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  • 06/07/16--14:58: Krusy Krab is unfair!
  • About

    Krusy Krab is unfair is a popular phrase said by SpongeBob to get strike on Mr. Krabs in the longest Nickelodeon series SpongeBob SquarePants.


    In the episode “Squid On Strike” SpongeBob shouts “Krusty Krab is unfair, Mr. Krabs is in there, standing at the concession plotting his oppression!” it uploaded on Vine in by SpongeBob Rewind (first video shown on left and second video shown on the right).


    On December 20, 2014 a youtuber named “marseye4082” uploaded a video called “Krusty Krab is Unfair!- Sparta Remix EXTENDED” for 500 Subscribers.

    Notable Examples

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  • 06/07/16--15:26: sasha
  • sasha is what the heavy class from the online multiplayer FPS game team fortress 2 named his mini-gun. It was first refered to as such in the meet the heavy video when heavy says, “oh my god who touched sasha”. After which players and fans alike started to use this name whenever refering to heavys mini-gun. Later many lines and refrences to the name were added in tf2 lines such as " we make good team!", “kiss me” and “you did well!” all suggest that heavy actualy talks to sasha. However it was the “kiss me” line and the “I must get bigger bed for sasha” comic quote that got fans crazy about the sasha x heavy ship, even to the NSFW point. since then many refrences, videos and added content all over the tf2 community have spwned. Another point is a funny little gag is that there is a love triangle between heavy, sasha and scout, after the line “I think I’ll take sasha out for a steak dinner tonight, waddaya think about that” for scout was added. another love triangle is heavy, sasha and natascha,.(natascha being a new mini-gun in the game) Overall sasha is the love of heavys lover, while the two have their own secret partners, they have their shoot off almost every night at 11pm.

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  • 06/08/16--06:07: Operator-chan
  • WIP. Make KYM Great Again


    Operator-chan is the name given to a fan art featuring a CAG (Combat Applications Group) operator girl, which started being used on several photobombs on 4chan’s weapons board /k/.


    On August 28th, 2015, pixiv user Shino submitted a fan art featuring a blonde girl in militar clothes, which gained over 5,000 views and 190 ratings in the folowing year (shown below, left).[1] On October 16th, a post on /k/ featured an edited picture with the Shino’s art superimposed on a exhumed grave from the Srebrenica massacre (shown below, right).[2]



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  • 06/08/16--11:33: Keyboard Matt
  • About

    #KeyboardMatt is a series of audio-dubbed parodies featuring a video clip of American professional wrestler Matt Hardy playing the piano in a scene from a promotional video for his wrestling tag team, The Hardy Boyz, set to a variety of pop songs for comedic effect in the vein of inappropriate soundtrack remixes.


    On June 1st, 2016, TNA Impact Wrestling uploaded the director’s cut of a promotional video for The Hardy Boyz, a professional wrestling tag team comprised of brothers Jeff and Matt Hardy, to its YouTube channel. Within one week, the video gained over 355,000 views and 2,700 comments. The following day, Redditor Min_thamee posted the video to the video to the /r/SquaredCircle[1] subreddit.

    That day, Twitter user Jessica Hudnall[2] (@LegKickTKO) posted an edited clip from the piano scene with the song 1989 hip hop song “Just a Friend” by Biz Markie playing in the background (shown below).


    Over the next 24 hours, Hudnall posted an additional 22 remixes of the piano scene. On June 3rd, Matt Hardy tweeted links to two of the remixes, referring to them as “blasphemy” (shown below).[7][8] Over the next 72 hours, Hudnall posted over 20 more remixes.

    On June 4th, TNA Impact Wrestling released a parody of the contract signing promo video on YouTube (shown below). That day, the video reached the front page of the /r/SquaredCircle[4] subreddit.

    On June 5th, the wrestler Graeme Stevely (a.k.a. Grado) tweeted a remix of the video in which he is shown dancing during a piano cover of the 1989 pop song “Like a Prayer” by Madonna (shown below). Within three days, the tweet received upwards of 300 likes and 145 retweets. Meanwhile, other Twitter users posted additional remixes under the hashtag “#KeyboardMatt,”[6] including @ChrisManley2013,[12] @RawDestroyer,[13] @Elizigan,[14] @MattyClough2[15] and @sonic_the_comic.[5] In the coming days, several news sites posted compilations of the remix videos, including UpRoxx,[9] WrestleZone[10] and 411mania.[11]

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  • 06/08/16--15:03: Fuck Bees
  • About

    “Fuck Bees” is a remix of the 1986 pop-rock song “It’s Hip to Be Square” by Huey Lewis and the News, which replaces the lyrics “it’s hip to be square” with “it’s hip to fuck bees.” The parody gained a following among Vinesauce fans after it was included in a Super Mario Galaxy video game stream in December 2015.


    On February 13th, 2015, YouTuber uploaded a video titled “Fuck Bees (Official Music Video),” featuring a remix of the song “It’s Hip to be Square” with the words “fuck bees” interspersed throughout the track (shown below). Within two years, the video gained over 360,000 views and 1,600 comments.


    On November 3rd, 2015, Redditor Bobmuffins submitted the video to /r/DeepIntoYouTube. In December, Vinesauce Vinny hosted a Super Mario Galaxy stream event for charity, during which the “Fuck Bees” remix was featured in the background music (shown below, left). On January 1st, 2016, YouTuber ikasu0 uploaded an edited version of the stream titled “Vinny – Fuck bees right ’ere” (shown below, right).

    On January 14th, DeviantArtist USAfterHours uploaded an illustration of a boy photographing a person in a bee suit titled “its hip to fuck bees” (shown below).[7]


    On January 16th, YouTuber Kate’s Shitposting Channel uploaded a music video featuring clips from the 2007 animated film Bee Movie with the “Fuck Bees” remix playing in the background (shown below, left). On January 26th, YouTuber Gag Master uploaded a nightcore remix of the “Fuck Bees” song (shown below, right).

    On March 21st, Redditor vaptaintaco2345 posted the lyrics for the “Fuck Bees” remix to the /r/Vinesauce[5] subreddit. On March 23rd, Soundcloud user LuigiBlood posted a “remastered” version of the “Fuck Bees” remix (shown below).

    On April 10th, Redditor kianoosh34 submitted the SoundCloud[3] link to /r/Vinesauce.[2] On May 7th, the original video by YouTuber Happening.TV was submitted to the /r/NotTimAndEric</>[4] subreddit. On May 17th, Redditor MoniziWolfie submitted a post asking about the “fuck bees” meme to /r/OutOfTheLoop.[6]

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  • 06/08/16--17:58: Sponge Boi
  • Created by Wingard Entertainment on May 31st 2016. Later stolen and uploaded to Ifunny where it was featured.

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  • 06/08/16--22:06: barbie.avi
  • About

    Barbie.avi refers to a creepypasta story detailing a party held by the narrator’s friend in an industrial part of town and the subsequent discovery of a discarded computer containing a series of mysterious videos.


    On August 9, 2009 YouTube user xenopasta uploaded 3 video clips with distorted audio depicting a young woman with long curly hair in a plain room speaking inaudibly. The description of the of the first video contained a link to a now defuct 4chan post dated July 14, 2009.[1]

    Hello. This thing happened to me a few months ago; I just need to share it with somebody.

    It all started at my friend’s party. He’s an artist who rented out a loft in the industrial part of town. If you can picture what a place like Detroit looked like in the 1920s – that’s what this area looks like. A bunch of old turn-of-the-century factories crammed into ten blocks.

    Most of them are abandoned.

    So I partied a little too hard that night and decided to crash on a couch at the loft. I woke up at around 4 am, the sun wasn’t out yet but you could still make things out in the dim blue light. I went to the bathroom, carefully tiptoeing around the people that were passed out on the floor. As I was taking a piss I tiptoed to look out the bathroom window and I saw the panorama of deserted urban decay.

    I remembered how much I liked places like this. It was so dark and devoid of life, and strangely serene.

    So I went back to the couch and tried to fall asleep. After 45 minutes of staring at the ceiling I decided I didn’t want to be there any longer, so I swallowed my pride and decided to wake my girlfriend up to beg her for a ride, since walking around the vacant streets at this time was not an option. Being an awesome girlfriend, she was totally cool with it, and told me she would be there in about a half-hour and that she would give me a call when she was outside. My phone died ten minutes later so I decide I would sit by the window and watch for her car. I sat there for a while and my eyes started getting heavy and I began to doze off.

    A crashing noise outside woke me up. It wasn’t loud, but just enough to snap me into reality. I looked out the window and scanned the area, but didn’t see anything. Across the street from the loft near a mountain of garbage bags and one of those enormous dumpsters I see a computer and a monitor smashed against the floor that hadn’t been there before.

    When my girlfriend arrived I went downstairs and greeted her. Just as I was about to get in the car, I remembered a friend of mine who had blown out his power supply. So I decided to walk over to the dumpster and see what I could salvage. The monitor was worthless, but the tower seemed to have suffered almost no damage, so I put it in the trunk and we drove off.

    About a week had passed and I had completely forgotten about the tower until my girlfriend called to let me know that it was still in the trunk and that she wanted it out. That night I brought it home. Before I took it apart I decided to hook it up to my monitor to see if it still ran, and to my surprise it did. It ran Windows XP and it looked like it had been wiped clean. I decided to do searches for words like “tits” and “pussy” in hopes of finding some secret stash full of weird deviant porn the previous owner had forgotten about. Morbid curiosity, I guess. Search came up nothing. Searched for picture Files – nothing. Then I searched for movies and one file came up. It was an .avi inside a folder titled “barbie” hidden in the WINDOWS/system32 directory.

    So I played it, now this is where it gets disturbing.

    The movie was about an hour long, and was made up of what seemed like raw exported footage. The footage was of this woman sitting on a chair and talking against a white backdrop. I skipped through most of movie and it was all the same continuous shot. Then I decided to sit though the footage to find out what she was talking about. Fifteen seconds into the footage the audio goes completely bad and her voice is drowned in harsh static/background noise. I couldn’t make out a thing.

    So I imported the footage into final cut and tried to mess with the levels to isolate her voice. It helped a little, but I still couldn’t hear what she was saying. I was intrigued now, and I began to really pay attention to her face and body language. It seems that she’s being asked some kind of questions, because she stops at times to listen, and then continues talking.

    About 15 minutes into the footage, her face begins to redden and contort as if the questions are bothering her… But she continues to answer them anyway. Shortly after she begins to cry. She sobs hysterically for the duration of the film. One of the few words I could lip-read was “skin”. She repeats this word many times throughout the footage and at one point she even pulls at the skin from her arm and mouths the word. She seems to be unhappy with her skin.

    There is much more I have to get off my chest, but it is getting late and I can’t go on. I will share the rest tomorrow. God save my soul.

    It kept on building and building, and about 40 minutes in she’s crying so hard she can barely look at the camera. She stops talking at this point and the rest of the footage is just her crying with her head down. Oddly enough she doesn’t get up or move, the screen just fades to black.

    I was fucking dumbfounded.

    I played the whole thing through many times that night, trying to find inflections and nuances in her movement that would reveal anything else about what was going on. I felt so dissatisfied, I wanted to know more. That’s when I noticed that there was about 10 more minutes left on the timeline after the screen went black, and about 2 minutes in there was more footage.

    The footage was extremely shaky, almost unwatchable, and depicted a pair of legs walking along train tracks. my guess is that camera was accidentally left on as it was being carried somewhere. The person in this footage walks along the train tracks for about 6 minutes and then turns into the forest and walks over what looked like foliage flattened by a piece of plywood. The person continues on this makeshift plywood road until the movie clip ends.

    Now my heart started beating with excitement because there were train tracks a few miles away that looked very similar to the one in the video. I had to check this out.

    I called up my friend Ezra; he’s 6’4 250 pounds of mostly muscle. I convinced him to go on a little adventure with me. I’m no pushover myself, but I felt if was to go wandering in the woods looking for god knows what, extra muscle couldn’t hurt. This whole idea of investigating this video had me so excited I couldn’t sleep.

    The next morning on a sunny Saturday, I took my flashlight, my camera, and my 7 inch ka-bar with a matte black finish and serrated edge and went to pick up Ezra. When I got to his house he wasn’t even awake. When I woke him he pretty much told me to fuck off. I was already packed and I had mentally prepared myself to do this so I decided to go through with it without him. I parked my car at the train station, took my stuff, and hopped onto the tracks.

    After walking for about two hours, I saw a broken piece of plywood and my knees almost buckled with excitement. I searched the nearby foliage, and there it was: a little plywood trail leading into the forest.

    I walked slowly along the trail, paying close attention to everything. I would stop occasionally, kneel down, and listen for anything or anyone… but it was so quiet. This was one of the most nerve-racking things I’ve ever done. I didn’t know what to expect at the end of this trail.

    The dense tree line gave way into a little island of grassy field, and then I saw it, a house being consumed by the forest. From the looks of it no one had lived there for 20, maybe 30 years. I got my camera and snapped a few pics. A few yards away from the house was a tool shed made of rusty sheet metal. I just sat there among the trees for a while, absorbing everything.

    I didn’t want to go into the open field, I had this bad feeling that something would see me.

    It took me a while to muster the courage to up to the house. The door was partly opened. I pushed it in with the flashlight and was relieved that the inside was actually very well-lit. I put my flashlight away, got my camera and took a few more pics. There was no furniture. The floor was riddled with bricks and wood and rubble, and some of the walls had huge holes in them. When I went in further to explore, I saw some things that I didn’t pay much mind to in that moment, but now that I think about them in hindsight, they greatly disturb me.

    The first thing that seemed a little odd was that one of the doors in the first room, that I presumed led to the basement, seemed a little too new to be in this house. It was also the only door in the house that was locked. Also, when I made my way up to the second floor, I saw some chairs and a fold-up table that also seemed a little too new to be there. But what disturbed me the most for some reason, was the bathroom. The dust on the mirror had been wiped away, and in the bathtub, I saw a clear plastic tarp that still had water droplets on it from, when I presume, it was washed clean. That’s when I heard something moan really loud, and that’s when I jumped the fuck out of the second story window and ran back to the tracks.

    Halfway there I realized the moaning was most likely a water pipe expanding or contracting, and that little moment of relief gave into the horror which I felt when I wondered why the water would be running on an abandoned house in the middle of the fucking woods.

    It’s been a little more than 2 months since this happened and I haven’t gone back there, nor do I plan to.


    On April 30, 2010 Yahoo! Answers user Jacque asked about Barbie.avi and, as of June 8, 2016, the question recieved 5 answers with the best answer (by user halo2god) saying they shouldn’t bother with the series.[2] On August 17, 2010, the story was added to the Creepypasta Wiki, and on December 17, 2010 Reddit user b00gielove posted a link to the archived 4chan post in the r/nosleep subreddit.[3] On May 15, 2015 Deviantart user rockergrrl113 posted an analasys of the videos in her journal stating that while the common belief is that the clips came form the 1992 french film Albert souffre and that the woman in the clips was french actress Josephine Fresson, there was no evidence for any of this speculation and that rockergrrl113 had no idea as to the identity of the woman or the origin of the clips.[4]

    Search Interest

    External References

    [1]Wayback Machine (NSFW) – 4chanarchive – /x/ – Creepypasta: barbie.avi

    [2]Yahoo! Answers – Whai is barbie.avi? I can’t find out. ?

    [3]Reddit – barbie.avi

    [4]Deviantart – The Truth Behind Barbie.avi and the Video Origins by rockergrrl113

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  • 06/09/16--09:32: Simone Giertz
  • About

    Simone Giertz is a Swedish inventor who gained much notoriety online for her YouTube channel highlighting various impractical robots, earning her the nickname “Queen of Shitty Robots.”

    Online History

    In October 2012, Giertz launched the @SimoneGiertz[3] Twitter feed, which received more than 42,000 followers in the next four years. On May 12th, her personal site[5] was created. On September 15th, Giertz posted the first video to her YouTube channel, featuring her mechanized catapult invention (shown below).

    On November 4th, 2015, Giertz posted a video titled “The Breakfast Machine,” in which a robot arm spills Cheerios cereal and milk on a table before attempting to feed a spoonful to Giertz (shown below). Within six months, the video gained over 1.38 million views and 730 comments. That day, Giertz submitted the video to the /r/shittyrobots[1] subreddit, where it gathered upwards of 8,700 votes (95% upvoted) and 550 comments prior to being archived. The same day, it reached the front page of the /r/youtubehaiku subreddit.

    On November 11th, Giertz posted a video showcasing an alarm clock that wakes people up by slapping them in the face (shown below, left). On December 16th, she uploaded a video titled “I built a chopping machine,” featuring footage of a vegetable-chopping robot slicing carrots while she reads a newspaper (shown below, right). Within six months, the videos garnered more than 1.2 million and 373,000 views respectively.

    On December 27th, a Facebook[4] page titled “Simone Giertz” was launched. On March 16th, 2016, Giertz posted footage of a robot slamming a mannequin’s head on to a keyboard titled “I made a robot help me argue on the internet” (shown below, left). On May 6th, a video titled “I built a hair washing robot” was uploaded to her channel, featuring her new hair washing robot invention (shown below, right).


    Several online news publications have reported on Giertz’ work, including NPR,[7] BoingBoing,[8] The Inquistr,[9] Motherboard,[10] The Verge,[11] Lifehacker[12] and The Guardian.[13]

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  • 06/09/16--11:31: Sonic Lost World

  • About

    Sonic Lost World is an action-adventure/platform video game developed by Sonic Team for the Wii U, Nintendo 3DS and PC platforms.


    the game was release on October 18, 2013 by the Sonic Team and Dimps.

    h2. Spread

    Development for Lost World started shortly after Sonic Colors was finished and took place over two-and-a-half years. Sonic Team sought to streamline the controls, increase the length, and add more diverse levels compared to previous entries in the series. After reviewing the history of the franchise with Sonic Generations, game producer Takashi Iizuka hoped to “deliver a new experience” with Lost World.

    Notable Examples


    Rated Memes

    Jimmy Lost World

    Jimmy Lost World is a Jimmy Neutron mod for Sonic Lost World on the PC instead of Sonic as the main character its Jimmy Neutron.

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  • 06/09/16--12:30: I'm With Her
  • About

    “I’m With Her” is an official slogan for the 2016 presidential campaign of presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.


    In August 2011, the Clinton campaign unveiled the slogan “I’m With Her” with a series of stickers on the[10] website (shown below).[1]


    In October 2015, Clinton posted a selfie photograph of herself with singer-songwriter Katy Perry on Instagram,[3] along with the caption “#ImWithHer – Katy” (shown below). Within eight months, the post gained over 56,700 likes and 2,000 comments.

    On February 1st, 2016, Lena Dunham posted a video to Facebook titled “#ImWithHer,” in which various female celebrities express their support for Clinton while uttering the campaign slogan (shown below). Over the next five months, the video garnered more than 548,000 views, 8,000 shares and 1,000 comments.

    On February 11th, Redditor SuperMcfunPack submitted a post tiled “Oh no! Hillary Clinton is using #ImWithHer to become the first female president,” which urged Sanders supports to post the hashtag “#ImWithJew!” In five months, the post gathered upwards of 2,300 votes (95% upvoted) on /r/circlejerk.[2] On April 19th, comedian Amy Schumer tweeted a photograph of herself wearing a Hillary Clinton T-Shirt along with the the caption “Said go New York go New York go! #imwithher” (shown below). In two months, the tweet accumulated more than 4,700 likes and 1,200 retweets.

    On May 9th, 2016, Redditor SeriousBlak posted a photoshopped Hillary Clinton tweet mocking various scandals involving Bill Clinton along with the hashtag “#ImWithHer” (shown below). In one month, the post gathered upwards of 6,100 votes on /r/The_Donald[4] (76% upvoted).


    Following Clinton’s Democratic primary election victories held on June 7th, 2016, many news media outlets reported that she had become the Democratic Party’s presumptive nominee. On June 8th, Twitter user @MadBlackThot posted an animated GIF along with the hashtags “#GirlIGuessImWithHer” and “#WhatElseIsThereToDo,” indicating a reluctant support for Clinton following her victories over rival Bernie Sanders (shown below). Within 24 hours, the tweet gathered upwards of 2,200 likes and 1,800 retweets.

    That evening, other former Sanders supporters began posting tweets with “#GirlIGuessImWithHer”[5] (shown below). In the coming days, several news sites reported on the rise of the hashtag, including US News,[6]MSNBC,[7] Wall Street Journal[8] and Time.[9]

    Obama’s Endorsement

    On June 9th, 2016, the Clinton campaigned released a video of United States President Barack Obama endorsing Clinton for president, in which utters the “I’m with her” slogan during the announcement (shown below).

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  • 06/09/16--14:36: "Delete Your Account"
  • About

    “Delete Your Account” is an online slang expression commonly used as an insult by calling on an individual to voluntarily excommunicate him/herself from an online community or social networking site that requires membership registration. It can be seen as the online equivalent of other colloquial expressions like “kill yourself” and “go home.”


    The earliest known usage of the phrase as an insult towards someone on Twitter can be attributed to Darren Mckeeman, who tweeted at @xianvox saying that Myspace would be be a better place without her, on December 24th, 2008.

    However, the expression didn’t gain momentum until January 14th, 2015, when #deleteyouraccount became a globally trending topic for grievances about social media faux pas and attention-seeking behaviors on Twitter.


    On August 28th, 2011, Tumblr user NewYorkCrisis posted an emoji-based Ask Blog survey that lists “delete your account” as one of the possible action commands, whch garnered more than 29,000 notes over the next five years. The original poster’s account has been since deactivated. On November 21st, 2012, Redditor Late_Night_Grumbler commented “delete your account, problem solved” in replying to a /r/AskReddit post titled “If you could get rid of one (ONLYONE) Internet Meme, which one would be.”


    New York Times Pea Guacamole Recipe

    On July 1st, 2015, the New York Times tweeted a recipe article titled “Green Pea Guacamole” by food writer Melissa Clark, which was originally published two years prior. The tweet quickly went viral as the combination of the two was largely perceived as a strange or absurd idea. That same day, David Stroup responded to the original tweet with the phrase “delete your account.”

    Washington Redskins’ Thanksgiving Tweet

    On November 26th, 2015, Washington Redskins of the National Football League tweeted a holiday greeting card bearing its controversial team name and the Native American mascot in celebration of Thanksgiving Day. That same say, Twitter @Say_Janin responded to the NFL team’s tweet with a photoshopped image of a clue from Jeopardy.

    Edward Snowden’s Tweet

    On February 16th, 2016, Jeb Bush tweeted a picture of a monogrammed .45-caliber semi-automatic pistol that he received as a gift after a town hall meeting at FN America, the U.S. subsidiary of the Belgian firearms corporation, along with a one-word caption reading “America.” In response to Jeb Bush’s “America” gun tweet, American whistleblower Edward Snowden tweeted “delete your account,” accruing nearly 16,000 retweets and 25,000 likes.

    Hillary Clinton’s Tweet

    On June 9th, 2016, Donald Trump, the Republican Party’s presumptive presidential nominee tweeted a critical remark about President Barack Obama‘s endorsement of Hillary Clinton, the Democratic Party’s presumptive presidential nominee. In response, Hillary Clinton tersely tweeted back “delete your account.” In less than six hours, Clinton’s tweet garnered over 280,000 retweets and 328,000 likes, while #DeleteYourAccount quickly became a globally trending topic on Twitter.

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    External References

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    Mayte Lara’s “Undocumented” Tweet Controversy refers to the online backlash surrounding a tweet posted by a high school student in Austin, Texas who celebrated her valedictorian honor and other academic accomplishments while identifying herself as an undocumented immigrant after the graduation in early June 2016.


    On June 3rd, 2016, Mayte Lara (@maytelara29[1]), the valedictorian of the graduating class at Crockett High School in Austin, Texas, posted several photographs from her graduation ceremony, along with a celebratory note about her academic accomplishments and scholarships, which she ended by casually revealing that she is an undocumented immigrant from Mexico. (shown below). Over the next several days, the tweet gained over 19,900 likes and 9,400 retweets before the account was deactivated.


    Online Reaction

    After Lara’s tweet began circulating on Twitter, she began receiving insulting tweets calling for her deportation and referring to her as a criminal (shown below).

    On June 5th, Twitter[2] user @cuervo_jones[2] posted a screenshot of a tip submission confirmation on the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement website along with the caption “@maytelara29 I did it legally, nobody should get a short cut” (shown below).

    Meanwhile, other Twitter users posted tweets in support of Lara along with the hashtag #MayteLara[3] (shown below).

    On June 9th, Redditor istilldontknow_1 submitted a screenshot of a /pol/ thread mocking Layte to the /r/4chan[4] subreddit, where it gained over 1,100 votes (95% upvoted) and 180 comments within 24 hours (shown below).

    News Media Coverage

    In the coming days, several news sites published articles about the online controversy, including BuzzFeed,[4]NBC News,[6] NY Daily News,[7] UpRoxx[8] and The Daily Dot.[9]

    Lara’s Response

    On June 9th, the Austin news site Statesman[10] published an interview with Lara, in which she claimed she was documented under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) policy, which allows children of illegal immigrants to work and study in the United States. Additionally, she claimed the purpose of the tweet was “to show that no matter what barriers you have in front of you, you can still succeed.”

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    External References

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  • 06/09/16--16:26: Peanuts

  • About

    Peanuts is syndicated daily and Sunday American comic strip written and illustrated by Charles M. Schulz, which ran from October 2, 1950, to February 13, 2000, continuing in reruns afterward.


    Peanuts had its origin in Li’l Folks, a weekly panel comic that appeared in Schulz’s hometown paper, the St. Paul Pioneer Press, from 1947 to 1950. He first used the name Charlie Brown for a character there, although he applied the name in four gags to three different boys and one buried in sand.

    Rated Memes

    Peanuts Dance

    Peanuts Dance is a popular dance from the Christmas special A Charlie Brown Christmas. people edit this dance for other characters from other cartoon.


    PeanutizeMe is a site for The Peanuts Movie where you make your own peanuts character and Snoopy character vary similar to Powerpuff Yourself.

    “Good Grief”

    Good Grief” is a popular catchphrase said by most of the characters in this popular comic strip.

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  • 06/10/16--09:18: Battleborn
  • About

    Battleborn is a multiplayer first-person shooter (FPS) video game released by 2K Games for the Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One systems. The game is known for its unique combination of traditional FPS-style gameplay with elements taken from multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) games.


    In Battleborn, player’s select a game mode and one of 25 different characters with varying attributes, abilities and play styles. After purchasing equipment for the character with an in-game currency called “shards,” players are spawned into a battleground with a character level of 1. New abilities are unlocked with each level gained by killing enemies and completing various objectives around the map.


    On July 8th, 2014, the game was officially announced with a reveal trailer released by Gearbox Software and 2K Games (shown below).

    In April, beta versions of the game were released for PlayStation 4 and Windows systems, which received upwards of two million participating players. On May 3rd, 2016, Battleborn was released for the Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms.

    Online Presence

    On April 28th, 2014, the BattlebornGame YouTube[8] channel was created, which received more than 34 million video views and 49,900 subscribers in the next three years. On July 8th, the /r/battleborn subreddit was launched for discussions about the game. The same day, the Battleborn Wiki[4] was created, gathering upwards of 195 pages in the next two years. Also on July 8th, a Facebook[6] page titled “Battleborn” was launched. On Twitch,[5] a Battleborn directory page contains links to live streams of the game. As of June 2016, the @Battleborn[7] Twitter feed has accumulated upwards of 108,000 followers.

    Comparisons to Overwatch

    The game is often compared to Blizzard’s team-based FPS game Overwatch due to their similar release dates, use of a first-person perspective and multiplayer gameplay. On May 7th, 2016, YouTuber TotalBiscuit uploaded a video titled “Battleborn vs. Overwatch For Dummies,” which argued that they were “not similar games” (shown below).

    On May 23rd, 2016, FunnyJunk[10] user omegafriend posted a screenshot of a Steam user’s forum post professing a preference for Battleborn over Overwatch along with a photo of a young man wearing a fedora (shown below, left). On May 30th, Tumblr[9] user negyek posted a comic in which the Team Fortress 2 and Overwatch logos team up to beat up a Battleborn logo (shown below, right). Within two weeks, the post gathered upwards of 8,600 notes.

    On YouTube

    On May 3rd, YouTuber CorridorDigital uploaded a live-action comedy sketch in which a group of men perform various “trick shots” using Battleborn weaponry (shown below, left). The same day, YouTuber Delirious uploaded a short animated film based on Battleborn, which gathered upwards of 1.1 million views and 1,700 comments in six weeks (shown below, right).

    On May 10th, the AngryJoeShow channel posted a “rapid fire review” of Battleborn (shown below, left). On MAy 17th, the Smosh Games channel released an “Honest Trailer” for the game (shown below, right).


    Battleborn has received mixed reviews, receiving a score of 70/100 for PlayStation 4[2] and PC[1] versions on the review aggregation website Metacritic.

    Search Interest

    External References

    [1]Metacritic – Battleborn PC

    [2]Metacritic – Battleborn PS4

    [3]Reddit – /r/battleborn

    [4]Wikia – Battleborn

    [5]Twitch – Battleborn

    [6]Facebook – Battleborn

    [7]Twitter – @Battleborn

    [8]YouTube – BattlebornGame

    [9]Tumblr – negyek

    [10]FunnyJunk – Que?

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  • 06/10/16--11:50: Tony Bamanaboni
  • About

    Tony Bamanaboni is a meme that was created by Pyrocynical. He is an insurance salesman who says his name (Tony Bamanaboni) as much as possible. He originally appears in GTA IV.


    It first appeared in Pyro’s video “CS:GO IV”. The video has been viewed 435,505 times (as of June 10th, 2016).


    After its initial posting, it spread to Reddit and people made multiple videos about it on Youtube. None of these were as popular (got as many views) as the video itself. There was also an app created on Google web store about it, made by the GastricChef on May 30th, 2016.

    Various Examples

    Search Interest

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  • 06/10/16--16:34: The "Erratas" Mystery
  • (Work In Progress, help requested.)
    (If somebody knows how, please put this article as a sub-entry of 4chan.)

    General Information

    “Erratas” (Sometimes spelled as “Eratas” to avoid detection) is the name of a supposed computer algorithm which is utilized by major corporations worldwide. This algorithm may be used to remove copyright infringement on websites such as Youtube, and can be seen as a form of mass surveillance. The mystery shrouding “Erratas” comes from how employees of certain companies are supposedly fired if the algorithm’s name shows up in their file search history, and how “Erratas” seems to target and delete any mention of it’s name online. The word “Erratas” (Plural) or “Errata” means “Error” or “Printing mistake” in Latin.
    An anonymous post on 4chan was the first lead, and investigation conducted by a group of anons has turned up many other bizarre leads, including an obscure Bandcamp page, a Hawaiian serial rapist and Jurassic Park. Some anons suggest that the “Erratas” mystery is just an Alternate Reality Game (ARG) or random coincidences.

    First Mentions Of “Erratas” On 4chan

    On November 26, 2015, an anonymous user on 4chan posted a summary of their conversation with a girl about how she was given a “shady” factory job by their temporary agency. The post goes on to say that she picked up a tape gun with the word “Erratas” (Misspelled as “Eratas”) written on it instead of a normal factory department’s name, and they were told by a co-worker to get rid of it, and to never mention the odd name to any supervisors. The co-worker explains that anybody who searched on their computers for the name was “flagged” and fired immediately.

    A month later, on December 19, 2015, another anon posted a question that asked if anyone worked in IT from 2000 to 2010 to find out about some “sketchy program” they’ve heard of from locals, and mentions the name “Erratas” again. A few companies were named that may use the program, such as UPS.

    Discovery of ChronosForLife

    A post was made in /mu/ on January 25, 2016 from a user who wanted to create a new genre of music called “Deep Internet”. Music in this genre would be comprised of snippets and noise from very obscure Youtube videos. A set of links accompanied the description, and one of them led to a Youtube video titled “Youtube is MONITORING and controlling my life”. The video was uploaded on January 23, 2016 by a channel named “ChronosForLife JurassicPark”. In it, the distressed uploader talks about how Youtube and it’s “algorithms” are targeting him and his deceased mother’s tribute videos to the Jurassic Park movies.
    This channel uploaded another video titled “Here goes nothing…”, which claims to be bait for the “Er****s” (Erratas) algorithm to flag and delete. The description reads: “If it flags this one, that’s some spooky shit.”

    A strange discovery was soon made about this video. If one were to turn on Automatic Captions, which are known to create silly sentences out of normal speech and cannot be altered by the uploader or Youtube, an address that reads: “200 Corbin KY 40219” is written in the captions at one point in the video. This is the address listed on the Bandcamp page of “KFC Murder Chicks”, which was recently taken down.

    Another discovery in one of his other videos came in a morse code message near the end of his “Jurassic Park 3 Tribute Re-Upload”. When translated, the message reads: “Hollywood Astral Projection Clinic”. No explanation has been found for this message.

    ChronosForLife uploaded a Q&A video where they answered questions in the comments sections of his other videos(?), but it has since been taken down. However, an anon managed to write a transcript of the video:

    Same Anon here, I just finished typing out a transcript of the video as best I could, and I have to say, things are getting weird. A lot of what he says matches up perfectly with the little that’s mentioned about Erratas in the archived /x/ threads.
    If anyone is able to figure out what the the text said at parts where I wasn’t able to, that’d be great.
    Notes about the transcript: Anything in square brackets are my own notes; " ] " means I couldn’t read multiple words, or that I couldn’t tell if it was multiple words or not and I couldn’t read them; " [?] " means I couldn’t read what I’m pretty sure is just one word; [?] attatched to the end of a word means I’m not completely sure that that’s what that word says; [ attatched to other letters means I could figure out part of the word but part of I couldn’t figure out.

    [start of video]
    I’ve been fairly reluctant to really ask anyone for help since the nature of ] like pre[ classic paranoid nutjob ramblings -
    algorithms controlling things behind the scenes, weird stuff in that vein.
    But I would never waste anyone’s time with stuff like that. In the past couple of years I’ve asked for help from friends in programming and business circles.
    but over time, friendships fade, people move, people stop talking to you. You know the drill.
    As such, I’m very grateful for the help people are giving and I’ll try and answer as many questions as I can here.
    Cork Top writes:
    Q: "So with this video, are you essentially trying to see if this system called “Erratas” or “Eratas” will attempt to take down the video because it’s some system/algorithm that takes down videos that… I don’t know, include the term “Eratas”/“Erratas” in them? Which is why you used asterisks for letters in the word in the description, to see if the system could detect text on videos?"

    A: Thanks for writing, Cork. Yes. I don’t know much about programming or computer systems, so I’m not too savvy about how to trick them. All I really know about Erratas is that it’s used by dozens of companies.
    (“recent”, as in, within the last 5 or 6 years)
    they seem to use it as a copyright-enforcement tool which works as an excellent [?] if you want to take down other things as well.
    But it has its limitations, and I’m fairly sure that my “test video” helped ferret those out. Maybe.
    The original Jurassic Park trilogy is excellent, by the way, I highly recommend it.
    The second film is my favorite, in spite of its flaws.
    Frank Horrigan writes “what is the erratas system? any documentation?”
    A: Thanks ]ing, Frank. “Erratas”[?] is something I [?(I’m not sure if there’s a word here or not)] crossed paths with over the years, and in[scope[?] disturb[??(this word MIGHT be “disturbance,” or it might be “disturbs me”)] …
    The fact that it went after my mom in her twilight years is either evidence of its enormous and uncaring[?] reach in other words, a coincidence, or it means it’s
    specifically still coming after me after all these years, and to be frank, both options freak me out equally.
    3M and Unilever were early adopters, which shows the versatility of the system.
    Too much faith is put into computers in general, and WAY too much faith was put in Erratas. Lots of people lost their jobs.
    And Aaron4420 [referring to a YouTuber who posted on one of his videos], it’s easy to talk shit from behind a computer screen but takes a real man to back it up so suck my dick through a straw

    “Tod Ellsworth”’s Youtube Channel & Twitter Posts

    A channel by the name of Tod Ellsworth uploaded a video on November 21, 2015. Its content is a song by the real and existing band “KFC Murder Chicks”.
    In it’s description, the phrase “Erratas or Rusts” is written at the end of the actual description. No explanation is given for this. It once read “Erratas or Bust”, but it has since been changed to the above wording.

    Tod Ellsworth also has a Twitter page. On it, only three bizarre posts have been made by “him”. The first one is an image of a computer-generated police sketch:

    The identity of this man is an unknown rapist last seen in Maui, Hawaii.

    Connections with ChronosForLife have been suggested after discovering that “Tod Ellsworth” is an anagram for “The Lost World”, as in “Jurassic Park 2: The Lost World”.

    KFC Murder Chicks”’s Bandcamp Page

    The Bandcamp page of “KFC Murder Chicks” has long since disappeared. On it, there were odd paragraphs of text and a reference to “Tod Ellsworth”’s name.

    When questioned about “Erratas” on their Tumblr, which is still up and running, they seemingly confused the name with a Yu-Gi-Oh spell card. However, when asked about their dislike for the post office, they say they’re against the post office due to them being tied to “spying and profiling”.

    A post on “Tod Ellsworth”’s Twitter page describes something similar.

    And lastly, when asked about their favorite movie, they answered with: “I’ve always been a fan of the carnosaur movies.”
    This is speculated to be another link to ChronosForLife.

    Takedown of Exer Erb’s Youtube Channel

    “Exer Erb” was a fairly new channel with a video on “Erratas” that explained the mystery and it’s origins very well. However, their channel disappeared due to being taken down by Youtube and has not resurfaced.
    An uploader named “Toxicologist” has a video which discusses “Exer Erb”’s sudden disappearance.

    Anons Banned By 4chan For Discussing “Erratas”

    The discoveries and clues listed throughout this article were found by a group of anons on 4chan who started a long investigation that spanned months to find information about the “Erratas” algorithm. Midway through April 2016, threads about “Erratas” were deleted one by one and anons who tried to discuss “Erratas” were banned, leading some to believe that “Erratas” was installed on 4chan, and is trying to delete threads mentioning it. One anon was banned for “Copyright Infringement” despite the fact that copyrighted material is posted all the time on 4chan.

    Since then, that group of anons has moved to a thread on 8chan.

    The term “Errata’d” is an in-joke here that’s said whenever something is believed to be affected by "Erratas"’s work.

    External References

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  • 06/10/16--18:30: Spotify Parody Accounts

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  • 06/11/16--05:45: Liru / Wolf Girl With You

  • About

    Wolf Girl With You (alternative title Together With the Wolf Girl) is an eroge developed by Seismic based upon the Renkin 3-kyu Magical Pokaan character Liru.


    Production of the game began in May 11, 2014 by Seismic with a trial version being available on DLsite. A following for for the game grew as the developer continue to update the game, albeit with lengthy periods of inactivity.


    Notable Mention

    Never Ever


    Search Interest

    External Links

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  • 06/11/16--12:21: I Dropped My Hot Pocket
  • About

    “I Dropped My Hot Pocket” refers to a memorable quote from a news report about local shootings in which a local resident says “I dropped my hot pocket” when asked how he reacted to the sound of the gunshots. The quote is frequently used in various Vine remixes.


    On May 12th, 2016, the local news channel Region 8 aired a report on 7 shootings that happened on May 11th, 2016. The report contained an interview with two local residents named “Robert Moss” and “Merrendes Jackson”. In the interview Merrendes states that he dropped his hot pocket after he heard the shootings, and says the quote “I dropped my hot pocket.”


    On May 15th, 2016, Reddit user thatdudeman52 posted the interview to the subreddit /r/videos, where it gained over 4,700 upvotes in under a month. On May 16th, 2016, Vine user viral shark media posted a Vine combining the quote with Snoop Dogg’s 2004 song “Drop It Like It’s Hot” (shown below, left). The Vine gained over 3 million loops and 79 thousand likes in under a month. On May 18th, 2016, Vine user lol adam posted a Vine combining the quote with Kanye West’s 2011 song “Monster” (shown below, right). The Vine gained over 290 thousand loops and 11 thousand likes in under a month.

    Various Examples

    Search Interest

    External References

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  • 06/11/16--14:49: HEAA Kid
  • About

    HEAA Kid” and “Truk Life Kid” are nicknames to a young boy wearing a “truk life” shirt who demonstrates how he was having sex last night before screaming “HEAA”.


    The first known video of the kid was a YouTube video titled “Nigga I fuck this bitch last night tho”, uploaded to YouTube by TheCod Hub on September 24th, 2014. The video has since gained over 27 thousand views in under 2 years.


    On February 7th, 2016, Vine user stfu kyle posted a shortened version of the video to Vine (shown below, left). The vine has since gained over 3 million views and 56 thousand likes in over 4 months. On May 1st, 2016, Vine user wumbo del ray posted a Vine combining the song Lean On by Major Lazor and Dj Snake with the HEAA kid. The Vine has since gained over 1.6 million views and 45 thousand likes in over a month. (shown below, right)

    On April 24th, 2016, Vine user Josh Burke posted a Vine combining the song Paper Planes by M.I.A. with the HEAA kid. The Vine has since gained over 570 thousand loops and 14 thousand likes in over a month (shown below, left). On April 29th, 2016, Vine user viral shark media posted a Vine combining the song Meeting in My Bedroom by Silk with the HEAA kid. The vine has since gained over 500 thousand loops and 15 thousand likes in over a month (shown below, right).

    Various Examples

    Search Interest

    External References

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