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  • 09/21/16--10:37: Tiziana Cantone's Death
  • Overview

    Tizinia Cantone was a 31-year-old Italian Instagram model who was found dead in late September 2016 after a sex tape she sent to an ex-boyfriend widely circulated on the Italian web.


    According to an article on BuzzFeed,[2] Cantone sent her ex-boyfriend a video clip of herself performing fellatio on another man in the spring of 2015. In the video, Cantone can be heard saying “You’re making a video? Bravo.” The video subsequently began circulating online via WhatsApp and social media platforms, where many mocked Cantone with photoshops and image macros (shown below).



    After the video began circulating, Cantone quit her job and moved in with her parents in Mugnano, Italy. On September 13th, 2016, Cantone’s aunt discovered Cantone had hung herself to death in the family’s home.

    Online Reaction

    On September 13th, Redditor Trickyhere submitted an article about the suicide to the /r/italy[9] subreddit. Meanwhile, an anonymous 4chan user submitted a thread about the suicide titled “Italian web slut-shames a whore into suicide” (shown below). On September 18th, Redditor BlueGallery submitted a post asking about Cantone’s death to /r/OutOfTheLoop.[10]

    Italian Politicians’ Response

    On September 14th, Italian MP Elena Centemero responded to Cantone’s death, saying “it is once again a woman who is the target of violence and hate.” Meanwhile, Italian MP Donata Lenzi advocated drafting legislation to punish cyberbullying and the distribution of revenge pornography.[1]

    News Media Coverage

    An article on BuzzFeed[2] included a statement from a Facebook spokesperson, claiming that the social networking site had “blocked access to content that had been notified to us by Italian authorities in relation to this case.” In the coming days, other news sites published articles about Cantone’s death, including CNN,[3] Bustle,[4] Inquistr,[5] The Daily Mail,[6] The Telegraph[7] and IBI Times.[8]

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  • 09/21/16--10:46: Millennials
  • About

    Millennials is the term coined for the generation between Generation X and Generation Z, generally understood to be born between the early 80s and early 2000s.


    The term “Millennials” was coined by authors William Strauss and Neil Howe in 1987, who suggested Millennials are people born between 1982 and 2004.[1] The idea was that people born in 1982 would be graduating high school in 2000, and the name was connected to these people shaping the new millennium. Though the term competed with Generation Y, a term coined by Ad Age, Ad Age conceded in 2012 that Millennials was a better name.


    Narcissism and Entitlement

    Strauss and Howe predicted that Millennials would have a “strong sense of community both local and global.”[2] However, further research by Jean Twenge, author of Generation Me, found in Millennials a sense of narcissism and entitlement in addition to confidence and tolerance. The University of Michigan found that Millennials placed more importance on wealth and less importance on political affairs, environmental cleanup, and finding a deep philosophy for meaning in life. Other theorists suggested the generation was one of “Trophy Kids,” echoing an idea that Millennials were conditioned to expect rewards merely by existing rather than working for them. These traits, however, were critiqued as only being applicable to suburban white children who grew up in families with “helicopter parents” that placed a special emphasis on how special their children were, and that this was not applicable to minority families.

    Political Views

    Millennials have been found to have more liberal values socially and culturally than their ancestors, and are more likely to support same-sex marriage and drug legalization and oppose testing on animals. In elections, they have been found to support the left wing, such as when, during the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election, they overwhelmingly supported Vermont socialist Bernie Sanders over eventual Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and Republican nominee Donald Trump. In the United Kingdom, there were strongly opposed to Brexit.

    Millennials have also drawn controversy for their increased awareness of political correctness, particularly their awareness of microaggressions and their insistence on trigger warnings and safe spaces in academic settings.

    Online Presence

    Because they grew up with modern technology, Millennials have shaped the internet as we see it today. They have brought the advent of social media and selfies, which critics have called an extension of Millennial narcissism. They are also the target demographic for major online publications like Buzzfeed, Mashable, Upworthy, and more which have drawn major criticism for the spread of Clickbait journalism. They are also responsible for the 90s Nostalgia popular online as 90s pop culture was prominent when millennials were kids.


    The Boomer generation has been very vocal about criticizing Millennials; there have been hundreds of think pieces and op-ed columns criticizing Millennials for being “entitled,” “lazy” and “narcissistic,” among many other reasons. Millennials have responded by criticizing Boomers for ruining the economy, leaving Millennials with the highest rates of student loan debt and unemployment in the modern era.

    Related Memes

    Old Economy Steven

    Old Economy Steven is an advice animal image macro series featuring a vintage studio portrait of a young man dressed in a blue collared shirt with a 1970s-style long haircut. The captions typically depict the man as being out-of-touch with the frustrations and struggles faced by the Millennials in the 21st century economic climate, including dealing with student loans, unemployment and rising housing costs.


    #FollowATeen is a Twitter hashtag associated with a practical joke that involves following a random teenager of the Millennial generation on the microblogging site and covertly tweeting about his or her daily updates.

    Time Magazine Cover: ME ME Me Generation

    Time Magazine Cover: Me Me Me Generation was the cover of the May 2013 issue of Time Magazine featuring a photograph of a young woman holding an iPhone, which inspired many photoshopped variations mocking the cover’s premise.

    “Millennials are lazy, entitled narcissists who still live with their parents. Why they’ll save us all.”

    How To Confuse a Millennial

    #HowToConfuseAMillennial is a hashtag that was originally created by Boomers and Generation X-ers to mock Millennials but was quickly overrun by Millennial Twitter users mocking how their ancestors are out of touch with the Millennial generation.

    Millennials Are Killing X

    “Millennials Are Killing…” is a phrasal template used to mock various think-pieces and op-ed articles on the changing consumer habits of the Millennial generation and their allegedly negative impact on major industries and economic sectors that had once thrived during the latter half of the 20th century.

    The Millennial Whoop

    The Millennial Whoop is a neologism referring to any sequence of notes alternating between the 5th and 3rd notes on a major scale, which are often heard during vocal segments in a variety of contemporary pop songs.

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  • 09/21/16--16:26: Pingu

  • About:
    Pingu is a British-Swiss stop motion tv show aimed at children featuring penguins made from clay. The show was made to teach children basic lessons (Such as get organized, Table Manners, How to cook, Etc) The show is most famous for pingu’s “Noot Noot” which made poplaur on the internet with remixes on youtube.

    Pingu made his earliest apperinece in a 1980 short flim called “Hugo” where he encounters a polar bear.

    In 1986 about six years after the short. The first pilot of pingu was made. Notable things were different such as pingu’s famous “Noot Noot” sound being a kazoo instead.

    Imdb rated the series 7.4/10

    Pingu has inspired several Reaction images, Youtube Poops, and remixes. The “Noot Noot” became a popular quote on the internet.

    Related Memes:

    Noot Noot

    “Noot Noot” are words spoken by pingu in the series in his language. It spawned severeal image macros and remixes set to music.

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  • 09/22/16--08:51: Does Jumin Han is Gay?
  • “Does Jumin Han is Gay?” is a question that has boggled the minds of Mystic Messenger fans ever since Defender of Justice, 707, decided to initiate a rumour about Jumin Han’s sexuality. This claim, while being relatively unfounded, has been hinted by certain RFA chats to be true, especially with Jumin Han’s lack of affinity with true love and interaction with females being compared to Zen’s cat allergy. Despite the slight grammatical error in translation, fans will never stop popping the question.

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  • 09/22/16--09:12: You Got that Wrong!
  • You Got that Wrong! is a well-known phrase in the Danganronpa community. Danganronpa is a game in which a group of high-school students are forced into killing each other, which afterwards leads to an investigation and trial phase.

    The trial phase mainly consists of Arguments, in which the students must debate with each other in order to find the true culprit. During this section of the trial, the protagonist (Makoto Naegi in DR1 and Hajime Hinata in DR2) must either refute or agree with the arguments that others make.

    You Got that Wrong! is used when the protagonist successfully finds and shoots down a contradiction in another’s statement. This phrase essentially has the same function as the Objection! exclamation in Ace Attorney games.

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  • 09/22/16--09:46: Garfémon
  • About

    Garfémon refers to a series of pictures by illustrator Shawn Bowers that blends the original 150 Pokémon with the comic strip character Garfield.


    On August 17th, 2016, Bowers launched Garfémon on Tumblr, [1] a site devoted to his illustrations of Pokémon/Garfield drawings that he said he updates daily with a new drawing of a Garfield x Pokémon character, captioned with a description that parodies Pokédex descriptions for Pokémon in the games. He also announced the project on his Instagram account.[2] His first illustration was a cross between Garfield and Bulbasaur, which gained 70 likes on Instagram and 42 notes on Tumblr.


    Over the next month, Bowers updated both his Instagram and Tumblr every day with a new drawing. On September 20th, ComicsAlliance[4] covered the project, as did The Daily Dot[3] on September 22nd.

    Various Examples

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  • 09/22/16--10:28: Keith Lamont Scott's Death
  • Overview

    Keith Lamont Scott was a 43-year-old African American man who was fatally shot by police officers in Charlotte, North Carolina in late September 2016. While police and several witnesses claimed that Scott refused to drop a handgun prior to being shot, his sister and daughter claimed he was in his car reading a book, leading to protests and riots in the area orchestrated by Black Lives Matter activists.


    On September 20th, 2016, police were called to the Village at College Downs apartment complex to search for a man with outstanding warrants. At the location, police claim Scott was seen exiting his vehicle with a handgun and refused to drop the weapon after being confronted, leading one officer to fatally shoot him.


    Family’s Response

    That day, Scott’s family members claimed he did not have a gun and was reading a book while waiting for his son to get home from school. At the scene of the incident, Scott’s daughter recorded a live Facebook stream, where she repeatedly claimed her father did not have a gun while yelling obscenities at police officers (shown below). Additionally, his brother claimed the police did not identify themselves and were not in uniform.[2]

    Officer Identified

    That day, the Charlotte-Mecklenburg police department identified the police officer involved in the shooting as Brently Vinson (shown below). Following the announcement, many noted that Vinson himself was African American in online discussions about whether the incident was racially motivated.

    Protests and Riots

    That evening, Black Lives Matter activists organized protests in Charlotte, which blocked Interstate 85. After police were called to the scene, violent confrontations erupted between demonstrators and police, who claimed rioters were looting and setting vehicles on fire.

    On September 21st, several violent confrontations occurred at Black Lives Matter demonstrations, where seven police officers and two civilians were hospitalized. Some reporters claimed to have been harassed and assaulted by rioters and several businesses were looted. That day, the Rebel Pundit YouTube channel posted a video in which a CNN reporter is shoved to the ground by a man walking by (shown below).

    Gun Photographs

    Following the incident, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Chief Kerr Putney claimed they did not find a book at the scene of the shooting, but did recover a handgun. A photographs of the gun weresubsequently released to the local news stations on September 21st (shown below). Additionally, Putney revealed that several witnesses corroborated that a Scott was wielding a weapon.

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    External References

    [1]Twitter – @SarahBlakeWBTV

    [2]Twitter – @MissBeaE

    [3]Wikipedia – Shooting of Keith Lamont Scott

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    My Brother, My Brother, and Me, sometimes abbreviated to MBMBaM, is a weekly comedy advice podcast hosted by brothers Justin, Griffin, and Travis McElroy. The show finds the McElroy’s alternating between answering questions they receive directly from listeners and answering questions submitted to Yahoo! Answers.


    The McElroy brothers released the first episode of My Brother, My Brother, and Me on April 11th, 2010. For the rest of the year, the show consistently landed in the top 10 or 20 podcasts on iTunes.[1] They began appearing on iTunes on October 11th, 2010.

    On January 17th, 2011,[2] they announced they had joined the Maximum Fun network of podcasts. In 2012, they appeared on two AV Club writers’ Best Podcasts of 2012 roundup.[3] They have amassed over 300 episodes as of September 22nd, 2016. They also regularly perform live. They have received positive press from The Daily Dot,[8] AV Club, Pajiba,[9] and more.

    Online Presence

    On Facebook, My Brother, My Brother, and Me[4] has over 2,500 likes, though their fan page, the “My Brother, My Brother, and Me Appreciation Group”[5] has over 16,000 members. On Twitter, [6] @MBMBaM has over 37,000 followers. On Reddit, the /r/mbmbam subreddit has over 2,900 subscribers.[7]

    Which One Vapes?

    On September 20th, 2016, My Brother, My Brother, and Me released an episode called “Which One Vapes?”[10] in which they played a game where they tried to name celebrities who were more likely to vape than the one previously named. The following day, fan Aubron Wood launced a single-serving website[11] that shows two celebrities and asks users to vote on which one vapes. The next day, The Daily Dot[12] covered the website. As of September 22nd, 2016, the celebrity most likely to vape is Shia LaBoeuf, and the celebrity least likely to vape is Michelle Obama.[13]

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  • 09/22/16--12:43: Google Allo
  • About

    Google Allo is a mobile instant messaging application developed by Google for use on Android and iOS devices.


    On May 18th, 2016, Google announced the development of Allo during a keynote delivered at the annual Google I/O developer conference held in San Francisco, California (shown below, left). That day, the tech news site The Verge released a video providing a first look at the upcoming app (shown below, right).

    On September 21st, 2016, Google released the app for free on Android and iOS devices, along with a promotional video for the messaging app, featuring mock conversations showcasing its many features (shown below).


    Smart Reply

    The app contains a “smart reply” feature that utilizes machine learning technology to suggest replies to the last received message,

    Chat Modes

    In a blog post about the application’s security features, Google security expert Thai Duong lauded Google Allo’s “normal” and “incognito” chat modes and the encryption technology used by the messaging service.[1] In “incognito” mode, end-to-end encryption is enabled and chats expire after an amount of time and the chat history is deleted. Messages delivered in “normal” mode will be stored by Google indefinitely and can be read by Google’s artificial intelligence systems.


    Privacy Concerns

    The day after the product was announced, Edward Snowden tweeted that Google’s new Allo chat app was “dangerous” and to “avoid it for now” (shown below). In the coming months, the tweet garnered upwards of 9,500 likes and 9,000 retweets.[3]

    On September 21st, Snowden tweeted a link to a Verge article about Allo’s removed privacy feature and referred to Google Allo as “Google Surveillance” and advised readers to boycott the app (shown below). Within 24 hours, the tweet gained over 3,300 retweets and 2,400 likes.[2]

    SMS Support

    Google Allo has been widely criticized for using a relay service to deliver SMS messages to other mobile devices, as opposed to the seamless SMS integration in Apple’s iMessage service. When receiving an SMS message from an Allo user, a non-Allo user will receive a notification from a 5-digit number providing a link to download Allo in order to view the message. On September 22nd, 2016, Redditor RomanticPanic submitted a post asking “Why are people so pissed at Google’s new apps?” to /r/OutOfTheLoop,[4] to which Redditor MrStarfox64 replied that Google Allo’s lack of proper SMS support was the primary cause of the backlash.

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  • 09/22/16--14:21: YouTube Heroes Controversy
  • Overview

    YouTube Heroes is a program introduced by YouTube offering rewards and incentives to users who contribute to the site by providing subtitles to videos, moderating comments and reporting videos for violating the site’s Terms of Service. The program was met with a large backlash from content creators and the YouTube community, who predicted that rewarding users for mass flagging videos would promote censorship and lead to false strikes against videos and channel take-downs.


    On September 20th, 2016, the official YouTube Help channel announced the YouTube Heroes program with a video titled “Getting Started with YouTube Heroes” (shown below). Within 72 hours, the video gathered upwards of 1.2 million views, 411,000 dislikes and just 7,100 likes. Comments on the video were disabled by YouTube

    Participants in the YouTube Heroes program gain levels for performing various tasks on the site, which include the ability to mass flag videos at level 3, directly contact YouTube staff at level 4 and test new products prior to release at level 5.[14]


    Online Reactions

    On September 21st, Redditor zephanorion submitted a post referring to the new program as “censorship by proxy” to the /r/youtube[7] subreddit. That day, YouTuber Chris Ray Gun uploaded a video titled “YouTube Heroes – Censorship the Game” (shown below, left). Meanwhile, YouTuber Cr1tikal uploaded a reaction video providing mocking commentary over the YouTuber Heroes promotional video (shown below, right).

    On September 22nd, 2016, YouTuber H3h3productions uploaded a video titled “YouTube’s New Program is Horrible,” which denounced the mass flagging rewards in new program (shown below). Within 24 hours, the video gained over 930,000 views and 14,000 comments. That day, the OfficialNerdCubed YouTube channel uploaded a video suggesting that users can also flag videos as “protected” (shown below, right).

    Meanwhile, Redditor nirvanabreh uploaded the original YouTube Heroes promotional video in a post titled "Youtube introduces a new program that rewards users with “points” for mass flagging videos. What can go wrong?" on /r/videos,[1] garnering more than 8,800 votes (85% upvoted) and 6,800 comments within 24 hours.

    YouTube’s Blog Post

    On September 22nd, the official YouTube Blog published a post explaining that YouTube Heroes was a expansion of their “Trusted Flagger” program and revealed that all flagged content is reviewed by YouTube prior to removal:[5][6]

    “When a flag is received, the reported content is always reviewed by YouTube before being removed. We have internal teams from around the world who carefully evaluate reports 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, and these teams remove content that violates our policies or are careful to leave content up if it hasn’t crossed the line.”[6]

    News Media Coverage

    In the coming days, several news sites published articles about the program, including The Next Web,[9] Fortune,[10]TechCrunch,[11]BoingBoing[12] and Cnet.[13]

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  • 09/22/16--15:19: Asking for a Friend
  • About

    “Asking for a Friend” is an expression often used as a sarcastic quip when asking embarrassing or awkward questions, indicating that the subject is so shameful it must be asked under the guise of a helpful friend.


    While the origin of the quip is unknown. On May 14th, 1996, user Andy the Pugh jokingly claimed to be “asking for a friend” when asking about how to straighten fork legs on a motorcycle (shown below).[5]


    On March 1st, 2001, AnandTech Forums[6] member Spoooon submitted a thread titled “Will photo places develop ’dirty pictures?”, in which he jokingly claimed to be “asking for a friend” (shown below).

    In 2010, a Yahoo Answers question asking “Does a cat know when you’re masturbating? I’m asking for a friend?” was submitted to the site. In December 2012, the Asking For A Friend Tumblr[8] blog was launched, featuring image macros captioned with embarrassing questions and the phrase “asking for a friend” (shown below).

    In November 2013, the Asking For a Friend Twitter feed was launched, featuring various bizarre questions followed by the statement “asking for a friend.”[3]

    On April 2nd, 2014, Mashable[4] published a listicle titled “31 People Who Are NOT Asking For a Friend.”

    On August 12th, StackExchange[2] user ellyahu-g submitted a question asking if there was a term for the practice of saying you are “asking for a friend” when asking a question for yourself. On September 16th, the internet humor site Elite Daily[9] published a listicle of “46 questions you would never ask for yourself.”

    On November 3rd, 2015, Urban Dictionary[1] user Ash1355 submitted an entry for “asking for a friend,” defining it as a phrase used by someone who claims “to be asking for a friend, when they are in fact asking for themselves.”

    Search Interest

    External References

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  • 09/23/16--01:10: Nicholas Fedorov
  • Nicholas Fedorov

    Nicholas Fedorov, (also known as Stimp) born on 5 Nov. 1998, is an American animator, musician, developer, and artist whose goal is to invoke the classic animation style of the 1990’s and early 2000’s as accurately as he can. Fedorov is the creator of several popular yet extremely frightening animated videos that have been featured on popular YouTube channels such as Chadtronic, and blameitonjorge. Some of these videos have also succeeded to become memes of their own.

    Nicholas is most well known for his terrifying yet accurate retro styled animations and catchy music. It’s also been said that he has several games in development.


    On August 19, 2016 YouTuber ChadTronic created a video featuring several of Nicholas’, launching Nicholas and his work into popularity. If you are new to Nicholas’ content, this video is a good place to start.


    Nicholas has a variety of content, some being parodies of cartoons such as Tom and Jerry or VeggieTales, and many being completely original concepts. His most notable and most popular video is an animated music video called The Computer, released on July 25th, 2015. The video currently has 120,000 views.

    The next video is a lot darker – Deforestation of Jerry. According to Nicholas himself, Tom deforests Jerry in the video. I can tell you right now that this video has nothing to do with Deforestation.


    Without surprise, all the catchy songs in Nicholas’ animations are also made entire by him. These tracks can be found on his SoundCloud Page.

    More into detail

    While the videos are extremely offputting at times, it is evident that Nicholas spends a lot of time and work creating his videos and music. His content is always spot on to the era it is meant to replicate and he has said himself that he has spend a long time researching and studying animation from this time period. He claims to be very against the idea of VHS filters and effects as he is known to use a real VCR to get his authentic and signature VHS effect as well as being known to use computers and animation software that are decades out of date for his videos.

    A look into Fedorov’s life

    Surprisingly, behind the avant-garde yet horrifying animations and other character elements, Nicholas Fedorov seems to be an average guy, if you pay attention to his social media accounts like Twitter and DeviantArt. According to him, he collects old computer equipment, likes games such as Touhou and Undertale, and is focused on getting a college degree in C++ programming.

    Nichoals Fedorov, pictured in his DeviantArt profile picture as of 2016

    External Links

    [1]Official Nicholas Fedorov Wiki
    Sound Cloud

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  • 09/23/16--01:53: Operation Google
  • entry is a work in progress so request editorship if you want to help


    Operation Google is the codename of a raid launched against Google’sArtificial Intelligence program Jigsaw Conversation in retaliation against censorship and to have the A.I filter out Google’s own sites in searches.


    Jigsaw Conversation


    On /pol/

    On September 21st, 2016, a thread was posted on /pol/ discussing the new A.I program and how people would start to use the phrase “Google” instead of “nigger” as a workaround[2].

    Notable Developments

    Later, a poster was made explaining the reason behind the raid and on how to participate (shown below).

    If you’ve been seeing this around /pol/ you’re probably wondering, "why the fuck would we say “Google” instead of nigger? It’s dumb and cringy as fuck", well to answer this it’s done after Google’s recent announcement to censor certain words looked through their search engine just to keep safe spaces extra “safe”. Our response is to make it so Google would have to censor their own company by making them a racial slur towards blacks.

    (work in progress)

    Search Interest

    (not available yet)

    External References

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  • 09/23/16--08:52: #ExpectoPatronum
  • About

    #ExpectoPatronum is a hashtag related to a quiz fans of Harry Potter can take on the fan website Pottermore to discover what would be their “Patronus,” a magical guardian which generally takes the shape of an animal.


    The concept of a Patronus was introduced in the third installment of the Harry Potter series, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Using the incantation “Expecto Patronum,” wizards can ward off “dementors,” soul sucking creatures that can only be stopped with powerful, happy memories. On September 22nd, 2016, Pottermore introduced a quiz allowing fans to discover what would be their Patronus.[1] After taking the quiz, which can only be taken once, users are invited to post their results to social media using the hashtag #ExpectoPatronum.


    According to Hypable,[2] there are 142 animals available in Pottermore’s Patronus quiz. The release was covered by USA Today,[3] Vox,[4] and more, as fans quickly flocked to the site to discover their Patronus.


    The spread of #ExpectoPatronum quickly inspired parody posts where people edited Pottermore’s results page to include facetious Patronus animals, including Harambe, [7]John Cena, [5]Donald Trump, [6] etc. The popularity of Harambe parodies led J.K. Rowling to clarify that Harambe was not a potential Patronus in the quiz,[8] which in itself became a Twitter moment.[9] That day, Uproxx[10] rounded up some of the more popular parodies.

    Various Examples

    Search Interest

    External References

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  • 09/17/16--02:43: The Kebab Guy

  • Overview

    The Kebab Guy is the name given to Zargani, a kebab restaurant owner from Sidney, Australia who posted on the humor website 9gag that he would give free meals to any user of the site who went to his restaurant. Shortly after posting, the place got flooded with 9gag users, spawning several jokes about Zargani loosing money over the stunt, while also starting several criticisms to people who would exploit Zargani’s offer by coming several times to his restaurant.



    Notable Developements


    External References

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  • 09/23/16--11:12: Nimble America
  • About

    Nimble America is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting 2016 Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. The organization has been widely denounced by Trump supporters on the /r/The_Donald subreddit, where many speculated that the organization is a scam and criticized its initiatives as “astroturfing.”[1]


    On June 28th, 2016, the /r/nimbleamerica[9] subreddit was launched for discussions about Nimble America’s activities. On June 30th, the domain for the organization’s official website was registered.[19] In July the @NimbleAmerica[17] Twitter feed was launched. On July 7th, a Facebook[18] page for the organization was created.

    Promotion on /r/The_Donald

    On September 17th, 2016, moderator TehDonald of the /r/the_donald[3] subreddit submitted a post promoting Nimble America, remarking that the community had “proven that shitposting is powerful and meme magic is real.” Meanwhile, Redditor NimbleRichMan submitted a /r/the_donald[8] post asking for help defeating Hillary Clinton by donating to Nimble America. In the comments section, Milo Yiannopoulos replied with an endorsement of /u/NimbleRichMan, claiming he knew him personally.

    A majority of the subreddit’s community denounced Nimble America, arguing that Trump supporters did not need the organization to support their candidate. While the posts were subsequently deleted, the originals have been archived on the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine[2] and[7] That day, Redditor geragh submitted a post chronicling the backlash on /r/SubredditDrama.[16] Meanwhile, /r/the_donald[5] moderator Viking83 submitted a post titled “This Community is Not For Sale,” which announced that moderators TehDonald and Lil-z had resigned from the community. On September 23rd, Redditor ahubbs submitted a post titled “Fuck you /u/tehdonald. Fuck Nimble America” to /r/the_donald,[4] where it gained over 1,200 upvoted (96% upvoted) and 120 comments in four days.

    Milo Yiannopoulos’ Statement

    September 17th, Yiannopoulos posted a response to a post about the incident on /r/the_donald,[6] in which he apologized for the way he handled the announcement (shown below).

    Conspiracy Theory

    Also on September 17th, Redditor Chazzen submitted a post titled “Something strange I found on the NimbleAmerica FAQ section,” which contained a link to an archived version of Nimble America’s FAQ page linking the word “billboard” to a screenshot of an email thread between an unknown recipient and Reddit community manager Philippe Beaudette (shown below). Within one week, the post garnered upwards of 2,300 votes (97% upvoted) and 480 comments on /r/the_donald,[20] where many speculating that Nimble America was created as a false flag conspiracy.

    In a comment, Redditor purpletricycle revealed that Beaudette was contacted to prevent the community from being shutdown for legal reasons, seeking approval from Reddit lawyers prior to launching the non-profit.[21]

    Palmer Luckey Identified as /u/NimbleRichMan

    On September 22nd, The Daily Beast[10] reported that Oculus founder Palmer Luckey confirmed that he used the pseudonym NimbleRichMan to post on the /r/The_Donald subreddit. The article included a statement from Luckey, who expressed doubt that the organization was a scam:

    “I’m not going to keep throwing money after something if I don’t see any results. I think these guys are pretty legit. The sums of money are so small, I don’t think they’re out to scam anybody. If they disappear with the money, I wouldn’t throw any more money at them.”

    In the coming days, several news sites published articles about Luckey’s involvement with the organization, including The Verge,[11] Kotaku,[12] Mashable[13] and New York Magazine.[15]

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  • 09/24/16--10:20: Peridot
  • About

    Peridot is an Era 2 Peridot and a member of the Crystal Gems. She was originally a Homeworld Gem technician and a certified Kindergartner. After being stranded on Earth following the events of “Jail Break”, she acted as a recurring antagonist until establishing a truce with the Crystal Gems in “When It Rains” to help them save the Earth from the Cluster. She officially became a member of the Crystal Gems in “Message Received”, after she defied and insulted her Homeworld superior, Yellow Diamond. Peridot is currently living at the barn with Lapis Lazuli.


    She first appeared in the episode “Warp Tour” with her Limb Enhancers until the episode “Catch and Release” to her original form.



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  • 09/26/16--07:25: Fug
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    Fug is this magical meme /vp/ made when they were having a Rayquaza give-away.
    Since the OP is a German, his Flying type becomes Flug…
    … except he screencapped his 3DS weirdly and another anonymous funposter exploited the situation that says Fug, in the same vein as Tony Kornheiser’s Why


    Fug is a word said by Finnish Pedobear when he wants to put benis in bagina :DDDDDD. As the best meme in Finland, this word clearly resonated to the general funposters of 5/


    Rayquaza is the best Dragon/Flying Type pokemon ever and if you disagree, you’re opinions are Garbodor. This guy appeared in Pokemon Ruby/Useless Water Type Pokemon Everywhere at some ancient tower near Pacificlog Village where you’re pretty much forced to use one type of bicycle which means you have to fly all the way back to Mauville City (why it’s called a city even though it has, like, 6 buildings, one of which doesn’t even have a door, with populations smaller than Pallet Town, I don’t know. what the hell Gamefreaks) instead of actually streamlining each features of the bicycle into one.


    As soon as the meme exploded in /vp/, people started putting the picture Fug in every Rayquaza picture available, whether it be fan-arts, or toy collections, or Children’s Card Games, Fug is here to stay

    Later, after a German Koffing who plays Children’s Monster Games too seriously rated that Mega Rayquaza to be so overpowered, he’s still b& even if a competition that allows b& pokemon. This gives rise to his popularity as Mega Fug

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  • 09/26/16--09:35: Bottle Flipping
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    Bottle Flipping refers to the practice of flipping a plastic bottle in such a way that it lands upright on a flat surface. Videos of people performing bottle flips are often posted on video-sharing sites like Vine and YouTube.


    On December 20th, 2008, YouTuber markg143 uploaded a video in which a teenager attempts to break the world record for the most consecutive water bottle flips (shown below).


    On January 24th, 2010, YouTuber Chris P uploaded a montage of himself flipping a water bottle on to tables (shown below).

    On May 24th, 2016, Twitter user @ScottieFinanger[1] tweeted a video in which high school student Mike Senatore walks up on stage and flips a bottle on to a small table, causing the audience to roar in celebration. That day, YouTuber Arlington Johnson reuploaded the video (shown below). Over the next four months, the video received upwards of 5.6 million views and 7,700 comments.

    The following day, the news site Today[2] published an interview with Senatore about the video, in which he claimed bottle flipping was his “only talent”:

    “Honestly, I thought I was gonna miss it. I had practiced it all the night before. It’s my only talent, so I figured I’d try it at the talent show this year and then just walk off.”

    On May 26th, Fusion[3] published an article titled “Here’s How to Perfect the Water Bottle Flip, the Teen Meme of the Moment.” On July 18th, the Dude Perfect YouTube channel uploaded a compilation of bottle flipping video clips (shown below, left). On August 1st, YouTuber Sam Tabor uploaded a video of skateboarder Ryan Bracken flipping bottles while skateboarding at a skate park (shown below, right). Within two months, the video received more than 980,000 views and 890 comments.

    On August 20th, 2016, YouTuber Ryan Higa uploaded a montage of himself and several friends flipping bottles on various surfaces (shown below). Within one month, the video gained over 5.8 million views and 34,800 comments.

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    2008 United States Presidential Election was the 56th quadrennial presidential election held on November 4th, 2008. The two major candidates were Democratic Senator Barack Obama, along with his running mate Joe Biden, and Republican Senator John McCain, along with his running mate Sarah Palin. The race resulted in the victory of Barack Obama, who became the first African American ever to be elected president of the United States. Moreover, the 2008 presidential election is now widely cited as the first U.S. presidential election that took place in the age of social media.


    Presidential Candidates

    • Barack Obama is an American politician and former U.S. Senator who has been serving as the 44th President of the United States since entering the office in January 2009. Obama announced his candidacy for the Democratic nominee in the 2008 presidential election on February 10th, 2007.
    • John McCain is an American politician who has been serving as United States Senator for Arizona since entering the office in January 1987. McCain formally announced his intention to run as the Republican nominee in the 2008 presidential election on April 25th, 2007.

    Vice Presidential Candidates

    • Joe Biden is an American politician who has been serving as the 47th Vice President of the United States since entering the office along with President Barack Obama in January 2009. Biden was formally nominated as Barack Obama’s running mate at the Democratic National Convention on August 22nd, 2008.
    • Sarah Palin is an American politician who served as the ninth Governor of Alaska from 2006 to 2009 and vice presidential candidate along with John McCain in the 2008 presidential election. Palin was officially nominated as John McCain’s running mate at the Republican National Convention on September 3rd, 2008.


    Obama Girl

    I Got a Crush on Obama is a viral video featuring woman singing about her infatuation with the then Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama. Upon its release by the YouTube web series Barely Political in June 2007, the video quickly went viral and spawned many remixes, while the actress, Amber Lee Ettinger, rose to viral fame under the nickname “Obama Girl” as a result of its popularity.

    The “Hope” Poster

    The Obama “Hope” Poster is an iconic image of Barack Obama created by graphic designer and street artist Shepard Fairey during the 2008 United States presidential election. Made with a stylized stencil of an Associated Press photograph of the then U.S. Senator from Chicago, the posters were created independently of the official campaign. After the image was shared online, parodies of the poster depicting other notable figures and characters began appearing as well, mimicking the red, beige and blue color scheme of the original version.

    Barack Obama Is Your New Bicycle was a single-serving site that generated a series of non-sequiturs portraying the Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama as a personable do-gooder. Created by San-Francisco based writer Mathew Honan in February 2008, the website gained a large following throughout the 2008 presidential campaign and spawned a number of spin-off sites centered around many other candidates.

    Zombie McCain

    Zombie McCain is a photoshop meme based on a photograph of Arizona’s Republican Senator John McCain posing in an awkward stance with his tongue hanging out taken shortly after the conclusion of the third and final presidential debate with Barack Obama in October 2008.

    The Vice Presidential Debate

    The 2008 Vice Presidential Debate was a televised debate between the Democrat vice-presidential candidate Joe Biden and Republican vice-presiential candidate Sarah Palin in October 2008. Watched by nearly 70 million U.S. television viewers and people online, the debate inspired a number of online parodies online due to its wealth of gaffes and memorable moments, mostly at the expense of Sarah Palin.

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