist Wiki[16] as a method to remind other people of how their background shapes their thoughts. In November 2010, a Redditor used the phrase on /r/MensRights[17] in response to a story about a false rape accuser’s ability to remain anonymous while the name of the man she accused stays exposed in the media. In March 2012, the domain[23] was registered, but does not contain any content. That October, an article was published on the British news site the Guardian[22] about how the term has evolved into a bullying tactic for commentators who align themselves with social justice agendas and use privilege-related arguments to derail conversations.

    On YouTube

    As of October 2012, there are more than 2300 search results on YouTube[25] for “check your privilege,” including both serious vlogs (shown below, left) and satirical videos (shown below, right).

    On Tumblr

    In January 2011, “Check Your Privilege” appeared in a Tumblr post[18] by user feyboy in reference to seeing straight white cisgender women in college complaining about not receiving a monetary allowance from their parents. During the course of 2011, the phrase became a popular tag on Tumblr[19] with the rise of social justice blogs on the platform, along with several others including “die cis scum”[20] and “social justice.”[21] In August 2012, the parody blog Children Who Need To Check Their Privilege[23] was launched to provide satirical commentaries on images of babies and small animals as a mockery of the social justice blogging community. On August 31st, the webcomic Homestuck introduced a character named Kankri[24] (shown below), seeming to represent a parody of a stereotypical Tumblr social justice blogger. In his first appearance, he mentions checking his piety privilege.

    Search Interest

    External References

    [1] – “Check my what?” On privilege and what we can do about it

    [2] Peggy McIntosh – White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack

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    [13] The F Word – Men! Feminism needs you! (Not your privilege…)

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    [18] Tumblr – feyboy | Check Your Privilege (AKA, Boo hoo. I’m sure that life is just so hard for you.)

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    [23] Tumblr – Children Who Need To Check Their Privilege

    [24]MSPA Wiki – Kankri Vantas

    [25] YouTube – Search results for “check your privilege”

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  • 10/24/12--12:28: Silk Road
  • About

    Silk Road is an online black market which can only be accessed via The Onion Router (TOR) anonymous web browsing client. On the site, goods are sold in exchange for Bitcoins, a peer-to-peer digital crypto-curency created by Satoshi Nakamoto. Many of the sellers specialize in selling drugs, oftentimes shipping to countries where they are illegal to possess.


    The Silk Road[11] website began development in November of 2010 and was launched three months later in February of 2011. The site remained relatively unknown until June 1st, 2011, when Gawker[5] published an article by staff writer Adrian Chen titled “The Underground Website Where You Can Buy Any Drug Imaginable.” On July 28th, 2012, the tech news blog Gizmodo[13] reported that a man from Melbourne, Australia had been arrested for attempting to import drugs purchased on the site. On August 1st, 2012, a paper titled “Traveling the Silk Road: A measurement analysis of a large anonymous online marketplace”[12] was released by Carnegie Mellon computer security professor Nicolas Christin, which reported that the site’s total sales had increased to approximately $1.9 million a month (shown below).


    The Bitcoin protocol was first described by Satoshi Nakamoto[2] in a paper[4] distributed on a cryptography mailing list[3] on October 31st, 2008. The Bitcoin network itself was created on January 3rd, 2009, which included the release of the first Bitcoins and an open-source Bitcoin client. Bitcoins use a peer-to-peer network that regulates the currency according to network software, with no more than 21 million Bitcoins issued in total by 2140. Bitcoins can be purchased and current exchange rates can be viewed on the MT Gox[8] Bitcoin exchange.


    The Silk Road website can only be accessed via TOR anonymous browsing client, which allows its users to browse the Internet anonymously by separating identification and routing, thus concealing network activity from surveillance. The alpha version of the TOR software was announced via[9] mailing list on September 20th, 2002, followed by its presentation at the 13th USENIX Security Symposium on August 13th, 2004.


    The site allows users to browse an online market through several categories linked in the sidebar, including drugs, apparel, books, digital goods, drug paraphernalia, erotica and forgeries. The drugs category contains several subcategories, including psychedelics, cannabis, dissociatives, ecstasy, opioids, prescriptions and stimulants. Buyers can register for free without an email but sellers must purchase a special account. Similar to other online marketplaces, users can rate their experiences with individuals sellers to report back if the product they purchased was of sufficient quality and delivered in a timely manner.


    On June 6th, following the posting of Adrian Chen’s article, United States senators Joe Machin and Charles Schumer sent a letter[10] to the U.S. Attorney General urging law enforment to shut down the Silk Road website. On June 12th, the Sydney Morning Herald published an article titled “Drugs Bought With Virtual Cash,” reporting that the site would be moving to a new server in order to handle a marked increase in traffic. The article went on to report that Silk Road’s increase in popularity corresponded with a rise in the value of Bitcoins. On July 16th, 2012, Gawker[7]published a follow-up article titled “Are Authorities Closing in on the Online Drug Market Silk Road?”, which reported on rumors that had been circulating about authorities going after Silk Road’s administrator known as “Dread Pirate Roberts.”

    Search Interest

    External References

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  • 10/24/12--19:59: Littlest Pet Shop
  • Littlest Pet Shop is a Canadian/American flash cartoon series, produced by DHX Media Vancouver, who also worked with Hasbro Studios before on Pound Puppies and My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic , not much to say about this series so far, except it follows Blythe Baxter (Ashleigh Ball) and her father as they move into a Big City apartment above the Littlest Pet Shop – an amazing day-camp for pets of all kinds including a doggie diva (Nicole Oliver), a dancing gecko and a sweet, adorable panda. Her real adventure begins when she discovers that she alone can miraculously understand and talk to all of the pets, & that it airs on the HUB network, Saturday, November 10th, 2012.

    However, on the Youtube sneak peek video, most bronies (adult, male fans of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic) kept on overreacting ranting on the show, even it hadn’t even aired during that time, just proving that bronies can sometimes act immature ,can overreact & be too obsessed with the things that effects my little pony, for example, when the episodes of my little pony is played in front of a brony-filled audience at some conventions, they make it into a big deal, & just get overexcited over every single scene from the episode when played, this ranting for the series, eventually went on to social media networks like memebase, 4chan, deviantart, & other websites

    however there are people who are fans the series, these brony-like fans are called “Petters”, & the petters want the bronies to calm down, & stop with all this ranting, this started a small fan war argument between the “Bronies” & the “Petters”, this may not be premiered yet, but we can all probably bet, that this will probably be big as bronies.

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    The “Dad doesn’t understand concept of photo booth” Meme was posted to Reddit October 15th and made the front page on October 16th. Since then, Redditors have fun with it creating GIFs and other versions of the original.

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  • 10/25/12--05:40: Pai de Família
  • Pai de Família (Portuguese for “family man”) is a man from a Brazilian gay porn video. Pai de Família’s real name remains unknown, but he’s often called Jailson Mendes, as he’s credited in the movie. Pai de Família’s main claim to fame is, well, taking it in the ass.

    Pai de Família is, in a way, a different kind of meme. He’s not mass marketable. He’s not “like”-able on Facebook, not shareable, not bloggable nor rebloggable. He’s a kind of meme that’s unique to anonymous imageboards. A young kid trying to look cool on the Internet by sharing stuff on Facebook couldn’t use Pai de Família. You can’t steal OC of Pai de Família, and you can’t twist the meme to mean something it does not. There’s only one thing he stands for: deliciousness.

    Used at a time when all Original Content flows into humor blogs and are destroyed in days, the Pai de Família is the resistance, after all no comedy-blog would post about a middle-aged fat man being pounded hard. The importance of the meme is not in your favor, at homosexuality, or in the picture or video as a whole but in representing the resistance of the mass of brazilian imageboards, which unfold in order to create something that will not be instantly stolen and misrepresented in seconds.


    Pai de Família was noticed by a gay anon from BRchan, the most popular anonymous imageboard in Brazil. The sheer absurdity (and at the same time, the mundane normalcy) of a 40-something burly man being fucked by a very vocal, bearded thug while exclaiming, “delicious! ooh, so delicious man” in a manner similar to a fat pig being buggered attracted the attention of BRchan, generating much OC. Pai de Família remains popular there. The video is definitely NSFW, but there’s a collection of Pai de Família’s best moments (which are totally SFW).

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  • 10/25/12--12:49: Look at This Fucking Hipster
  • About

    Look at This Fucking Hipster is a single topic blog that specializes in curating snapshot photographs of people dressed in stereotypical hipster fashion. Launched at the height of media obsession with hipsters in 2009, the Tumblr blog quickly established itself as an early trendsetter of anti-hipster humor and single topic blogs on the web.


    Look at this Fucking Hipster[1] was created by New York City-based stand-up comedian and writer Joe Mande in April 2009 as a way to help his dad in understanding the concept of a hipster. According to Gawker’s interview, Mande initially thought of starting a blog called after being asked the question “is that a hipster?” by his dad during his visit to Williamsburg, Brooklyn, a Brooklyn neighborhood well-known for its indie music scene.


    Similar critiques of wacky hipster fashion have been explored prior to the creation of Look at this Fucking Hipster, with the most notable example being the “DOs & DON’Ts” series run by New York-based arts and culture magazine VICE. The first compilation of the DOs & DON’Ts was published as a book on September 1st, 2004.


    Throughout the months of April and May in 2009, the blog was featured on various New York City-centric news sites like FREEWilliamsburg and The Gothamist, music news blogs NME and Absolute Punk, as well as internet culture sites BuzzFeed and Laughing Squid among many others. On May 8th, Gawker published an interview with Mandes on his thoughts on the viral reception of the blog. In June 2009, Mandes announced that the Tumblr blog has acquired a book deal with St. Martin’s Press. After a year of compiling and acquiring rights to the images, the book was released on March 30th, 2010.

    Notable Examples


    Mande’s blog also went on to inspire a series of spin-off sites based on the snowclone “Look at This Fucking X” and typically centered around other subcultures and fandoms that may be perceived as obnoxious. Some of the most notable examples include Look at this Fucking Juggalo, Look at this Fucking Teabagger and Look at this Fucking Bro.


    In October 2012, New York City creative agency employee Jules Laplace launched Styleblaster, a website that provides real-time image feed of random pedestrians in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. According to Gawker’s article, Laplace and his roommate Jack Kalish set up a webcam pointing out the window of their house and programmed the camera with a motion sensor to take a picture whenever someone pass by and upload to the website. Similar to other beauty and fashion rating sites, Styleblaster features a voting function that allows its visitors to upvote any image of their liking and a collection page showcasing the most popular images on the site.

    Search Interest

    External References

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  • 10/25/12--15:34: Birther Movement
  • About

    The Birther Movement refers to fringe theorists known as “birthers,” who believe that United States President Barack Obama was not born in the United States and is therefore ineligible for presidency.


    According to an article in Politico[2], in the spring of 2008 during the Democratic presidential primary, Hilary Clinton supports began circulating an anonymous email questioning Obama’s United States citizenship (shown below).

    “Barack Obama’s mother was living in Kenya with his Arab-African father late in her pregnancy. She was not allowed to travel by plane then, so Barack Obama was born there and his mother then took him to Hawaii to register his birth”


    On June 12th, 2008, the Chicago Tribune[3] published an article titled “Is Barack Obama a US Citizen? Yes.”, which reported that a new version of the theory argued that since Obama was born in Hawaii with a Kenyan father and 18-year-old mother, he could not be recognized as an automatic citizen based on immigration law. On June 9th, the National Review[4] published a blog post urging Obama to prove his United States citizenship by providing the public a copy of his birth certificate. Several days later, the Obama campaign responded by posting a scanned image of Obama’s birth certificate on the website Fight the Smears[5] (shown below).

    On August 21st, former Pennsylvania deputy attorney general Phil Berg filed a complaint in the federal District court, alleging that Obama carried multiple citizenships forfeiting his eligibility to run for President of the United States. On July 28th, 2009, a Wiktionary[1] entry for the term “birther” was added, which defined the noun as "a believer in one of more conspiracy theories, holding that President Barack Obama is not a “natual born” citizen of the United States." On August 4th, Gawker[6] published an article titled “Happy Where’s the Birth Certificate Day, Barack Obama!”, which featured several satirical birth certificate photoshopped images (shown below).

    In October of 2009, anonymous emails began circulating that the Associated Press had identified Obama as “Kenyan-born” in June of 2004. An entry titled “Trip Wire” on the rumor-checking website Snopes[7] debunked the claims, proving that the Associated Press never identified Obama as Kenyan-born.

    Birth Certificate Rejections

    Following the release of Obama’s birth certificate in June of 2008, conspiracy theorists asserted that the document had been photoshopped and that it lacked the Hawaii seal of the state. Author Jerome Corsi asserted on Fox News that the campaign should produce the “original birth certificate,” claiming that the released version was “fake.”

    On August 21st, the website Fact Check[8] reported that they had analyzed the document in person, and determined that it was an authentic birth certificate. After continued pressure from political opponents, Obama asked the director of the Hawaii Department of Health for certified copies of his original Certificate of Live Birth on April 22nd, 2011. The following week, White House staffers disseminated copies of the certificate and posted a PDF version on the White House website[9] (shown below).

    The certificate had been scanned into a PDF using optical character recognition (OCR), which uses an algorithm to separate characters in an image into their own layer, allowing readers to interact with the raw text in the file. On April 27th, YouTuber joebrooksme uploaded a video titled “President Obama’s Birth Certificate PDF Has ‘Layers’,” with a screen cast of the document opened in photoshop (shown below). The same day, The National Review[11] published a post titled “PDF Layers in Obama’s Birth Certificate,” which explained how OCR technology creates layers in PDF documents.

    Donald Trump’s Involvement

    While billionaire Donald Trump was attempting to make a bid for the republican nomination for president in March 2011, he began looking into the validity of Barack Obama’s birth certificate[12], stating that the “Certification of Live Birth” the White House released did not bear a signature of authenticity.[13] He also claimed that the release of Obama’s birth certificate was because of his involvement in the process.[14] He continued to question Obama’s birth certificate throughout 2012, tweeting[15] on August 6th, 2012 that the produced certificate was a fraud.

    On October 22nd, 2012, Trump asserted he would be making a “very big” revelation about the president within two days.[16] On the 24th, Trump released a video stating he would donate $5 million dollars to the charity of the President’s choice if he provided his college applications and records as well as his passport records by October 31st to the billionaire’s satisfaction. Many news sources including CBS News[17], Business Insider[18] and the Huffington Post[19] claimed the announcement fell flat of his Twitter hype. In response, satirical news host Stephen Colbert made a counter offer to Trump, saying he would donate $1 million to the charity of his choice if he would allow Colbert to “dip his balls his in mouth.”[20] The same night, Obama responded on The Tonight Show[21], joking that his feud with Trump dated back to when they were growing up together in Kenya.

    Search Interest

    External References

    [1] Wiktionary – birther

    [2] Politico – Birtherism – Where it all began

    [3] Chicago Tribune – Is Barack Obama a US Citizen?

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    [20] Huffington Post – Colbert Offers Trump $1M To Dip Balls In His Mouth (VIDEO)

    [21] Huffington Post – Barack Obama Laughs Off Feud With Donald Trump On ‘The Tonight Show’

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  • 10/25/12--16:35: TheAmazingAtheist
  • [w.i.p. please request editorship if you can help]


    TheAmazingAtheist is a Youtube Celeberity and Ex-Reviewer for the site That Guy With The Glasses. He is known for his controversial videos about Religion, as well as a number of other subjects. Despite gaining a lot of hate, he has also managed to gain a large fanbase also.

    Online History

    TheAmazingAtheist released his first video in around 2006, titled “Rant #1”, in which he discussed other religions and his standpoint on atheism to mixed reception. Many people grew hate for the video, due to the amount of racism in the video. Despite this, the video managed to gain a fanbase, and The Amazing Atheist kept making videos

    Time on TGWTG

    In 2009, TheAmazingAtheist joined the reviewers on That Guy With The Glasses, where he took the alias of TheDistressedWatcher. Among his contributions to the site were Trailer Failure, where he would review numerous trailers, and Sour Note, where he would Riff on various music videos. He was poorly received by the userbase, as well as his fellow reviewers, with numerous petitions being made to get him removed from the site. He was finally removed from the site in September of 2011, and soon posted a video stating that he did not hate the TGWTG community for letting him go.



    Search Interest

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  • 10/21/12--12:23: Tamagotoji
  • About

    Tamagotoji (Japanese: 卵とじ, lit. Egg scramble) refers to a series of hand-drawn animated videos of developing the story along a love song with the same title.

    This is one of the popular templates for hand drawn animations among amateur animators/illustrators in the Japanese video sharing service Nico Nico Douga (NND) and YouTube.


    The song “Tamagotoji” was written by a Japanese female singer songwriter Kurahasi, Yoeko (倉橋ヨエコ)[1], which was first included in her 4th full Album “Tadaima” (ただいま, lit. I’m home) released in December 2005.

    Original (Romaji)Translation
    ienai kimochi wo tamagotoji
    obentou ni tsumemashite
    yukou yukou yukou nee yukou yukou
    ano konchi

    ano ko wo mitsumeru oshigoto atta nara ii noni na
    ano ko no hanauta mainichi kiketa nara ii noni na
    togarashita kono kuchibiru ni
    nakibeso ga hitotsu

    konna toki ni wa

    ienai kimochi wo tamagotoji
    obentou ni tsumemashite
    yukou yukou yukou nee yukou yukou
    ano konchi

    atashi ni tarinai mono ga
    gorogoro korogatteku
    atashi no ikenai toko mo
    gorogoro korogatteku

    asamoya ni kajikamu tsumasaki
    saka wo kogu jitensha

    konna toki koso

    ienai kimochi wo tamagotoji
    obentou ni komemashite
    yukou yukou yukou nee yukou yukou
    mata ashita

    konna toki ni wa

    ienai kimochi wo tamagotoji
    obentou ni komemashite
    yukou yukou yukou nee yukou yukou
    issho ni

    ienai kimochi wo tamagotoji
    obentou ni tsumemashite
    yukou yukou yukou nee
    yukou yukou

    rainen mo
    I prepare an egg meal with all my love,
    that can’t be missed in an obento.
    Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go… ok?
    Let’s go, let’s go to that boy’s house.

    To see him work would be so nice,
    To hear him sing everyday would be so nice.
    I try to seal my lips,
    but still a sigh escapes.

    Well, in moments like this…

    I prepare an egg meal with all my love,
    that can’t be missed in an obento.
    Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go… ok?
    Let’s go, let’s go to that boy’s house.

    The things that aren’t enough for me,
    They roll and disperse.
    The places I can’t go,
    They roll and disperse too.
    In the morning, still asleep and numb,
    I rode my bicycle to the top of the hill.

    In moments like this, certainly…

    I prepare an egg meal with all my love,
    that can’t be missed in an obento.
    Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go… ok?
    See you tomorrow!

    Well, in moments like this…

    I prepare an egg meal with all my love,
    that can’t be missed in an obento.
    Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go… ok?
    Let’s go, let’s go together.

    I prepare an egg meal with all my love,
    that can’t be missed in an obento.
    Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go… ok?
    Let’s go, let’s go…

    See you next year, too!

    Via: YouTube -【卵とじ】 Pandora Hearts | Tamagotoji – Eng Subs.[2]

    Meanwhile, the first instance in this series was a video posted by a NND user ヨエコスキー (Yoekosukī)[3] on July 1st, 2009.[4] And that was a fanfiction for Touhou Project getting an inspiration from the song.

    In that video, he drew a story that Remilia Scarlet, who wasn’t good at cooking, challenged making a good bento filled with her love/friendship for Reimu Hakurei with the help of many Touhou characters by his hand drawn animations.


    Since the late 2009, not a few amateur illustrators inspired by that video have been mimicking this lovely story by various kind of characters with their own rendition. Besides, because many Fujoshi, female Otaku, receive this series quite favourably, some of videos in this series are filled with the flavor of Yaoi, homosexual relationships of male characters.

    In NND, the videos in this series are tagged under the song title “Tamagotoji” or a keyword “Yoekosukī-Respect” (ヨエコスキーリスペクト). More than 100 videos have been uploaded to NND.[5]

    Notable Examples

    For more videos, check out the videos section in this entry.

    _Soul Eater
    [Yaoi!!] Inazuma Eleven[9]

    Appearance outside of Japan

    Non-Japanese people also have joined into this fad, though the number of them is a few. They have occasionally posted their works to deviantART[10] or YouTube.[11]

    The Avengers
    Pandora Hearts
    Flipy and Flaky from Happy Tree Friends
    [Yaoi!!] Morenatsu[12]

    Search Interest

    [Not Available]

    External References

    Editor’s Note: Registration is needed to browse the original videos listed in this section.

    [1] Wikipedia – Yoeko Kurahashi

    [2] YouTube – 【卵とじ】 Pandora Hearts | Tamagotoji – Eng Subs.

    [3] niconico – ヨエコスキー's user page

    [4] niconico Video – レミリアの卵とじ / Posted on 07-01-2009

    [5] niconico Video – Search results for 卵とじ OR ヨエコスキーリスペクト

    [6] niconico Video – 【手描き鰤】ウル織で「卵とじ」 / Posted on 12-14-2009

    [7] niconico Video – 【手描き】HGSS・ライ♀主で卵とじ / Posted on 10-13-2009

    [8] niconico Video – 【手描き・トレス】ソウルイーターで卵とじ【キックロ注意】 / Posted on 03-06-2010

    [9] niconico Video – イナイレで卵とじ【腐向け】 / Posted on 11-10-2009

    [10] deviantART – Search results for Tamagotoji

    [11] YouTube – Search results for Tamagotoji

    [12] TVtropes – Morenatsu

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  • 10/21/12--19:21: Nice Legs, Daisy Dukes
  • About

    “Nice Legs, Daisy Dukes, Makes a Man Go” is a catchphrase taken from the lyrics of the 2009 electronica dance song “Starstrukk Remixes” by American electro-pop duo 3OH!3. In similar vein to Nigel Thornberry Remixes, the song has inspired a series of musical mashups featuring the original lyrics “Nice Legs, Daisy Dukes, Makes a Man Go” paired with a wide range of sampled audio clips and sound effects.


    “Starstrukk” is a 2009 electronica dance song recorded by 3OH!3 and released in their second studio album, Want. The song received international exposure later that same year, following the release of the deluxe album version featuring Katy Perry.

    Years later, the song became used as an audio template for musical remixes and mash-up creations, following the original example posted by Tumblr user methlabrador[1] on October 17th, 2012. The post gained more than 1,320 likes and reblogs within the first five days.


    In the following days of October 2012, Methlabrador’s Tumblr post went on to inspire an impressive collection of audio mashups featuring the lyrics of “Starstrukk” and audio samples of various characters from TV shows, films and cartoons. Most of the audio files in the series are hosted on SoundCloud and Tumblr, which can be found under various tags including #daisy dukes, #nice legs and #makes a man go among others. In addition, SoundCloud is home to more than 185 mash-up iterations titled “Nice Legs Daisy Duke,” as of late October 2012.

    Notable Examples

    Search Interest

    External References

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  • 10/22/12--10:36: Swole
  • About

    “Swole”, short for “swollen,” is a slang term used to describe someone who has developed a large or well-defined physique from weight lifting.


    The earliest online definition of the term was submitted by Online Slang Dictionary[14] user Dan P. on April 27th, 1998, identifying the word as a synonym for “muscular.”

    In Hip Hop

    The earliest known usage of the term in hip hop lyrics comes from the song “When I Get Free,” which was released posthumously on the album Until the End of Time for the late rapper by Tupac Shakur on March 27th, 2001 (shown below, left). The song includes the lyrics “did push ups till I swole up” in reference to time Shakur had spent exercising in prison. On June 30th, 2010, the rapper Rock Solid uploaded a music video to YouTube for his song “Swole,” which included footage of himself working out at the gym (shown below, right).


    On November 25th, 2002, Urban Dictionary[11] user Phat E submitted an entry for the word “swoll,” defining the term as ebonics for the word “swollen” achieved from lifting weights at the gym. On March 13th, 2003, WannaBeBig Forum[12] member GIS submitted a thread titled “The term ‘swole’”, which questioned why the term had become popular. On December 20th, 2004, BodyBuilding Forums[13] member marcFE submitted a thread titled “What the heck does ‘swoll’ mean?” On September 14th, 2005, Boxden Forums[15] member CapoStatus4k submitted a thread asking if doing push ups could make him “get swole.” On November 5th, 2006, YouTuber skaterfrek09 uploaded a music video titled “Swole Guy,” which featured animated pictures of the former California governor and bodybuilder Arnold Schwarzenegger (shown below).

    On February 7th, 2007, GetBig Forums[16] member thisiskeitch12 submitted a thread asking how to correctly spell the term. On March 15th, 2008, Yahoo Answers[17] member Everett M submitted the question “How do I get swole?”, which included the description “swole is black talk for buff.” On November 6th, 2009, the Twitter feed @SwollProblems was created, featuring first world problems and other complaints about being muscular and physically fit (shown below).

    On October 21st, 2010, the Tumblr[9] blog “Swole Foods” was created, featuring photos and recipes for post-workout meals. On March 28th, 2012, the “Get Swole” Tumblr[10] was launched, which featured photographs of bodybuilders and inspirational quotes related to lifting weights and physical fitness. On May 26th, the /r/swoleacceptance[3] subreddit was created, which served as a satirical forum for muscular individuals to discuss prejudice they experience in day-to-day life. On October 17th, the youth culture blog Vice[7] published a post titled “Swole,” featuring several photographs of bodybuilders posing. Posts related to lifting and physical fitness can be found on Tumblr[8] under the tag “#swole” and several fitness-related Facebook[18] pages have been created with the word “swole” in the title.

    Notable Examples

    Search Interest

    External References

    [1] Urban Dictionary – swole

    [2] Internet Slang – swole

    [3] Reddit – /r/swoleacceptance

    [4] Online Slang Dictionary – swole

    [5] Swole Sports – Swole Sports

    [6] Wiktionary – Swole

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    [16] GetBig – Swoll or Swole?

    [17] Yahoo Answers – How do I get swole

    [18] Facebook – swole

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  • 10/27/12--09:01: Madness Combat
  • About

    Madness Combat is a award winning Adobe Flash series by Newgrounds user Krinkels. The series has gained recognition through it’s many animated parodies, episodes, and non-canon animations.


    Madness Combat was made after Krinkels failed at gaining recognition though his old series, Breadman, a series about a man being killed in various ways, first being killed by eating a slice of bread. The first episode, “Marshmallow Madness” was submitted to Newgrounds by the creator, Krinkels. The episode has over 4000,000 views.

    After Krinkels how famous the first episode became, he decided to make further episodes. The ratings changed from T to M throughout the series. The newer episodes had less views than Marshmallow Madness, yet the series has thousands of views and even more parodies and tributes.


    The story of Madness Combat takes place “Somewhere in Nevada” and is about a man named Hank J. Wimbelton who longs to kill the Sheriff, who is known for stealing pie from Hank. The storyline has changed throughout the series but still has the same main protagonist, Hank J. Wimbelton. Hank also kills several “grunts” throughout the series, he also gets killed by most antagonists, such as Jebus and Tricky, yet he randomly reappears in various forms in newer episodes after dying.

    Hank has currently killed two of the main antagonists in the series, known as the Sheriff and the Auditor.


    Currently being researched.

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  • 10/27/12--11:16: Playstation Vita Flop.
  • During the release of Sony’s latest handheld known as the “Playstation Vita”, people have been all over it’s sales. People have been seeing that the Playstation Vita has failed to sell well thus Trolls, Nintendo Fanboys, and other people have been mocking the Playstation Vita calling it a flop. Every single thing Vita related is always derailed into a “Floppage Massacre”.

    If you say something positive about the Vita, you are giving out “Vitassurance” which is worse than it flopping. A majority of people believe that the Playstation Vita will be discontinued by the end of the year.

    Don’t be surprised if you V__Vita from just about 90% of people talking about the Playstation Vita. Almost every Gaming site’s discussions on the Playstation Vita resorts to this.

    Some people also post video’s of the Playstation Vita literally flopping…like a fish.

    It is unknown if the Vita will sell well but it’s highly unlikely so thus the Vita will be an lol worthy handheld due to it’s flop-worthy sales.

    0 0


    Just go on the Internet and tell lies? is an online image expression and phrase, commonly used in response to blatant lies and fake information


    The phrase originated from the episode “Buster the Myth Maker” on the children’s television show Arthur.[1] In a conversation about Siberian Tigers, Arthur tells Buster that it could all be just a myth:


    On January 19, 2012, an image of Yaranaika face in the Computer Reaction Faces template with the caption “You really think someone would do that? Just go on the internet and tell lies?” was posted to Funnyjunk.[2] Since then, the image has been reposted to Tumblr[3], Reddit[4], and threads on 4chan.

    Notable Examples

    External Links

    [1] Tv – Buster the Myth Maker

    [2] Funnyjunk – You really think someone would do that,

    [3] Tumblr – Lies tag

    [4] Reddit – Advide Animal repost

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  • 10/27/12--21:45: First World Metal Problems
  • Note: Work in progress


    First World Metal Problems is an advice animal image macro series that centers around on a guy wearing a black S.O.D. (Stormtroopers of Death) t-shirt, with a worried expression on his face, sitting on a park bench. The series revolves around problems relating to the Metal genre and music in general.



    The first examples of this image macro series appeared on Quickmeme in November of 2011.[2] It was subsuquently spread to the /r/metalmemes[1] subreddit on December 23, 2011. The image shared on reddit (shown below) featured the caption “I really like this song / but I can’t show anyone because it’s not brutal enough.”



    On March 27, 2012, the Twitter account @metalproblems[3] was created, often tweeting out problems that are related to the Metal genre.

    Notable Examples

    Search Interest

    External Reference

    [1] Reddit – First World Metal Problems

    [2] Quickmeme – First World Metal Problems

    [3] Twitter – @metalproblems

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  • 10/28/12--06:59: Hurricane Sandy 2012
  • Hurricane Sandy is a strong possibily Category V hurricane that will hit the east coast. It has been related to Hurricane Irene of 2011 which
    flooded east coast destroyng everything and everyone in its path.

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  • 10/28/12--16:52: Total Drama
  • About

    Total Drama is a Canadian animated television series produced by Fresh TV, which also makes the related and similar shows 6Teen and Stoked, which airs on Teletoon in Canada and on Cartoon Network in the United States. There are currently four seasons of the show: Total Drama Island, Total Drama Action, Total Drama World Tour and Total Drama: Revenge of the Island. The Total Drama series is supposedly intended for tween audiences, but contains some highly questionable content for such young audiences and is very popular with older teenagers and adults. The show is known for its highly prominent online fanbase, which is characterized primarily by character worship and shipping, and has produced innumerable pieces of fan art and fan fiction.


    The series is a faux–reality show based mainly on Survivor, particularly in the first season, with highly exaggerated situations. It depicts a fictional reality show hosted, directed, created and run almost singlehandedly by the sadistic sociopath Chris McLean, in which many teenage contestants compete in various and increasingly dangerous challenges for a large sum of money. The contestants are all loosely based on common teenage archetypes, but have distinctive traits beyond this, are more than simple caricatures. Various romances, friendships and conflicts develop between them over the course of the show, and character development is strong for a comedy–based cartoon. True to the title, genuine drama often occurs in the series, though it always takes a backseat to the sadistic slapstick comedy. Notable characters prominent in both the show itself and in the fandom include Gwen, Heather, Courtney, Cody, Noah and Ezekiel, among others.

    Recognition of Fandom within the Show

    In keeping with the “reality show” theme of the series, the show has attempted to acknowledge its audience within itself, to a greater extent than most other cartoons of its nature. In early 2010, the special known as Celebrity Manhunt’s Total Drama Reunion Special aired, depicting a fictional TMZ–like show chronicling the lives of the contestants following the ending of Total Drama Action. This special introduces the character of Sierra, an obsessed stalker of Cody who is based on the show’s obsessive fans as well as the fan characters they create (which are extremely common in the Total Drama fandom), as is apparent in her overall design. Her character would be prominent in the show’s third season, Total Drama World Tour, as would other characters including Cody and Noah, both of whom were absent in the second season but were brought back as major characters in the third, in what is believed to be due to their fan popularity. On the other hand, the character Ezekiel, the first contestant to be eliminated in the first season and, by all realistic accounts, a complete loser, was brought back as a contestant in the third season as well… only to not only be eliminated first again, but subsequently proceed to go insane and degenerate into a feral monster, in a direct insult towards all of his fans, who had given Ezekiel positive and prominent roles in fan works such as Total Drama Comeback (the title of which is also referenced in the aforementioned special) and had petitioned for him to receive such a role in the show itself.

    The idea of a musical version of Total Drama angered many fans, and as a response to these complains, the title of what was intended to be called Total Drama the Musical was changed to Total Drama World Tour, though the musical premise and the content of the season itself was not changed. At the end of the Celebrity Manhunt Reunion Special, Chris McLean announces the next season as “Total Drama the Musical” and starts to sing about it, only to then state that the title won’t work, as a nod to the controversy.

    Fandom Memes

    Heather’s Boobies

    In the thirteenth episode of Total Drama Island, titled "X–Treme Torture, the character Heather, who is the main antagonist of the season aside from Chris, has her breasts accidentally and briefly exposed during a challenge, which is seen onscreen but is blurred. The character Harold, who witnesses this, exclaims “Boobies!” This word was edited in the Cartoon Network version of the show, which made many content alterations, although it is still said elsewhere in the episode. Encyclopedia Dramatica called these scenes “the greatest moments ever in a children’s animated series”.

    Lindsay Curses Out Heather

    Another notable and “inappropriate” moment from later in the first season, in which the character Lindsay, who had been manipulated by Heather throughout the season and had just been indirectly eliminated from the competition because of her, snaps at Heather, giving her the middle finger (which is censored) and shouting a long, obscene, censored phrase at her. This is changed to “No good, selfish, heartless, pushy, bossy, mean, bully of a girl!” in the Cartoon Network version, which has been harshly criticized. The scene has inspired many parodies on Youtube.

    Gwen’s Shovel

    In episode seven of Total Drama Action, titled "The Chefshank Redemption, Gwen, the former main protagonist of the show who had recently dumped her love interest, Trent, is pressured my minor antagonist Justin to sabotage her own team in order to “repay” Justin’s team for the challenges Trent threw for her. Towards the end of the episode, as the team is tunneling out of prison, Gwen, desperate for a way to make her team lose, claims to have a claustrophobia–induced anxiety attack and bashes her teammate Harold over the head with a golden shovel that was part of the challenge, breaking the shovel and knocking Harold out. This directly leads to Gwen’s elimination.

    The Love Triangle

    By far the most controversial issue of the show involves a “love triangle” between the characters Gwen, Courtney and Duncan, which had been hinted at and picked up on by fans as of the first two seasons but came to a violent climax in Total Drama World Tour. To make a long story short, Duncan, who had historically been Courtney’s boyfriend throughout the series up to that point, cheats on her with Gwen, who had recently become Courtney’s friend, at the end of the thirteenth episode, at the midpoint of the season. This leads to much severe drama, including the permanent and conclusive “sinking” of the “ship” that was “DxC”, and much suffering on the part of Gwen, who is made the target of Courtney’s unbridled wrath to the point that a musical number is devoted to condemning her and is ultimately eliminated under humiliating and ironic circumstances, but still ends up with Duncan. These events caused the largest “fan–war” in Total Drama’s history, with thousands taking sides between Gwen and Courtney and their respective relationships with Duncan. The fact that the show itself sent mixed messages as to which of the three involved characters were meant to come across sympathetically did not help either, and all three gained many haters. Gwen and Courtney in particularly have become the two most polarizing characters in the series as a direct result of this drama.

    When the show was broadcast in foreign countries, after its run in both Canada and America, an extra scene was added to the end of one episode, after all three of the characters involved in the love triangle have been eliminated, confirming the continuation of Gwen and Duncan’s relationship.

    In July of 2012, the creators of the series finally addressed the issue of the love triangle directly in a video in which multiple fan–submitted questions were answered. Series creator Tom McGillis claimed that, while he preferred “DxC”, the executives at Teletoon forced him and the writers to break them up because they wanted the show to portray the dynamics of teenage relationships realistically, in the sense that first crushes rarely if ever stay together.

    DeviantArt Memes

    The Total Drama fanbase has a great presence on deviantART, where thousands upon thousands of fan art pieces exist. Multiple “memes” related to the show, consisting of templates which others are prompted to fill out according to their thoughts on the series, exist on DA, such as the “Total Drama Controversy Meme” and the “Total Drama Shipping Meme”. Both of these memes in particular have received hundreds of responses.

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    Frankenstorm is blazing across North America. Jupiter has had a storm the size of earth for over 300 years. Jupiter ain’t impressed.

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