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  • 03/23/13--05:28: The desert rain frog

  • About

    The desert rain frog (Breviceps macrops) is a endangered species of frog which resides in desert and sandy areas. It is mainly known for its unusual squeaking, behaviour and sound compared to its appearance. It gained notability thanks to Dean Boshoff.


    On February the 13th, 2013, Dean Boshoff uploaded a video to YouTube titled ‘Worlds Cutest Frog – Desert Rain Frog’, which shows the frog mainly showing its unusual squeaky noise. As of now, it’s hit nearly 6 million views. The video can be seen here:

    He said about this: ‘I recorded a short clip of the defensive cry of the Desert rain frog – Breviceps macrops while walking along the sand dunes in Port Nolloth, a coastal town in the Northern Cape province, it alerted me to its presence with its fearsome war cry. I knelt down and proceeded to photograph and film this unusual creature’s behaviour’

    12 days later (or February the 25th), Dean Boshoff uploaded a new video of the desert rain frog, titled ‘Worlds cutest frog – all new footage!’ Shown here:

    However, this has only had 161,000 views as of today.


    Later on, people started uploading videos of their pets reacting to the sounds the frog made as it’s squeak resembles a squeaky toy for pets.

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  • 03/23/13--11:29: KyoAni Finds A Way

    “Kyoani Finds A Way” is a phrase that has been shopped onto a picture of actor Jeff Goldblum playing his role of Dr. Ian Malcolm from the movie Jurassic Park during his now famous catch phrase scene of “Nature finds a way.”


    The phrase “KyoAni Finds A Way” originated on 4chan’s /a/ board as a parody macroimage of Dr. Ian Malcolm’s now famous Jurassic Park phrase “Nature finds a Way.” It is meant to be a way of expressing either amazement or sarcasm at the ability of anime studio Kyoto Animation (a.k.a. KyoAni for short) to always find new and inventive ways of showing off the “moe” genre and sometimes to rehash old versions in new ways whether successful or not.


    In 2011 Kyoto Animation’s anime version of 4coma series Nichijou received high praise for it’s epic animation quality and hilarious comedy presentation. However despite the high praise it failed to sell well (as compared with other successful KyoAni animations such as “The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya”, “Lucky Star”, and “K-ON!”). In June of 2011 a thread was crated on 4chan’s /a/ board showing the dismal sales figures for the show. During this thread an anonymous user posted the now famous shopped picture of Dr. Ian Malcolm with the phrase “KyoAni finds a way to fail!” typed beside it. The picture itself however only had “KyoAni Finds A Way” on it. The archive of this thread doesn’t exist. The picture and phrase were seldom used after this until August of 2012 when the sales figures for Kyoto Animation’s next series “Hyōka” were released for the first BluRay disk release. The sales figures showed Hyōka selling extremely well. The picture of Dr. Ian Malcolm and the phrase “KyoAni Finds A Way” made a return this time as praise for Kyoto Animation having bounced back from the bad sales of Nichijou. This time the picture and phrase stuck. The picture and phrase received an even further boost in usage in October of that same year after Kyoto Animation’s next show “Chūnibyō Demo Koi ga Shitai!” (She has Eighth-Grade Disease, but I still want to Love Her) began to air. This time the phrase and picture usage morphed into a new usage into it’s current usage of describing how Kyoto Animation continues to reinvent the moe genre with new and cuter character designs and personalities. {{URL|}} The meme continues to grow in popularity to this day and revives itself after every new series Kyoto Animation releases.

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  • 03/23/13--12:17: Game of Thrones Summer Job
  • Actress from Games of Thrones and Downton Abbey Rose Leslie. A play on the popular catch phrase “Winter is Coming” referenced in Game of Thrones suggests that her role as a maid in Downton Abbey is just a summer job.

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  • 03/23/13--17:58: Vocaloid Character Items
  • About

    Vocaloid character items are items, often food, that are associated with most Vocaloids. This process is done by the fans, however, some item associations have been officially recognized by Crypton Future Media and many other studios, and appear in merchandise such as Nendoroid figurines. The discussions that assign the items to newly released Vocaloids are called “Item Wars” or “Mochimono Sensou (持ち物戦争)”


    The tradition of assigning Vocaloids items began with the song “levan Polkka”, AKA Leekspin. In the video, a chibi version of Hatsune Miku, “Hachune Miku”, was depicted waving a spring onion. The tradition was set in stone once the male Vocaloid KAITO was rediscovered and associated with ice cream. This resulted in attempts to give other Vocaloids character items, resulting in the Item Wars.

    UTAUs such as Kasane Teto and Fanloids are also given character items despite the fact that most traditions of the Vocaloid fandom have been abandoned by UTAUs.

    Fanart depicting the Vocaloids with their respective items can be found sites such as deviantART and Pixiv.


    {Note: This needs work. Assistance greatly appreciated}

    Search Interest

    External References

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  • 03/24/13--02:08: Abandoned PA Turnpike
  • The Abandoned Pennsylvania Turnpike is the common name of a 13 mile stretch of the Pennsylvania Turnpike near Breezewood, PA that was bypassed in 1968. The road has become a bit of a tourist attraction due to the explosion of the internet and is referred to as the Pike 2 Bike trail. The abandoned road features two tunnels, Rays Hill and Sideling Hill. The two tunnels were two of seven tunnels that were originally part of the turnpike. Today there are four tunnels remaining, the two aforementioned tunnels were bypassed in 1968, and another one, Laurel Hill was bypassed in 1964. When the turnpike was originally built in the 1940s, each tunnel was only a single bore which would create traffic bottlenecks at the entrances of the tunnels. In order to alleviate the congestion the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission decided to make twin bores at all the tunnels, however for 3 of the tunnels (Rays Hill, Sideliing Hill, Laurel Hill) the commission decided it would be more cost effective to make a cut through the corresponding mountains with the tunnels. Laurel Hill was bypassed in 1964, and then the stretch of highway with Rays Hill and Sideling Hill was bypassed in 1968. The Laurel Hill tunnel is privately owned by Chip Ganassi Racing for aerodynamic speed car racing, and is inaccessible to the public. However it can be seen from the eastbound lanes at milepost 99.2

    The stretch of highway for Rays Hill and Sideling Hill totals 13 miles, where 3 miles of it is still own by the PTC. The PTC own 1 mile at the western end, and 2 miles at the eastern end. The remaining portion is owned by the Southern Alleghenies Conservancy,a non profit group that has the goal of turning the road into a bike trail. The trail is officially closed to the public, however people are allowed to use the trail for hiking and biking (no motor vehicles) purposes at their own risk. The end parts of the trail that are still owned by the PTC are off limits.

    Some other features of the trail include the remnants of a service plaza (Cove Valley) at the eastern end. Two demolished overpasses which each mark western and eastern end of the publicly accessible part of the trail. The Rays Hill Tunnel is located towards the western end of the trail, and Sideling Hill towards the eastern end.The Sideling Hill tunnel has an exploralbe ventillation room. Cylclers and hikers are advised to bring lights as the tunnels are not illuminated. This is especially true for the Sideling Hill tunnel which is over a mile long.

    It should also be noted that the road and the eastern portal of the sideling hill tunnel was used in the fim “The Road”.

    The best way to access the trail is to get off at the Breezewood exit 161 (The beginning of the abandoned road is visible right before the exit highway approaches US 30), take the ramp to US 30 east, follow route 30 for a 1/4 mile and you will come across the first demolished overpass that marks the western end of publicly accessible trail. Right before the overpass is Tannery Road, turn left on Tannery Road and park in front of the orange fence, there is a dirt trail to the right that allows you to access the road.

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  • 03/24/13--09:12: Said No One Ever
  • About

    Said No One Ever” is a phrase often used throughout the Internet to describe something disliked or contrary to general opinion. The meme has seen most of its popularity through its use in image macros and e-cards.


    A “Shit No One Has Ever Said” Tumblr account was created in May 2010, compiling various uses of the phrase.[1] The first image macro (shown below) to use the phrase in its most popular form was uploaded to on January 12, 2012 by user Silly13, displaying the caption “‘Wow, that’s a nice lookin’ pair of Crocs.’ / Said no one ever.”[2] The same image was later reposted to FunnyJunk[3] and I Waste So Much Time[4] within the month.


    On January 24, the “Said No One Ever” Tumblr account was created.[5] On March 22, the original image was uploaded to WeKnowMemes.[6] Variations of the meme started to spread on sites such as Meme Generator and Quickmeme in the following weeks. A Facebook page for the phrase was created on June 13 and has since accumulated 2,017 likes.[7] Blogger Pithypants published a blog post on August 5 documenting the meme’s spread on Facebook, whilst also posting his own e-card variations of the meme.[8]

    Notable Examples

    Search Interest

    Searches for the phrase “said no one ever” began to rise in January 2012.

    External References

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  • 03/24/13--13:32: Sad toy cats
  • Sad toy cats is a video made for a random matter maybe to scare someone or just be there, even though this was made out of the random it became one of the most recognized random videos on youtube soon many other versions came along like remixes, Sad toy dogs, and the 10 hours version. Because of this video wendyvainity has gained over 9,000 subscribers(Insert over used meme here).

    No more information can really be given about the strange video, but for now I leave you with… this.

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  • 03/24/13--16:44: Nature is so Fascinating
  • W.I.P. If you know more about this pony meme, feel free to apply.


    Nature is so Fascinating is a exploitable comic strip from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Comic #3 that features Fluttershy watching graphical nature violence with her friends who are feeling disgusted and then Fluttershy said “Nature is so fascinating…”.




    Fans of the show have been editing Fluttershy watching all kinds of nature violence and horrifying creatures and it became a popular pony meme on websites like 4chan’s /mlp/ and Derpibooru.

    External References

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    “ඇයි මීට කලින් මාව දැකල නැද්ද? වැඩක් බලං යනව මනුස්සයො යන්න.!” This is how Mr. Lasith Malinga (Slinga) responded to an annoying journalist.

    That directly translates as “Why, Haven’t you seen me before? Mind your own business, man.! Go, man.!” Slinga, like many other Sri Lankan cricket players was annoyed for cricket board have cut players perks to save money. Cricket players in Sri Lanka used to receive an all expenses covered world tour with their spouse once a while. This and many other perks are not to be given to them from this year onward.

    Here is a video of the original Incident on television news:

    This meme soon became so popular in Sri Lanka, that even a Parliament Minister Dayasiri Jayasekara used the same phrase at the Parliament [] to an annoying fellow minister. Mr. Speaker had to remind that this is a Parliament (not a place for memes).

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    Caught Me Sleeping, often intentionally misspelled as “Bae Caught Me Slippin”, are descriptions accompanying photos uploaded to social media websites where the uploader implies that he or she was caught sleeping by their significant other and had their picture taken. After several failed attempts received attention online, they started a photo fad of people taking similar pictures while intentionally making it obvious the pictures are not legit submissions.


    On October 8th, 2012, the Twitter account @NostarndAv tweeted a picture of a header showing a woman taking a picture herself fake sleeping, accompied by the header “Females Be Like “Bae Caught Me Slippin””.[2] As of March 25th, 2013, the tweet has been retweeted 22 times.


    On October 9th, the picture was uploaded to image sharing website NoWayGirl,[1] receiving over 130 Facebook likes. On November 26th, Instagram user Jermz_vi posted a picture of himself fake sleeping while the mirror on the background shows he took the picture of himself.[11] Jermz_vi later admitted that he made the picture himself intentionally as a joke. The picture was shared on various sites, most notable Tumblr[9] and Topsy[10] where it received respectively more than 3,100 notes and 5,200 posts as of March 25th, 2013. The picture was also posted on Tumblr by user Amandalynferri[6] on November 29th, 2012, which has received more than 10,500 notes as of the same date.

    On November 27th, a Reddit post[7] by redditor iSpellBadly on the r/funny sub-reddit, showing a woman making a picture of herself fake sleeping while unknowingly being busted by the mirror behind her, received more than 16,000 upvotes as of March 25th, 2012. In the days following the Reddit post, the picture was mentioned in various articles and blogs such as CollegeHumor,[8] NoWayGirl,[3] HappyPlace[4] and The Huffington Post.[5]

    On March 15th, 2013, Tumblr user Newkidsonmycock11 shared a picture of an asian male taking a fake sleeping picture while the mirror shows he’s holding the phone between his feet (shown below, left).[12] On March 24th Tumblr user Csleb made a post of himself lying on the floor fake sleeping while the mirror shows a Pikachu doll taking the picture (shown below, right).[13] As of March 25th, both posts respectively received more than 10,500 and 11,500 notes.

    Search Interest

    External References

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  • 03/25/13--11:19: The Lizzie Bennet Diaries
  • (Work in progress!!!)


    The Lizzie Bennet Diaries[1] is a YouTube series that serves as a modern retelling of Jane Austen’s 1813 novel Pride and Prejudice[2] through personal vlogs and tweets from the characters.


    The series was conceived by Hank Green[3] of Vlogbrothers[4] and Streamy Award-winning video writer Bernie Su[5], who wanted to tell a story through multiple social media outlets. The first video introducing Elizabeth “Lizzie” Bennet (shown below) was uploaded to YouTube on April 9th, 2012, and has since accrued more than 976,000 views. While viewers can solely watch the episodes on YouTube[1], the story unfolds through a number of social media accounts[6] belonging to the characters on Twitter[7], Facebook, Tumblr and Pinterest where the characters interact with each other as well as with fans. As of March 2013, the main YouTube channel for the story has 99 videos, 183,000 subscribers, 28.2 million video views and averages approximately 81,000 views per day.

    Outside of the game, a homepage[8] exists with profiles on the cast and crew, as well as pages chronicling all the pieces of the story and an FAQ section. There is also a Tumblr blog[9], Twitter account[10] and Facebook fan page[11] for the series itself that have gained tens of thousands of fans each.




    Kickstarter Campaign

    The Lizzie Bennet Diaries DVD...and More! -- Kicktraq Mini

    Search Interest

    External References

    [1]YouTube – The Lizzie Bennet Diaries

    [2]Wikipedia – Pride and Prejudice

    [3]Wikipedia – Hank Green

    [4]YouTube – VlogBrothers’ Channel

    [5]Twitter – @BernieSu

    [6]The Lizzie Bennet Diaries – Story

    [7]Twitter – @LBDOfficial’s List of Characters

    [8]The Lizzie Bennet Diaries – Home

    [9]Tumblr – The Lizzie Bennet Diaries Official

    [10]Twitter – @TheLBDofficial

    [11]Facebook – The Lizzie Bennet Diaries

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  • 03/25/13--17:25: Remote Administration Tools
  • About

    Remote Administration Tools (RATs) are programs that allow remote control of computers they have been installed on. The applications are often used by hackers as the payload of a Trojan horse, giving the user access to the victim’s machine without their knowledge or consent.


    Back Orifice

    The RAT program “Back Orifice” was created by the hacker group Cult of the Dead Cow (CDC) and allows users to control Internet-connected machines running Microsoft Windows from a remote location. The application name was intended to be a parody of Microsoft BackOffice server products. The tool was released by the CDC on August 1st, 1998, at the DEFCON hacker convention in Las Vegas, Nevada. According to the group, the program was created to illustrate the lack of security in Microsoft’s Windows 98 operating system. Back Orifice was often delivered to machines as a Trojan horse program, a type of malware unintentionally installed by users. On July 10th, 1999, an updated version of the tool named “Back Orifice 2000” (BO2k) was released by the CDC at DEFCON 7. The new version had several additional features, including a plugin architecture and the ability to be installed on several different versions of Windows.


    Bandook is a Trojan horse RAT that can be used to control a remote machine running Windows NT family systems in a variety of ways, allowing the hacker to access the computer’s file system, take screen captures and log keystrokes. The application was developed by the Nuclear Winter Crew[7] hacker group in 2005, who specialize in creating spy, surveillance and computer security programs.


    CyberGate[8] is a RAT that works on most Windows operating systems which allows the user to control multiple machines simultaneously.


    The DarkComet RAT[10] comes equipped with a “Fun Manager,” which allows the attacker to prank a victim by performing a variety of actions, including hiding parts of the screen, disabling the start button, disabling the task manager and opening the CD tray.

    Online Presence

    Several hacker forums have sections dedicated to discussing the use of RATs, including Hack Forums,[1] Hack Community[2] and VIP Hack Forums.[3] Beginner’s guides to using RATs have been posted on the websites Hacker 101[4] and Anarchy Forums.[5] On March 10th, 2013, the technology news blog Ars Technica[9] published an article about the malicious use of RATs, which specifically investigated men who used the applications to spy on women. The article noted that women victims were often referred to as “slaves” and showed screen captures of women that had been shared on Internet forums.


    Several YouTubers have uploaded recordings of RATs being used on unknowing victims, many of which send messages to the user or direct their browser to shock sites.

    Search Interest

    External References

    [1]Hack Forms – Remote Administration Tools

    [2]Hack Community – Remote Administration Tools

    [3]VIP Hack Forums – Remote Administration Tools

    [4]101 Hacker – Introduction to RATs

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    [7]Nuclear Winter Crew – About

    [8]Cyber Software – Cyber Gate

    [9]Ars Technica – Meet the men who spy on women through their webcams

    [10]Dark Comet RATDark Comet RAT

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  • 03/25/13--18:06: Subway Porn
  • About

    Subway Porn referes to edited images and original fanart in which questionable and explicit content has been censored by using the restaurant franchise Subway, making it appear as if the characters are engaging into sexual activities with a Subway sandwich. These type of censors were initially used by the Brony fandom to fight explicit art in a jesting way, but were quickly adapted to be used as a non-serious censor in general.


    Lauren Faust is an American animator and the creator of the animated series My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Due to this she has become an iconic figure within the brony fandom and even received a ponified version of herself, nicknamed Fausticorn (shown below, left). Late 2011, certain fans began including Fausticorn into explicit fanworks, which were mostly met by negative replies due to Faust’s iconic status within the fandom. In reply to this other bronies began editing Subway sandwiches into the fanart in an attempt to stop the creation of it (shown below, right). Due to the deactivation of the largest brony image board, Ponibooru, in August 2012, the original instances of both the fanworks and the edits have most likely been lost. The earliest unedited piece that is still accessible can be found on the brony image board Twentypercentcooler on October 31st, 2011.[7]


    As the amount of censors on explicit art of Fausticorn grew, the use of Subway sandwiches slowly turned into a toungue-in-cheek joke within the brony fandom. The result of this was that Fausticorn was more often combined with the Subway brand in general in fanworks (shown below, left). Subways also began to gain a more notable presence in fanworks, often intentionally added from the start or even drawn in.

    On December 26th, 2011, a forum thread was started by Facepunch user Jackald, asking users to photoshop Subways onto pages of hentai manga and doujin pages.[1] As of March 2013, the thread contains over 200 pages and had its most recent activity late January of the same year. A Facebook page called Hatsune Miku Troll was also launced early 2012, and has created various edits of hentai manga with Subways up until its deactivation later that year.

    Subway’s Facebook Flooding

    On August 15th, 2012, members of the Hatsune Miku Troll Facebook[2] page began tagging their creations with the Facebook profile of the restaurant franchise by the suggestion of an admin of the profile. This resulted in the Facebook profile of Subway being flooded by censored hentai containing subways, most of the images originating from Facebook page and the Facepunch thread.[1] This event was also covered by The Daily Dot,[3] Gawker[4] and Hypervocal.[5] A post on the r/funny sub-Reddit[6] managed to gain more than 11,000 upvotes as of March 25th, 2013. Subway replied later that day that they were aware of the content and began removing it.

    External References

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  • 03/26/13--12:38: Puhoy
  • Puhoy is a meme, originated on tumblr because of a title Adventure Time episode that hadn’t aired yet.

    “Puhoy” was largely started by tumblr user “sushiprincess”. Eventually a Puhoy confession blog was started by that user. A lot of the popularity was because of the silly sounded nature of the word. Often people would post statements replacing words with Puhoy, such as song lyrics or sayings, such as “You know the old saying, children should be puhoyed and not heard”

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  • 03/26/13--12:43: The Darwin Awards
  • About

    Beginning in the earliest days of Usenet, the Darwin awards seek to, in the words of creator Wendy Northcutt, ‘commemorate those individuals who ensure the long term survival of our species by removing themselves from the gene pool in a sublimely idiotic fashion’. In other words, they represent an online record people who have lost the ability to reproduce in a particularly stupid fashion, so preventing their idiocy from spreading. Example below.

    Ken Charles Barger, 47, accidentally shot himself to death in December in Newton, when, awakening to the sound of a ringing telephone beside his bed, he reached for the phone but grabbed instead a Smith & Wesson .38 Special, which discharged when he drew it to his ear.

    The site divides notable events into four seperate categories, the eponymous Darwin Awards; Honourable Mentions, in which the featured individual does not win an award, but draws close to doing so; Urban Legends, popular stories whih are in fact fabrIcated or unverifiable and unverifiable Personal Accounts of Darwins or near-Darwins by eyewitnesses.


    On December 27 1831, zoologist Charles Robert Darwin set out aboard the HMS Beagle on a five year voyage that would see him reach the Galapagos Islands, off the coast of South America. Here he encountered numerous distinct species of tortoise and finch and, so the story goes, noted the adaptations of each species to its own island, before returning to England after a total of some five years of travel. His exploration piqued his curiosity and, following sixteen years of research into the nature of marine invertebrates, his theory of Evolution was published.

    Considerably later, in 1985, five years after the establishment of Usenet, a group discussion on one early internet forum about a person being crushed to death beneath a vending machine he was trying to break into led to a certain Wendy Northcutt noting the continuing evolution of the human species, and deciding to set up a website to commemorate those who honourably remove the dangers caused by their own idiocy from the human gene pool, so accelerating the process. thus, was born.


    Due to the technology of the time, the awards spread almost exclusively via email, with fabrications abounding and Northcutt trying her utmost to sort fact from fiction. The notorious tale of the JATO rocket powered Chevrolet Impala, for example, was confirmed a mere Urban Legend.

    In 1993, Northcutt published her first book compiling the most notable awards (there have been nine Darwin Award books to date). Later, in 2006, a comic film based upon the awards starring Jospeh Fiennes and Winona Ryder, and directed by Finn Taylor, was released.

    Today, the awards have a small but seemingly deicated following, with entries regularly receiving over 1000 upvotes on Reddit and the awards’ most popular facebook group retaining around 50,000 likes.

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  • 03/26/13--13:25: Red Equal Sign

  • Background

    On March 25th, 2013, the day before the beginning of the United States Supreme Court’s deliberation of California’s same-sex marriage ban known as Proposition 8, the LGBT rights advocacy group Human Rights Campaign[1] posted a Facebook status update urging its followers to change their Facebook profiles to its official “equal sign” logo in pink and red color scheme. In less than 24 hours, the post garnered more than 16,900 likes and 60,000 shares.

    Notable Developments

    Online Reaction

    Human Rights Campaign’s new profile photo quickly spread across the social networking site, reaching more than 9 million people and 77,000 shares directly from the group’s Facebook page. In the following hours, several celebrities and public figures picked up on the trend by switching their profile photos on Facebook and Twitter, from actor George Takei and singer Lance Bass to Maryland governor Martin O’Malley and at least 13 United States Congress members.

    News Media Coverage

    By early morning on March 26th, the Facebook profile trend had been picked up by Mashable[2], TIME Magazine[3], ABC[7], MSNBC[5] and CNN,[4] not to mention its spread across other social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram. In contrast, Vice published a column titled “The Red Marriage Equality Sign on Your Facebook Profile is Completely Useless,”[6] expressing skepticism towards the trend as “just another form of passive activism that isn’t advancing the cause.”

    Notable Derivatives

    Search Interest

    [not yet available]

    External References

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  • 03/26/13--13:59: Neckbeard
  • About

    Neckbeard is a pejorative term referring to unattractive, overweight and misogynistic Internet users who wear a style of facial hair in which a majority of the growth is present on the chin and neck. Neckbeards are commonly associated with hipster stereotypes and Internet addicts who frequent websites like 4chan and Reddit.


    The earliest known online use of the term “neckbeard” can be found in a Wackbag Forums[3] post by member SOS on August 24th, 2003, in which he asks if the facial hairstyle is considered “ugly or sexy.”


    The neckbeard facial hairstyle, sometimes referred to as the portmanteau “neard,” has been traditionally associated with male members of the Amish Mennonite Christian church fellowship (shown below). Amish men do not shave their beards after becoming married, but are forbidden to grow mustaches due to its association with the military.[2] Several notable historical figures were known to have worn the beard, including the Roman Emperor Nero, American Liberal Republican Party founder Horace Greeley and German composer Richard Wagner.


    On April 29th, 2004, MetaFilter[4] user angry modem submitted a post asking if he should grow a neckbeard, which received many responses deriding the facial hairstyle. On May 1st, 2005, the Internet humor site Something Awful[5] published a neckbeard guide, claiming that men with neck facial hair are typically deemed unattractive by the opposite sex. On December 19th, Urban Dictionary[1] user parttimehanyou submitted an entry for the term “neckbeard”:

    “Derogatory term for slovenly nerdy people who have no sense of hygiene or grooming. Often related to hobbies such as card gaming, video gaming, anime, et. al.”

    On December 4th, 2007, DeviantArt user nef uploaded an illustration titled “Neckbeard Guy”[9] (shown below), receiving over 1,300 views in the next six years.

    On January 31st, 2008, Everything2[10] user rootbeer277 submitted a post about neckbeards, portraying those who sport it as stereotypical virgins living in their parents’ basement:

    “The neckbeard is a feature of the slovenly obese, that stereotypical virginal denizen of teh intarwebs who lives in his parents’ basement at age 25+ and despite his college education and vast computer skills, works a menial, low paying, low stress job, perhaps as night manager of a grocery store or phone tech support.”

    OOn September 6th, 2009, the /r/neckbeard[7] subreddit was launched, featuring various image macro jokes about the facial hairstyle. On November 2nd, 2010, the viral content site BuzzFeed[11] highlighted a photograph titled “Ultimate Neckbeard” (shown below).

    On December 14th, 2011, MMO Champion Forums[12] member Chunkyman posted a thread asking why neckbeards were stigmatized online, which received over 100 responses within 24 hours. On December 28th, 2012, Redditor wildsportsbets submitted a photograph of a man with a gray neckbeard to the /r/WTF[8] subreddit (shown below). Within three months, the post garnered upwards of 24,000 up votes and 1,000 comments.

    Notable Examples

    Related Memes

    Butthurt Dweller

    The advice animal character Butthurt Dweller is often considered an example of the neckbeard stereotype, with captions expressing arrogant, misogynistic and immature character traits.

    Fedora Fashion

    Neckbeards are commonly associated with men who wear the fedora felt hat as a fashion accessory, which is often mocked online for being worn by men without poor sense of style.


    Fatlus is an internet slang term and pejorative label used to describe Western fans of the Japanese video game developer company Atlus[1] and its video game franchises, most notably Megami Tensei,[6] as well as its spin-off titles Shin Megami Tensei: Persona[7] and Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga.[8] In the MS Paint-style webcomic series with the same name, “Fatlus” is depicted as the archetype of male Otakus or Weeaboos.

    What’s All This Racket

    The son portrayed in the What’s All This Racket exploitable webcomic is drawn with sparse neck facial hair and is often associated stereotypical neckbeard fandoms including Otaku and Bronies.

    Search Interest

    External References

    [1]Urban Dictionary – neckbeard

    [2]Amish Religious Freedom – FAQ

    [3]Wackbag – Neck Beards – Ugly or Sexy

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    [7]Reddit – /r/neckbeard

    [8]Reddit – Did someone say neckbeard?

    [9]DeviantArt – Neckbeard Guy

    [10]Everything2 – Neckbeard

    [11]BuzzFeed – The Ultimate Neckbeard

    [12]MMO Champion – Neckbeards

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  • 03/26/13--14:58: RhymeZone Song Lyrics

  • About

    RhymeZone Song Lyrics are parodies of popular song lyrics created with the online rhyming dictionary Rhymezone.[1] Since first appearing on Tumblr circa 2012, many users have confused the Rhymezone screen shots with Google search corrections due to their similar fonts.


    Launched in 2000, RhymeZone is a rhyming dictionary that retrieves a series of rhymes for an entered word. As early as November 2011[5], Tumblr users noted the absurd nature of some of the responses the site, such as the provision of “chronic obstructive pulmonary disease” as a rhyme result for “seas.” One of the first examples of RhymeZone being used in the context of lyrical parodies appeared sometime prior to February 2012, when the now-deactivated Tumblr user wooskie[2] recreated a “Roses are Red” poem using RhymeZone on the lines “sugar is sweet / and so are you.” As of March 2013, this post has gained nearly 60,000 notes.


    On December 25th, 2012, Tumblr user canni8al[6] posted an interpretation of the 1954 song “Mr. Sandman” by The Chordettes[7], which accrued slightly more than 600 notes as of March 2013. The blogger shared two more RhymeZone song lyric posts that month[8][9] and each gained between 60 and 70 notes.

    On February 14th, 2013, Tumblr user versustoday[10] posted another rendition of “Roses are Red,” adding in a layer of sexual innuendo. In five weeks, the post gained more than 15,000 notes and sparked new interest in RhymeZone parodies. On March 5th, 2013, the Tumblr news blog TumblTrends2013[11] reported on the increasing presence of such posts in the community, erroneously referring to them as “Google song lyrics.” As of March 25th, 2013, at least eight additional RhymeZone lyrics posts have passed the 10,000 note mark.

    Notable Examples

    Additional parodies can be found on Tumblr with the tags “rhymezone”[3] and “rhymezone lyrics.”[4]

    Search Interest

    External References

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  • 03/26/13--17:55: Vine
  • About

    Vine is a mobile video-recording application developed by Twitter that allows its users to create, upload and share short video clips spanning up to six seconds in length. Originally developed by Dom Hofmann and Rus Yusupov in June 2012, the company was acquired by Twitter in 2012 and introduced to the public in January 2013.



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  • 03/26/13--18:41: Hope Rides Alone
  • Asian kid name Phi was photoshopped onto a horse after making the most intense face captured by a photographer. Win. #HopeRidesAlone

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