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  • 03/12/13--10:21: 3D Printing
  • Editor’s Note: This entry is currently being researched for additional information. Please request editorship to improve the quality of this article.


    3D Printing is the practice of creating objects from three-dimensional digital models. Online communities have arisen for 3D printing enthusiasts, including open-source databases where digital models can be downloaded, including Makerbot’s Thingiverse and Defense Distributed’s DEFCAD.


    In 1983, Chuck Hull[2] invented the process known as stereolithography, which would create solid objects by “printing” thin layers of material on top of one another through lasers and ultraviolet light. Two years later, he founded the company 3D Systems[3] to manufacture 3D printers and other related technologies, specifically for industrial use. By 2000, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology began developing their own 3D printing process, using powders and a binding material.[4]

    In 2005, RepRap[1] launched, dedicated to building a printer that would replicate itself. By 2006, the prototype Darwin (shown below, left) successfully printed its first piece. Two years later, personal 3D printers began to be developed by Desktop Factory (shown below, right), which began selling their models at $4995 each in 2007.[5]

    In 2009, founding member of the RepRap foundation Zach “Hoeken” Smith, along with Bre Pettis and Adam Mayer, launched MakerBot Industries[6], featuring build-it-yourself printers. The company launched on March 15th, 2009[7], offering a kit containing the pieces to build their first printer model, the CupCake CNC, for $750. Approximately a month later, the laser-cut design files were made freely available on the Thingiverse[9], allowing anyone with access to a laser cutter to build their own MakerBot for free.

    Online Presence

    The 3D printing marketplace and community site ShapeWays[14] was launched on February 18th, 2008. In November of that year, MakerBot launched the Thingiverse[10] website, which served as repository of digital design files for users to share. The website contains designs licensed under the GNU General Public License and Creative Commons, which can be used in a variety of machines including 3D printers, laser cutters and milling machines. In 2010, Thingiverse won an honorable mention in the Digital Communities category at ARS Electronica.[11] On November 21st, 2011, the blog 3DPrinting[15] was launched, featuring news stories related to virtual design and fabrication.


    On June 4th, the organization Defense Distributed (DD) was founded by crypto-anarchist Cody Wilson to create an open-source plastic gun. The following month, the organization’s official website was launched, along with an Indiegogo campaign to help fund a project to create a 3D printable gun called the “Wiki Weapon.” Three weeks later, Indiegogo suspended the campaign without comment. DD continued the campaign on its own website and managed to meet its fundraising goal through PayPal and Bitcoin donations.

    On December 18th, 2012, Thingiverse removed all listings for firearm and weapons-related designs. The same day, MakerBot released a statement explaining why they began enforcing restrictions on certain types of files:

    “MakerBot’s focus is to empower the creative process and make things for good. MakerBot Desktop 3D Printers make innovative products, new tools, models, fashion items, works of art, and 3D things of all types. MakerBot’s Thingiverse website is designed to be the best place to get and share downloadable 3D “Things.” Thingiverse’s Terms of Service state that users agree not to use Thingiverse “to collect, upload, transmit, display, or distribute any User Content (ii) that…promotes illegal activities or contributes to the creation of weapons, illegal materials or is otherwise objectionable.” If an item has been removed, it is because it violates the Thingiverse Terms of Service."

    Defense Distributed reacted by launching the website DEFCAD,[13] an alternative to Thingiverse where users can share digital designs for controversial objects like firearms and explosives. The website hosts all files believed to have been removed from Thingiverse and those submitted by users for the Wiki Weapon project.



    Mineways is an open source 3D rendering software program developed by Eric Haines which allows Minecraft players to export their constructed worlds and print them via Shapeways.


    MakerLove is a website where 3D print hobbyists can download and test out various adult toy designs.

    R/C Transformer

    Transform Robot is a 3D printed robot engineered by Brave Robotics that transforms from a remote-controlled car into a walking robot with a wifi camera, headlights and an armside dart shooter.

    3D Photo Studio

    Omote 3D Shashin Kan is a 3D portrait studio located in Tokyo, Japan that uses a handheld scanner to produce a three-dimensional scale model of the model’s entire body, which is then sculpted into a intricate plastic figurine.

    Human Stem Cell

    In February 2013, Six scientists in the United Kingdom and Scotland successfully printed human stem cells with a “valve-based cell printer” that uses bio-inks to fabricate groups of viable stem cells that retain their ability to become any type of cell in your body.

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    External References

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  • 03/12/13--10:42: Time Lapse Photography
  • Editor’s Note: This entry is currently being researched for additional information. Please request editorship to improve the quality of this article.


    Time Lapse Photography is a video technique which captures a reduced amount of film frames to be played back at normal speed, making time appear to move faster than normal. The practice is considered to be the opposite of slow motion.





    Notable Examples

    Search Interest

    External References

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  • 03/12/13--11:18: Le Donjon de Naheulbeuk
  • Probably a lot of engrish. Need grammatical corrections.

    Le Donjon de Naheulbeuk (the Dungeon of Naheulbeuk) is a French audio story telling the story of a group of adventurers in a fantasy world. This one-man amateur franchise became a successful hit in France and is today 5 seasons long, creating a new kind of medium: the MP3 saga.


    In 2000, John Lang (known online as Pen of Chaos, or PoC) created for fun an audio sketch with highly modified voices, parodying role playing games such as Dungeon and Dragons, and uploaded it on his website[1]. The sketch started to gain some reputation, and PoC decided in January 2001 to redo the whole thing better, with a new first episode explaining how the group arrived to the dungeon.


    The idea of comedic sketches with high pitch voices mostly came from Les Deux Minutes du Peuple, a French Canadian series of audio sketches realized by François Pérusse, who became quite successful in Quebec and France.

    The story itself came from numerous fantasy works such as The Lord of the Rings or Dungeon and Dragons, but the author said he was mostly inspired by a more obscure work: Les Merveilleuses Aventures de Kalon by Asp Explorer.


    A patchwork of noob adventurers is enrolled by a mysterious man to explore the Dungeon of Naheulbeuk, a tower leaded by the dark wizard Zangdar, and loot the twelve and last statuette of Gladeulfeurha, which reunited with the others will summon an ancient and unknown prophecy. The main characters meet each other for the first time at the entrance of the dungeon, are all level 1 and never did any quest before. Their inexperience and the strong personality of each one will lead them to extreme and funny situations, highlighted by the absence of affinity among the members of the company.

    After the first season, the victorious group leaves the actual dungeon, but the members are always stuck together by unfortunate series of events.


    The characters are all unnamed, and only known by their race or their class.

    • The Ranger: self-claimed leader of the company, the Ranger is a former chair builder wishing success to finally be respected as he should be. He try to manage cohesion is such a clumsy group, but his own cowardice and incompetence and the impulsive attitude of his companions mostly lead to the failure of his plans.
    • The Dwarf: dirty, greedy, selfish, annoying, racist… in the end a typical dwarf. He is only here to loot the more money and treasures he can, not caring about any of his companions, especially the Elf. He always has inventive ways to solve problems, most of the time impossible to realize.
    • The Elf: a female (very bad) archer with a nice pair of… boots. She is extremely nice and naive, and started the whole adventure thing only by boredom, not knowing what awaited her. She is always arguing with the Dwarf about anything.
    • The Enchentress: this ginger wizard is the smartest member of the group, but is also very confuse and mistake her curses. Her continuous flow of knowledge quickly bore her companions, but often solve the issues the group meets.
    • The Ogre: a massive, quite stupid creature who does not speak human and is always hungry. He does not really understand the purpose of the quest, but doesn’t really care either. The Enchentress is his best pal, mostly because she is the only one who speaks the ogre language.
    • The Barbarian: ferocious and unmerciful, the Barbarian only wants to kill any foes that will cross his path. He is far from brilliant and not very talkative either. He usually screams “Brawl!” any time he can.
    • The Thief: an extremely coward man, who always suggests the safest way possible. Despite his occasional help, he is mostly scorned by the others, and also suffers from a huge lack of luck.


    The series became through the years a huge hit in France, almost only by word of mouth. It eventually became successful enough to allow John Lang to live only by the money receive by the selling of numerous goodies such as CDs of comedic songs (even doing live concert with his band called Naheulband), roleplay figurines and above all the hardcover comic adaptation by Marion Poinsot, ongoing since 2005 with more than 11 issues.

    In 2001, PoC’s friend Knarf (who did some roles in Naheulbeuk) started his own saga, Les Aventuriers du Survivaure[4], a parody of science-fiction franchises such as Star Trek and Star Wars. John Lang assures several characters in this saga. It has later also been adapted in comic book, again by Marion Poinsot. The story in even more far in the comic than in the audio saga, the first season not finished yet in MP3.

    After the first two seasons (2×15 episodes), John Lang started to write the story as a novel, because he started to be frustrated by the narrative limitation of the audio support, and seasons 3 to 5 (respectively named La Couette de l’Oubli, L’Orbe de Xaraz and Le Conseil de Suak) were released in 2008, 2009 and 2011 (L’Orbe de Xaraz even winning the Prix Merlin). But PoC doesn’t forget his old fans, and the story is also adapted in comic book and some exclusive scenes are done in MP3. He now plans to rewrite the first two seasons as a novel, planning after that to finally translate his entire saga in English.


    The success of Naheulbeuk growing, a lot of other persons started their own audio adventures, popularizing the “MP3 saga” term and Naheulbeuk by the same. The Netophonix[2] website counts more than 750 MP3 sagas[3] (though more than 75% of them are unfinished, sometime even barely started). The most famous complete MP3 sagas are Reflets d’Acide (a fantasy adventure entirely in rhymes), Adoprixtoxis (a sci-fi spoof with a lot of pop culture references), Banal Fantasy (a Final Fantasy VII abridged series), Chez le Psy (the consultations of a bad psychiatrist) and Trimoria (the imaginary adventures of a mad man).

    External References

    [1]Le Donjon de NaheulbeukOfficial website

    [2]Netophonix – Main page

    [3]Netophonix – Sagas list

    [4]Les Aventuriers du SurvivaureOfficial website

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  • 03/13/13--07:20: Fica, vai ter bolo!
  • “Fica, vai ter bolo!” is a brazilian meme that means “Stay, it´s going to have cake”, a typical grandma phrase. It was created by two Twitter users @nairbello and @hebecamargo, fake profiles for the brazilian TV celebrities Nair Bello and Hebe Camargo. These two celebrities are very famous in Brazil and they are old womans, that´s why they created this grandmother phrase.

    A famous brazilian magazine Veja São Paulo made an article, in portuguese, about the meme:

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  • 03/13/13--10:42: #Replace[X]TitlesWithPope
  • (Researching)


    #Replace[X]TitlesWithPope are hashtag trends that developed on Twitter in March of 2013 due to the election of a new Pope in the Vatican. Tweets that use the hashtag take an anime title or a movie title and replace a single word in the title with the word “Pope”.



    Twitter Trend

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  • 03/13/13--11:14: O Sistema é Foda
  • “O sistema é foda” is a brazilian meme, it means something like “The system sucks”. It´s a phrase used by the brazilian movie character Capitão Nascimento (Roberto Nascimento), played by the actor Wagner Moura in “Tropa de Elite” and “Tropa de Elite 2”.

    Capitão Nascimento became very popular in Brazil, this character is a incorrupt police officer that struggle against the Rio de Janeiro´s druglords and the corrupt policeman. He´s a Captain in the elite troop of the Rio de Janeiro´s Military Police known as B.O.P.E. – Batalhão de Operações Especiais (Special Operations Battalion), whose training is known as very rough, in fact one of the most hard in the world.

    In “Tropa de Elite 2”, Roberto Nascimento, now promoted to Colonel, begins to discover that the crime problems of Rio de Janeiro and of the entire nation is in fact a politic problem. Many deputys, senators, television presentators and commanders of the police are involved with the drug and illegal weapons traffic.

    Then, at the end of the movie, while he´s flying over Brasilia (brazilian capital city), passing through the Palácio do Planalto, head office of the brazilian pcongress, he says: “O sistema é foda”. Meaning that the entire system is corrupt and dependant of its corruption.

    Now, the meme became to be used by the pun that the word “sistema” (system) has with others situations, like computer’s operational systems, the solar system or biological systems such as the respiratory system for example.

    Use “O sistema é foda” when a problem occurs in one of this “systems”.

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  • 03/14/13--04:31: Sistine Seagull
  • About

    Sistine Seagull is the nickname given to a seagull that was spotted resting on top of the Sistine Chapel for several hours during the papal conclave in Vatican City on March 12th, 2013. The bird came to the center of online attention as people eagerly awaited for white smoke to rise from the chimney, a signal indicating that a new pope has been chosen.


    On March 13th, 2013, as thousands of umbrella-clad onlookers waited for white smoke to billow out of the Sistine Chapel in Vatican City to notify the world of the selection of a new pope following Pope Benedict XVI’s resignation in February. Additionally, tens of thousands of people were watching online via live stream. While cameras were on the Chapel’s chimney, a seagull was spotted resting on it for several hours.


    Online, viewers began discussing the bird on Twitter, with more than 1900 tweets[2] about its choice of perch between March 13th and 14th. By 11:48 AM on the 13th, the novelty Twitter account @SistineSeagull[1] was created, to humorously livetweet the papal conclave from the seagull’s perspective. In slightly more than 24 hours, the account has accrued more than 8800 followers. The account’s first post (shown below) was retweeted nearly 300 times.

    Approximately two hours after the Twitter account’s debut, CTV News[3] compiled dozens of tweets about the bird, as well as some from the novelty account. Also on the 13th, stories about the public’s appreciation of the seagull, as well as the Twitter account, appeared on CBC News[4], the Huffington Post[5], the Washington Post[10], GlobalPost[8] and CBS News.[6] The following day, additional news sites provided coverage of the internet’s response to the seagull including ABC News[7] and Voxxi.[9]

    Twitter Feed

    Search Interest

    External References

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  • 03/14/13--13:27: Choice Games
  • A common sight on 4chan’s /tg/ and occasionally /b/, Choice Games usually consist of pictures describing scenarios with certain restrictions, wherein the reader is to make a choice based on the given information. Choices can range from superpowers to magical abilities to symbiotic aliens attaching themselves to the user.

    The pictures are known to spawn discussions about the merits of each choice, usually leading to mocking those who choose differently.

    One notable trend about these is the unusually high amount of original content. New ones pop up frequently, perpetuating discussion and the interest in the concept further.

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  • 03/14/13--18:54: Princess Erroria
  • Princess Erroria was born on Reddit in 2013 after a few Redditors discovered an alicorn animation error in the background of an old My Little Pony episode. A lot of art was created for this new pony and she quickly became very popular and something of a Reddit mascot.

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  • 03/14/13--19:53: Good Happy
  • The first documented thread derailed by the “Good Happy” meme was on 3/14/13. A sculpting artist posted a thread to share the crafts s/he had made, when an Anon posted an illustrated template of the ‘cool guy’ with the phrase “come at me, bro” captioned above. As the thread progressed, so did the quantity of “Good Happy” images with different captions and even a variant of the Feels Guy meme.

    Any reasoning behind this meme is currently unknown. It is assumed that the term “good happy” refers to enjoying one’s self and having fun. The meme very well could be an extension of the “Cool Guy” but obviously has a different effect, entirely.

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  • 03/15/13--07:41: Sopa Pra Nois
  • It´s a brazilian video where a crack addicted is caught smoking his drug in a pressure cooker on his kitchen. Then, to mask it he says “Vou fazer uma sopa pra nois” (I´ll cook a soup for us).

    His similarity with the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air character Uncle Phil, or Phillip Banks, played by James Avery, made the video even more famous on brazilian comedy blogs.

    Here´s the video:

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  • 03/15/13--10:18: Veronica Mars

  • About

    Veronica Mars[1] is an American mystery television series that aired from September 2004 through May 2007. The series details the life of the title character, played by Kristen Bell, who is a high school student that also moonlights as a private investigator with her father Keith, played by Enrico Colantoni. During the third season hiatus in 2007, fans of the show known as “Cloud Watchers” organized several online campaigns to call for the renewal of the production. In March 2013, the show broke several Kickstarter records after creator Rob Thomas launched a campaign to fund a full-length feature film based on the series.


    Rob Thomas originally wrote Veronica Mars as a young adult novel, which was sold as “Untitled Rob Thomas Teen Detective Novel” with a male protagonist. However, after realizing television scripts were much easier for him to write, he rewrote the project for television over the span of a year and changed the main character to a female for a more unique perspective.[43] The first two seasons chronicle Mars’ high school life, typically following a “case of the week” format with a larger case that would last for several episodes or the entire season. The third season, in which Mars begins her first year of college, focused on two separate story arcs, followed by five standalone episodes. Mars’ character is also notable for her snarky mannerisms (shown below):


    Similar to other cult-status shows like Community, Veronica Mars proved to be a critical success despite its low ratings, receiving praise from entertainment news sites and blogs including The Boston Phoenix[37], LA Weekly[38], The Chicago Sun-Times[39], Village Voice[40], TIME[41] and Salon.[42] The show only averaged 2.4 million viewers per season. In April 2007, a fansourced collection of essays about the series edited by Rob Thomas titled Neptune Noir[35] was published, followed by a 2011 compilation of academic papers on the show titled Investigating Veronica Mars.[36]


    In March 2005,[30] launched, containing an episode guide, information about the soundtrack, character profiles and an FAQ about important mysteries throughout the series. In 2006, a blog[31] dedicated to Mars’ fashion on the show launched, but was only active for two months. In March of that year, UPN held a Veronica Mars Blogger Press Day[32], inviting television bloggers who enjoyed the show to the set to watch an episode be filmed and meet the cast and crew. Though many of these blogs have since been deleted, reviews of this press day can still be found on Give Me My Remote[33] (shown below) and The Vast Wasteland.[34] As of March 2013, fans of the show convene on Tumblr[44], Reddit[45], deviantART[46] and Pinterest[47] to share images and fan art from Veronica Mars. A Facebook[48] fan page for the show, launched in February 2011, has nearly 310,000 fans as of March 2013.

    Cloud Watchers

    Following rumors of the show’s cancellation in early May 2006, Veronica Mars fans on the Television Without Pity forums[20] banded together to form the group Cloud Watchers, using a LiveJournal community[21] as its home base. In a week, more than 100 Cloud Watchers raised more than $7000 dollars[24], using a large chunk of the money to rent a plane that would fly over the CW offices asking to save the show (shown below) on May 9th, 2006, the night of Veronica Mars’ second season finale. The group also sent graduation bouquets[23] and care packages to be delivered the same day and raised money throughout the year to donate 500 DVD sets to libraries in all 50 states[22], with another 100 donated by May 2007.[29]

    In an email to a member of Cloud Watchers[25], Rob Thomas expressed his appreciation for the flyover. On May 16th, 2006, Thomas emailed members of Cloud Watchers again[26] to let them know that the show had been renewed. Entertainment Weekly[27] also confirmed the renewal that week, noting it was picked up for 22 episodes, which would be cut down to 13 if the show underperformed. The group took action again in June 2007 with a campaign to send Mars Bars candy to the CW to try to convince them to keep the show.[28], but the show was still cancelled.


    Kickstarter Campaign

    As early as September 2008[3], creator Rob Thomas had discussed making a full-length feature film based on the series but by July 2009, actress Kristin Bell told Entertainment Weekly[4] that Warner Brothers producer Joel Silver informed her and Thomas that there was “no enthusiasm” on making the film. In January 2010, Thomas again confirmed[5] that he would write the film if he could find someone to finance it. On February 14th, 2013, Kristen Bell tweeted[6] a photo of herself with Rob Thomas (shown below) at the Warner Brothers Studios, leading many fans on Tumblr[7] to suspect something related to Veronica Mars was going on. This was reinforced later in the month when she tweeted a second photo[8] of herself with former co-stars Enrico Colantoni and Max Greenfield attending a hockey game.

    On March 12th, 2013, Bell tweeted[9] about an interview she and Thomas did, telling readers to “tune in tomorrow” for news. The following morning, Entertainment Weekly[10] published the exclusive interview announcing a Kickstarter campaign[2] looking to raise $2 million dollars to fund a Veronica Mars film.

    Within 20 minutes, the Kickstarter raised more than $12,000.[11] The campaign broke several records the first day, reaching $1 million in 4 hours and 24 minutes and $2 million in 10 hours.[12] Despite this, many online commentators were split[13] over the Kickstarter campaign. The Atlantic[18] criticized the major studio production for using a method that is typically reserved for independent filmmakers, while other critics expressed skepticism that this may be a one-off opportunity for cancelled properties.[17] Meanwhile, other writers and actors involved with short-lived TV show projects saw this as an opportunity[14], including Pushing Daisies[15] creator Bryan Fuller and Chuck[16] star Zachary Levi. As of 3 p.m. (EST) on March 15th, the Kickstarter has raised more than $3.3 million dollars and is trending towards raising more than $30 million if pledges continue to roll in at their current rate.[19]

    The Veronica Mars Movie Project -- Kicktraq Mini

    Search Interest

    External References

    [1]Wikipedia – Veronica Mars

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  • 03/15/13--11:24: Ignition (Remix)
  • About

    Ignition (Remix) is a 2003 hit single by R&B singer and songwriter R. Kelly, which has inspired many covers, parodies and remixes on the video-sharing site YouTube.


    The song was released on January 22nd, 2003 as a single for R. Kelly’s fifth studio album Chocolate Factory. The track became a commercial success, peaking at the #2 position on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.[3]


    On March 26th, 2003, a parody of the song was featured in an episode of the Comedy Central sketch comedy television series Chappelle’s Show (shown below), which mocked a video that had surfaced in 2002 of a man fitting R. Kelly’s description engaging in sexual intercourse and urinating on an underage girl.

    On August 14th, 2008, YouTuber pbdyjr uploaded an “Ignition (Remix)” parody video mocking R. Kelly’s statutory rape charges (shown below, left). Within five years, the video received over 75,000 views and 80 comments. On April 6th, 2009, YouTuber andye1221 uploaded a video featuring two men performing a choreographed dance to the song (shown below, right). The video gained upwards of 90,000 views and 120 comments within the next four years.

    On October 24th, the RKellyVEVO YouTube channel uploaded the official video for the song, garnering over 23 million views and 13,000 comments in the following four years. On January 25th, 2010, YouTuber ScrewTube989 uploaded a chopped and screwed remix of the track (shown below, left), accumulating more than 77,000 views and 20 comments in the next three years. On November 8th, 2011, YouTuber SmileForJoyce uploaded a video of actor Joseph Gordon Levitt performing a live acoustic cover of the song (shown below, right). Within two years, the video received over 373,000 views and 300 comments.

    On September 11th, 2012, YouTuber Bruce Ackharath uploaded a remix of the song played in conjunction with an anti-masturbation video for deaf people put out by the Jehovah’s Witness Christian denomination (shown below, left). Within the next six months, the video accumulated more than 86,000 views and 100 comments. On January 29th, 2013, YouTuber jamesdalbyacoustic uploaded an acoustic cover of the song (shown below, right). The same day, Redditor test0 submitted the video to the /r/videos[2] subreddit, where it received over 6,500 up votes and 370 comments in the next month. As of March 2013, the YouTube video has received over 860,000 views and 2,000 comments.

    White House Petition

    On March 3rd, 2013, a petition was creating on the White House[1]“We the People” website urging the Obama administration to make “Ignition (Remix)” the new national anthem of the United States of America. Within two weeks, the petition received over 10,000 signatures of the 100,000 goal.

    Notable Examples

    Search Interest

    External References

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  • 03/15/13--17:55: Nabilla's "Allô" parodies
  • About

    Allô ! Non mais allô quoi ! is a catchphrase uttered by Nabilla Benattia, a contestant in the fifth season of reality show Les Anges de la téléréalité[1]. Her funny way of saying it as well as mimicking a phone call made her a staple of YouTube parodies involving people answering her on their phones.

    The Catchphrase in French Pop Culture

    Nabilla didn’t invent the catchphrase as it is. Non mais allô quoi ! has always been a common slang response by airheads, mainly girls, to signify, in an ironic and corny tone, that someone can’t be serious about what he/she has just done or said. A rough translation may be something along the line of “Hel~lo? Like, are you serious?! Wake up!” (bold added for emphasis).
    In order to fully understand the meme, here is a translation word-to-word of the catchphrase.

    Non = No
    Mais = But
    Allô = A common interjection used in French when beginning a conversation on a phone, similar to “Hello”. In very colloquial language, when addressing someone, it’s also used to make sure this person is listening to you.
    Quoi = Originally meaning “what”, here, it doesn’t. “Quoi” is often used as a filler word for emphasis in oral French in a manner similar to the English “You know” or “Like”.


    The scene comes from an interview bit involving Nabilla Benattia, a contestant willing to become a model, in the first episodes from the 5th season of Les Anges de la téléréalité reality show, titled “Welcome to Florida”, in which 12 contestants have to live together in a mansion in Miami. While grocery shopping, Nabilla was startled by the revelation that some of the other contestants didn’t carry their own shampoo and had to buy their own there. Several videos of her reaction were uploaded to Youtube as early as March 7th, 2013. The most-watched one, with more than 1,100,000 views as of March 15th, is the following version:


    Scene in the supermarket:

    “Listen, I’m gonna pick up [the shampoo] for them, no need for such a big deal…”
    “Well, no.”
    “…I’ll get the shampoo for them and next time, they will take care of it themselves.”
    “It’s nonsense.”
    “Yeah, I know.”
    “So I can buy something for myself, too, then!”

    Interview segment:

    “Apparently it was Aurélie and Capucine who didn’t have any shampoo. Hello girl! Like, girl, are you serious?! You’re a girl and you don’t have shampoo? Hello? Can you hear me or what? You’re a girl and you don’t have any shampoo. I mean, it’s like saying “you’re a girl and you don’t have any hair!”

    (Bold added for emphasis)

    Nabilla and the Stereotypical Pretty Dumb Girl

    It is worth mentionning that, in this very interview segment, Nabilla made unusually strange remarks that made her infamous as a pretty girl with no brain and an apparent lack of culture. Beside Non mais allô quoi and the meme that was born from it, she was also quoted saying things like C’est la Guerre Mondiale de 78 (“[it was like] the World War of 1978”). In a more recent episode, Nabilla quoted her own “allô” gimmick again, along with her own awkward take on a French idiom to claim that she is totally different from another contestant who came to “attack” her.

    Youtube parodies

    As early as the 8th of March, video parodies started popping up. One of the first and most famous parodies is an Hitler Reacts one, uploaded by FrenchGelein, which attracted more than 1 800 000 views as of March 16th.

    It set the pattern for more parodies ranging from personal responses to various movie segments featuring people on their phones and trying to answer Nabilla.

    Examples of Responses

    Examples of Parodies using movie cuts



    Advice Animal Spin-off


    External References

    [1]Wikipedia – Les Anges de la télé-réalité

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  • 03/15/13--20:44: Darec the Seeker
  • About

    Darec the Seeker also known as Darec was a 14 year old boy (15, last seen) before his disappearance. He was last seen in Orlando, Florida in 2003. He was brutally injured by his close friends and was left to die in an abandoned home that was rumored to once been owned by a demonic entity named Abigor. He woke up with no memory of his past and only the memory of the ones that had killed him.


     photo DarecCreepypastawip2_zps423851d8.png


    On March 2, 2004, he manifested what was titled as “The List” and went on a mass murder spree to hunt down and kill his ‘dear old friends’. His first friend, the one that had ripped out his eyes, was seen with his eyes ripped out of the sockets and enlodged into his mouth where he had then choked to death. He had died on March 2, 2004.
    The second friend, the one that had cut off his fingers, was found the next year on the same day crying behind an abandoned store. When the police had question him he’d say, “Darec is alive. Darec is inside us. Darec is watching.”. He is the only known person to survive his attack. When the police had asked him what he looked like, the person had responded as him being able to stretch his fingers and tongue to incredible sizes, white glowing eyes, and having a face appearing inside his mouth. He had been found by Darec on March 2, 2005.

    Darec at night

    The third friend, the one that had beaten him up the most, had been severely killed the harshest out the the group. This was his closest friend. It is told that his arms were chopped off with a machete that was found lying next to him, his entire upper body was destroyed by a bucket of acid that was forcefully placed inside his stomach, lower body and legs were chewed off by what has been assumed as a huge animal, and was later found inside his bedroom under his bed covers. He was found by Darec on March 2, 2006.

    It has been feared that he may have been possessed by Abigor or has been given his abilities. The police had studied his murdering dates and have come to realize that he kills anyone that had once known him and were close to him every year on his birthday. Within the course of time he has additionally ‘found’ his parents, sister, girlfriend, one additional friend, and a teacher. Even though there is no way of truly knowing, it is possible that he was last seen on March 2, 2012 where he killed his English teacher. The school was put on lock down as security officers and police searched for the person responsible for her death. They we’re met with a piece of paper that read ‘She has been found’. After testing out the slip of paper in a lab they’d found no traces of finger prints.

    He only appears to kill when it’s dark outside or around 7pm-4am. The only phrases he’ll say to his victims are “You’ve been found.” or “There you are!”

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    Before the start of the New York Knicks, Portland Trailblazers game Chris Webber and Kevin Harlan were trying to pick a winner. But the person who actually did pick the winner was the guy sitting between and behind the two announcers. This is the most epic nosepick in the history of western civilization. It was later discovered that the object which was picked had the word Trailblazer written on it. The Portland Trailblazers went on to win the game 105-90, and so a winner was picked. After the game the man said “I don’t always pick my nose, but when I do, I do it on national television.”

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  • 03/16/13--02:06: 1 Guy 1 Jar
  • Note:This is sub-entry for Shock Site and too NSFW


    1 Guy 1 Jar is very disturbing shock site video. It is featuring a naked Russian guy named Alex a.k.a Jar Man where he inserts jar into ass by sitting on it . When jar disappeared it broke inside which caused huge bleeding. As the rest of video shows shows his attempts toward to remove all glass shards from it Alex menaged without making any sound or calling 911 until he walks away and screams at end of video probably realizing that he will die from anal bleeding. Later it is revealed that guy is still alive. Along with 2 Girls 1 Cup, Kids in a Sandbox, Lemon Party, 3 Guys 1 Hammer etc. this shock site became very popular due to reaction videos toward to end of 2008.



    Parodies and spoofs

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  • 03/16/13--18:33: irmã marombeira
  • This meme represent a joke for people who dont take work out seriously
    The main phrase is “I’m praying for you…”

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    A catch phrase of two youtubers by the names of “TheBajanCanadian” and “JeromeASF”. The two often reference the catch phrase from time to time, and the saying has even gotten a few t-shirts.

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  • 03/17/13--01:55: What Happened to These Girls
  • About

    What Happened to These Girls is a before & after picture set of girls with healthy bodies at first and then girls with overweight bodies years later.


    Not much is known about the origin except it is mostly a common thread on 4chan’s /b/.



    External References

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