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  • 03/31/16--23:54: E
  • E

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  • 04/01/16--01:20: THIS FUCKING ASSHOLE
  • This asshole stole your waifu and made out with her and you’re just gonna sit there and let this fucking asshole do more then that.

    This asshole thinks he knows everything, he supports only himself and bad enough, he is running for president, he hates cats and dogs and hates video games, anime and any other fictional thing ever, he even hates this site. He serves in a religion of pure assholery. This asshole hates everything.

    This asshole is stupid enough to call himself fleek and other stupid words that are so old.

    You need to kick this asshole’s ass so badly that he won’t be able to sit down..

    Now go out there and do it.

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  • 04/01/16--03:53: S E M E M
  • fug off noob :DDD

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    Juxtaposition in the Researching Now section refers to the order of the five entries that are in the Researching Now section on KnowYourMeme to resemble vertical posting.


    Particle Mare wasted her time by making 4 entries: “M”, “E”, “M”, “E”, “S” and had them as “researching”. Le Noob came along and created an entry titles “Memes”, removed the “M” entry and had the “Memes” entry as researching.

    External Reference

    [1]Riff-Raff – We did it Reddit!

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  • 04/01/16--07:22: pachirisu
  • He’s bad.

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    You fuckers will confirm anything.

    I SeNt An EmAiL tO pAtRiCk KlEpEk
    h-here i go…

    Fuck you.
    Your support of an awful person like Alison Rapp is abhorrent and using her firing for having a second job to further your plight against a non-existent issue shows that you truly are not fit to be a journalist. Instead of writing that someone was let go of Nintendo, you needed more ammo to smear GG with, so you created a story that she was “harassed” by them, instead of the real story of people being upset with her support of child pornography traffickers and other things. When the actual story came out that Nintendo fired her for having a second job (which may or may not of been over inappropriate pictures she took, speculation), you backpedalled and said you weren’t wrong, but it was just a “developing story”, instead of telling the truth that you made up facts to help solidify your paranoid delusion that “misogynistic gaming nerds are out to harass all women in gaming”.
    You work for one of the absolute worst “news” sites on the Internet, with a list of unethical behavior the size of a dump truck, and you should be ashamed of that. Calling yourself a “Senior Editor” is laughable, when Kotaku is at best a mediocre rehash of other news sites and at worst a fringe extremist blog that only uses video games as a means to push forward a bizarre anti-consumer agenda.

    So yes, to reiterate:

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  • 03/29/16--10:12: Curb Your Enthusiasm
  • About

    Curb Your Enthusiasm is an American television sitcom produced and broadcast by HBO that began airing on October 15th, 2000. Created by Larry David, the co-creator of the 90s popular TV sitcom Seinfeld, the series is centered around a fictionalized version of the comedian as a semi-retired TV producer and follows his day-to-day social interactions with his family, friends and colleagues in Los Angeles, California.


    In continuation from the eponymous hour-long comedy special, the TV series stars Larry David as a fictionalized version of himself, who has a celebrity reputation in the entertainment industry as the co-creator and main writer of the 90s sitcom Seinfeld, living in an affluent neighborhood of Los Angeles with wife Cheryl (played by Cheryl Hines), and co-stars Jeff Garlin as his close friend, Jeff Greene, Susie Essman as Greene’s temperamental wife, Susie, and later on, J. B. Smoove as Larry’s accidental roommate, Leon Black. In addition to the recurring cast members, the show is well-known for frequent cameo appearances by popular celebrities and public figures, including actors, comedians, athletes and politicians, all of whom play caricaturized versions of themselves.


    The concept for the show originated from Larry David: Curb Your Enthusiasm, a single-episode HBO mockumentary special that aired on October 17th, 1999, which is centered around a fictionalized version of Larry David who tries to make a comeback as a stand-up comedian with his own hour-long HBO special after many years of hiatus. Following the successful reception of the comedy special, the idea was further developed into a TV series with the same name, which began airing on October 15th, 2000. Since its premiere, the show ran for eight seasons in a total of 80 episodes over the course of the next decade, before it was placed on indefinite hiatus in 2011.


    From the beginning, the series has been met with mostly positive reception and widely regarded as one of the most critically acclaimed TV shows of the 2000s, with Metacritic consistently rating the series a score of 80 and above and many others praising its high quality of screenwriting, use of improvisational comedy and bold sense of humor previously unseen in Seinfeld. Over the course of its run, the series has received a total of 39 Primetime Emmy Award nominations, five Golden Globe Award nominations and four Screen Actors Guild Awards (SAG) nominations, among others.


    Aside from the official HBO website for the TV show and the Facebook page, the latter of which has over 1.4 million likes, Curb Your Enthusiasm maintains little branded presence in the social media; however, the show is still widely celebrated online through several fan blogs on Tumblr[4][5][7] and Twitter,[12][17], a devoted subreddit[14] on Reddit, as well as various collections of animated GIFs and still shots featuring memorable quotes from the show that can be found on Tumblr[7], Giphy[6], Pinterest[8] and BuzzFeed.[9]


    Related Memes

    “Because of Parkinson’s”

    On September 11th, 2011, HBO aired an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm titled “Larry vs. Michael J. Fox,” guest starring Michael J. Fox as himself. The episode featured a number of jokes on the topic of Parkinson’s disease, including a scene where an annoyed Fox gives Larry David a shaken soda drink, claiming it was due to the illness.

    Theme Song Remixes

    Online, the show’s opening and closing theme song, “Frolic” by Italian composer Luciano Michelini, has been used as background music for comedic effect in FAIL or cringeworthy videos that illustrate Seinfeld-like dilemmas and socially awkward situations, with one of the earliest viral instances stemming from a remix of Steve Harvey’s mix-up of the winning pageant at the Miss Universe ceremony event in December 2015.

    On March 24th, 2016, Dan Brill and Phillip Pastore, New York City-based ad agency copywriters, launched Curb Your Enthusiasm[10], an audio-video mashup generator website that allows its user to create custom remix videos by cueing the tune during playback of any YouTube clip.

    Search Interest

    External References

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  • 03/29/16--10:13: Run Away With Me
  • About

    “Run Away with Me” is a 2015 pop song written and performed by Canadian singer-songwriter Carly Rae Jepsen that was released as the second single from her third studio album Emotion. In late February 2016, the saxophone arrangement from the opening of the song inspired a series of remix videos on Vine.


    On July 17th, 2015, “Run Away with Me” was released as the second single off Jepsen’s album Emotion. The same day, the CarlyRaeJepsen VEVO YouTube channel uploaded the official music video for the track, which gathered upwards of 17.8 million views and 7,500 comments in the next eight months (shown below).


    On August 20th, 2015, the Trap Nation YouTube channel uploaded a trap remix of the song (shown below, left). On December 1st, YouTuber Brenda Hikaru posted an anime music video set to “Run Away with Me” (shown below, right).

    On December 7th, the Sims Community YouTube channel uploaded a version of the track sung in the fictional language Simlish from The Sims video game series (shown below).

    On Vine

    On February 4th, 2016, Viner T. Kyle posted a clip from the cartoon series Regular Show with “Run Away with Me” dubbed over the background audio (shown below, left). On February 17th, Viner Dean MS posted a video clip of several young people dancing outdoors to the song with the caption “me and my friends at a Carly Rae Jepsen show” (shown below, right). Over the next two months, both videos gained over 2 million loops and 700,000 revines.

    On March 3rd, Viner DiscreetLationo posted a short clip of actress Jennifer Garner playing a saxophone with the opening sax melody from “Run Away with Me” playing in the background (shown below, left). On March 21st, Viner T. Kyle posted a dubbed video of singer Rihanna handing a mic to an audience member who begins to sing “Run Away with Me” (shown below, right). Later that month, several news sites published articles about the Vine remix series, including BuzzFeed,[1] NY Mag,[2]MTV[3] and NME.[4]

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    External References

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  • 03/30/16--08:52: #BernieMadeMeWhite
  • About

    #BernieMadeMeWhite is a hashtag used to joke about the media’s representation of Bernie Sanders supporters as Caucasian during the 2016 Democratic Presidential Primary. The hashtag became popular after media reports of Sanders victories depicted diverse states, including Hawaii, as being “white and rural.”


    On March 26th, 2016, Bernie Sanders won the Democratic Caucuses in Washington, Hawaii, and Alaska. In his article on the victories, CNN’s Chris Moody wrote:[1]

    These caucus states -- largely white and rural -- are the type of places Sanders traditionally does well. In order to win the nomination, he must replicate this success in other, more ethnically diverse states that hold primaries, as he did in Michigan last month.

    Many online took offense at the statement, especially residents of Hawaii, where the white non-hispanic population is just 26.7% according to the United States Census.[2] In one Twitter exchange about the remarks the following day, Twitter user tokyobrainstorming (Real name: Leslie Lee III),[3] wrote that ever since he had voted for Sanders, he had become so white that he was “bingewatching Friends.”[4] He also used the hashtag #BernieMadeMeWhite; the tweet was retweeted 668 times and favorited over 1,900 times.


    Shortly after tokyobrainstorming’s tweet became popular, user Chris420Redmond tweeted the hashtag along with two screenshots from CNN– one of the above text, and one from two months earlier, calling Alaska, specifically Anchorage, the “most diverse place in America” – this tweet received 1,000 retweets and almost 1,000 likes.

    At 5:37 pm, user welknett posted a tweet reading “This isn’t a picture of two friends, it’s actually a before and after voting for Bernie pic,” along with a photograph of a black woman and a white woman embracing. This tweet received 2,074 retweets and 4,688 likes.

    As of 8:25 pm, according to Trendinalia, the hashtag #BernieMadeMeWhite was the top trending topic in the United States, and the 10th top trending topic that day. It was the 47th top trending topic the next day, on March 28th, 2016. The hashtag was covered by NPR, Salon, and the Washington Post, among other major news outlets; notably, it was absent from CNN.

    Notable Examples

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    External References

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  • 03/30/16--11:18: Bill Nye Tho

  • About

    Bill Nye Tho is a parody Twitter account created by comedy writer Lucas Gardner,[11] which features tweets written from the perspective of a stoner character based on the persona of American science educator Bill Nye. The tweets typically contain made-up scientific factoids and other humorous musings.


    In July 2012, Gardner created the @Bill_Nye_tho[12] Twitter feed, which gathered upwards of 131,000 followers over the next four years.


    On July 17th, a corresponding single topic Tumblr[1] for the Twitter account was created to archive the tweets. Two days later, the Twitter feed was temporarily suspended for impersonating a public figure. On July 22nd, a compilation of notable tweets from the feed were highlighting in a listicle on Buzzfeed.[2] On September 8th, the account posted the tweet “do u ever just stop and say damn most of me is water,” gathering more than 5,000 retweets and 1,900 likes in the next four years (shown below, right).[12]

    That month, Twitter suspended the account a second time. At the time of the suspension, @Bill_Nye_tho had attracted nearly 200,000 followers and was gaining between 2,000 and 3,000 retweets per post.[4] It was revealed that month the account was run by Laughspin[15] writer Lucas Gardner who told the tech news blog Betabeat[5] that he had no intention in pursuing the account again after its second suspension.

    “I’m just going to let @bill_nye_tho be dead, whether they unsuspend it or not. It had a good enough run, and to be honest, I was pretty fresh out of ideas anyway.”

    Also that month, a secondary Twitter account @Bill_Nye__Tho[10] was launched for the character (shown below, left) and a[6] petition was launched to repeal the suspension (shown below, right).

    In August, The Chive[3] posted a compilation of notable @Bill_Nye_tho tweets. On December 24th, Redditor 42ismyluckynumber posted a screenshot of a Bill Nye Tho tweet asking why a group of squids isn’t called a “squad” (shown below, left). Prior to being archived, the post garnered upwards of 1,700 votes (83% upvoted) and 120 comments on /r/funny.[16] On October 23rd, 2013, the original account was restored (shown below, right).[14] On December 10th, 2014, a Facebook[17] page titled “The Best of Bill Nye Tho” was launched, which gained over 138,000 likes in two years.

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  • 03/30/16--14:14: Sleeping Squidward
  • About

    Sleeping Squidward, also known as Squidward’s Open Eyes, refers to a photoset featuring two images of the SpongeBob SquarePants character Squidward opening and closing his eyes. Online, it is frequently used as a reaction image to convey feelings of shock upon remembering an assigned task that has not been completed.


    The images of Squidward’s eyes originate from a scene in the episode “Home Sweet Pineapple”, in which Squidward wakes up in shock after realizing SpongeBob is sleeping next to him (shown below).

    SpongeBob Bahasa Indonesia Home Sweet Pineapple…by ouiliam

    On July 2nd, 2010, Facepunch forum user Liquid Sausage submitted a thread contest featuring the image.[1]


    On November 15th, 2015, a post of the image of Squidward with his eyes closed accompanied by the words “When you’re about to go to sleep and you remember you have homework” was posted to the subreddit /r/squidwardIRL.[4] The post has since gained over 20 upvotes in four months.

    On February 3rd, 2016, Facebook page Special meme fresh posted an edit of the image with Squidward with three eyes. The post has since gained over a thousand likes on Facebook.[2] The image was subsequently reposted on Special Meme Fresh’s Tumblr blog, where it garnered over 12,000 notes.[3]

    Various Examples

    Search Interest

    External References

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    Alison Rapp’s Harassment Controversy refers to the online backlash directed toward former Nintendo employee Alison Rapp that occurred in response to her public statements regarding social justice,GamerGate and child pornography. While Rapp accused members of GamerGate of targeting her for harassment, many GamerGaters denied involvement and claimed anti-child pornography activists on 8chan’s /revolt/ board were responsible for the campaign.


    In November 2014, Rapp posted tweets arguing that misandry does not exist (shown below). On February 5th, 2015, Redditor godpiggy submitted screenshots of the tweets to /r/KotakuInAction[13] in a post titled “Nintendo Marketer Alison Rapp doesn’t think Sexism against Men can Exist.”

    On January 21st, 2016, Rapp posted tweets[12] saying that “video games are not the most important things in the world” and said those who want to have “intelligent convos about games” must familiarize themselves with “life & intersectional social issues” (shown below). That day, the tweets were posted to the /r/KotakuInAction[9] subreddit, where they received upwards of 1,800 votes (90% upvoted) and 550 comments.

    Notable Developments

    Child Pornography Essay

    On February 25th, 2016, an article was submitted to the blogging platform Medium[1] titled “Nintendo’s Public Relations Employee Alison Rapp Now Vocal for Pedophiles,” which reported that Rapp penned an essay in 2012 titled “Speech We Hate: An Argument for the Cessation of International Pressure on Japan to Strengthen Its Anti-Child Pornography Laws.”[2] In the essay, Rapp argues for “less strict legislation” against the possession of child pornography and that Japan’s consent laws were influenced by Western imperialism. Additionally, the article highlighted a tweet by Rapp in which she appears to defend a man who had been arrested for child pornography (shown below).

    After the article was published, many began calling for Rapp’s termination from Nintendo. On February 29th, “Zoe Post” author Eron Gjoni tweeted[10]“Attempting to get people fired for holding problematic views is exactly the stort of thing you’re supposed to be against” (shown below). That day, the tweet was submitted to /r/KotakuInAction,[11] where many claimed the campaign against her was being led by members of the /revolt/ board on 8chan rather than GamerGate.

    Termination from Nintendo

    On March 30th, Rapp posted a tweet announcing her employment with Nintendo had been terminated, along with several tweets speculating that the decision was made due to a harassment campaign led by GamerGate (shown below).

    Meanwhile, a post titled “Fuck GamerGate: Rapp terminated by Nintendo” reached the front page of the /r/GamerGhazi[8] subreddit. Later that same day, Nintendo responded to Rapp’s Twitter comments by issuing an official statement to the press[16], in which the company flat out denied any alleged connection between the termination of her employment and the Twitter feud she had become embroiled in, while offering an explanation that she was fired because she was “moonlighting” with a second job, a violation of the company’s internal policy.

    “Alison Rapp was terminated due to violation of an internal company policy involving holding a second job in conflict with Nintendo’s corporate culture. Though Ms. Rapp’s termination follows her being the subject of criticism from certain groups via social media several weeks ago, the two are absolutely not related. Nintendo is a company committed to fostering inclusion and diversity in both our company and the broader video game industry and we firmly reject the harassment of individuals based on gender, race or personal beliefs. We wish Ms. Rapp well in her future endeavors.”

    In the coming days, several news sites published articles about the firing, including Kotaku, Breitbart,[4] The Verge,[5] The Guardian,[6]IBI Times[7] and The Mirror.[14] Also March 31st, Redditor AzraelBane published a “Alison Rapp Megathread” to /r/KotakuInAction.[15] Meanwhile, YouTuber Its Becky Boop published a video about the incident, providing a timeline of the events that transpired (shown below).

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    External References

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  • 04/01/16--11:20: 2016 April Fools' Day
  • Background

    On April 1st, 2016, various websites and online services released gag videos, products and features in honor of April Fools’ Day.

    Notable Developments


    On March 31st, Google released a new button on Gmail titled “Mic Drop,” which would reply to an email with an animated GIF of a Minion, a recurring character in the Despicable Me_ film franchise, dropping a mic when pressed. After receiving many reports[2] from users who accidentally hit the button instead of “Send,” Google removed the prank feature.[1] Also on March 31st, the Official Gmail Blog[3] unveiled a new “Smart Reply” feature, which suggests various emojis to send in place of “boring text replies.”

    Additionally, promotional videos for Google’s Cardboard Plastic “actual reality” device (shown below, top, left), a parody of virtual reality devices, the “realBooks” product (shown below, top, right), the self-driving bike (shown below, bottom, left) and the Google Photos emoji search (shown below, bottom, right) were released on YouTube.

    On April 1st, Google Maps unveiled Groovy Maps, featuring the Google Maps mascot Pegman dressed in 1970’s disco-themed apparel (shown below).

    The same day, YouTube unveiled its the “SnoopaVision” feature for select videos, allowing users to view 360 degree videos of rapper Snoop Dogg watching popular YouTube videos in a movie theater (shown below).

    Duolingo Pillow

    The language learning platform Duolingo[5] posted ads for a new pillow device that helps people learn languages while they sleep (shown below).

    Mark Zuckerberg for H&M

    The clothing retailer H&M unveiled a prank clothing line by FacebookCEO Mark Zuckerberg (shown below).

    McDonald’s MmmBox

    The fast food chain restaurant company McDonald’s launched a promotional website for a fake “MmmBox”[7] monthly subscription service for deliveries of lunch boxes for various lifestyles, including “The Artisan,” “The Ribster” and “The Minimalist” (shown below).


    The food delivery website GrubHub[4] unveiled the ride-share service Grüber, which allows people to “hitch rides with Grubhub’s existing delivery drivers” as a parody of the on-demand taxi service Uber.


    The adult entertainment website PornHub changed the site’s homepage to “CornHub,” featuring various videos of corn being “shucked,” “plowed” and “popped.”

    4chan Google+

    The imageboard 4chan was redesigned to appear as if it were the social networking site Google+, assigning random names to each anonymous user.

    Hearthstone: The MMO

    The video game studio Blizzard posted a video for a new “epic game from Blizzard Entertainment” based on the World of Warcraft-inspired online game card Hearthstone.

    Reddit’s Robin

    Reddit unveiled a new page containing a single button with a red robin, while takes users to a chatroom upon being clicked where they can vote to either “Abandon,” “Stay” or “Grow” (shown below).[8]

    External References

    [1]Blogspot – Introducing Gmail Mic Drop

    [2]Gmail Help Forum – Send and Drop Mic

    [3]Blogspot – Official Gmail Blog

    [4]PR Newswire – Grubhub Launches Gruber

    [5]Duolingo – Duolingo Pillow

    [6]MarkForHM – Mark Zuckerberg for H&M

    [7]McDonalds – MmmBox

    [8]Reddit – Join Robin

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  • 04/01/16--15:51: Robin
  • About


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  • 04/01/16--22:22: Are Ya Winning, Son?
  • About

    Are Ya Winning, Son? is a phrase used in badly drawn images of a father walking into his son’s room. In them, the son is often using virtual reality tehcnology to masturbate.


    The earliest known usage (below) was on March 21st, 2014 by FunnyJunk user Aejax with the text “This is the future you chose”.[1] It obtained nearly 1,000 score in 2 years.


    On September 19th, 2015, Tumblr user eva-420 reblogged a variation (below).[2] While you cannot access the original, surviving reblogs indicate it obtained over over 2,600 notes in about 5 months.

    On September 22nd, 2015, FunnyJunk user magmamax posted a series of images (below) where the son had committed suicide with the text “he doesn’t win at life”.[3] It obtained over 550 score in about 6 months.

    On that set of images, on the same day, hxhmaniac commented “now i feel bad” a variation[4] that had Jotaro Kujo from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. It obtained 100 score in about 6 months.

    Various Examples

    External References

    [1]FunnyJunk – Earliest known usage / March 21st, 2014

    [2]Tumblr – The only moral action is the minimization of entropy / September 19th, 2015

    [3]FunnyJunk – Suicide set / September 22nd, 2015

    [4]FunnyJunk – Comment on the suicide set / September 22nd, 2015

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  • 04/02/16--16:00: Alt-right
  • About

    The alt-right refers to those who identify with an anti-establishment segment of the right-wing and conservative political movements within the United States. The group is known for its support of 2016 Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump and vehement opposition to multiculturalism, feminism and socialism. Many within the alt-right identify as paleoconservative,[1] sharing a common distaste with neoconservatism. Online, many consider 4chan’s /pol/ (politics) board to have a strong alt-right presence.


    One of the earliest known uses of the term “alternative right” in the context of anti-establishment conservatism was in an address delivered by American political philosopher Paul Gottfried to the H.L. Mencken Club’s Annual Meeting titled “The Decline and Rise of the Alternative Right.” In April 2010, the blog Alternative Right[6] was launched by paleoconservatives Richard Spencer and Colin Liddell, running for several years until it was shutdown in 2013.

    Online Presence

    On Spetember 4th, 2015, YouTuber Walt Bismarck posted a parody music video of the song “Under the Sea” from the Disney animated film The Little Mermaid titled “On the Alt Right” (shown below, left). On October 31st, YouTuber ramzpaul posted a video titled “We are the Alt Right” (shown below, right).

    On March 23rd, YouTuber Sargon of Akkad posted a video titled “An Honest Look at the Alt Right” (shown below).

    On /pol/



    On December 27th, 2015, BuzzFeed[3] published an article which identified the alt-right as a “white nationalist” movement. On January 21st, 2016, manosphere blogger
    Roosh V published an article on his blog Return of Kings[5] titled “5 Serious Problems With The Alt Right Movement.” On March 29th, Breitbart[4] published an article by staff writers Allum Bokhari and Milo Yiannopoulos titled “An Establishment Conservative’s Guide to the Alt-Right,” which described different segments within the alt-right subculture.

    Notable Figures

    Donald Trump

    2016 Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump is often praised by the alt-right for being an anti-establishment conservative politician or “Washington outsider.”

    Milo Yiannopoulos

    British journalist Milo Yiannopoulos is often grouped with the alt right, mostly for his support of Donald Trump’s presidency and for being an outspoken critic of third-wave feminism.

    Related Memes


    Cuckservative, a portmanteau of cuck (or cuckold) and conservative, is a pejorative political ephitet often used by the alt-right when referring to mainstream conservatives that they accuse of being tolerant or open-minded towards some or all aspects of liberal values.

    Search Interest

    External References

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  • 04/03/16--14:34: Miitomo
  • About

    Miitomo is a free-to-play social networking app made by Nintendo for Android and iOS. It allows players to converse using “Miis”, Nintendo’s avatars, by having their Mii ask them questions and then the Mii repeats the answers when it is asked by another player’s Mii. It is Nintendo’s first mobile app.


    Miitomo was revealed on October 29th, 2015, during a briefing for investors in Tokyo. It was described as a free-to-play social networking app which is ideal for people who are hesitant to reveal information about themselves to others by having the Mii ask the questions and then relay the answers to their friends. It was originally slated for a Fall 2015 launch.[1] Its release was delayed, coming out on March 17th for Japan,[2] and March 31st, 2015 in the U.S. and UK. [3]


    Users are able to answer questions their Mii gives them, dress up their Mii, take pictures of their Mii, play minigames, add friends through Facebook, Twitter, and close-range technology; and comment on friend’s pictures and answers to questions.

    Search Interest

    External References

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  • 04/04/16--12:49: Panama Papers Leak
  • Overview

    The Panama Papers Leak refers to a massive disclosure of 11.5 million documents obtained from the Panamanian law firm and corporate service provider Mossack Fonseca & Co., which revealed how businesses, government officials and other high-profile figures were using fake companies to evade taxes and cover up various other criminal activities, including bribery, fraud, drug trafficking and human trafficking.


    In early April 2016, a collection of over 11.5 million records were released by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ),[1][4] the German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung and upwards of 100 news organizations. According to the Panama Papers website, the 2.6 terabyte set of documents collected since the 1970s were initially obtained by Süddeutsche Zeitung in 2015 from an anonymous source. The leak revealed that the firm Mossack Fonseca & Co. had been creating fake offshore businesses for various companies and heads of states from Argentina, Iceland, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Ukraine, Georgia, Iraq, Jordan, Qatar, Sudan and Moldova.[11] Additionally, other government officials, athletes, celebrities and their close associates were named from over 30 countries. According to the “Data Methodology”[5] page on the Panama Papers site, the “full list of companies and people linked to them” will be released in May 2016. That day, the ICIJ released a video on YouTube about the leaks, which noted that Mossack Fonseca assisted companies involved in supplying fuel to the Syrian war force, bribery, human trafficking and drug trafficking (shown below).

    Notable Developments

    Online Reaction

    Following initial reports of the leak, posts about news reached the frontpage of various subreddits, including /r/explainlikeimfive,[2] /r/news,[8] /r/worldnews[9] and /r/europe.[10] Additionally, the /r/PanamaPapers[3] subreddit was launched for discussions about the leaks, which gained over 28,500 subscribers in the first 24 hours.

    That afternoon, Edward Snowden posted a tweet referring to the documents as the “biggest leak in the history of data journalism” (shown below, left). Meanwhile, Wikileaks tweeted a poll asking if the papers should be made public and searchable (shown below, left).[13] Within 24 hours, the tweets gathered upwards of 26,000 and 6,000 retweets respectively.

    That evening, Redditor amawesome1 submitted a That Would Be Great image macro reacting to the news to /r/AdviceAnimals,[4] where it received upwards of 6,600 votes (91% upvoted) and 400 comments over the next day (shown below, left). On April 4th, Redditor salawm posted a 60s Spider-Man image macro commenting on the scandal (shown below, right).

    Chinese Censorship

    On April 4th, the BBC[6] reported that China appeared to be censoring posts on social media sites about the leaks, which contained information that Chinese President Xi Jinping’s brother-in-law Deng Jiagui had “hundreds of millions” in various offshore assets. The article contained a screenshot of an empty topic page on Sina Weibo for the Panama Papers hashtag (shown below).

    Search Interest

    External References

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    Ayesha Curry’s Slut Shaming Controversy refers to a comment tweeted by the wife of basketball player Stephen Curry which indicated that she believed that women wearing less clothing was wrong or shameful. Many on Twitter responded to the comment, accusing Curry of slut shaming and anti-feminism.


    On December 6th, 2015, Ayesha Curry tweeted “Everyone’s into barely wearing clothes these days huh? Not my style. I like to keep the good stuff covered up for the one who matters” along with three instances of the Face with Tears of Joy emoji. The tweet received 72,100 retweets and 98,801 likes. Shortly after, she tweeted “Just looking at the latest fashion trends. I’ll take classy over trendy any day of the week. #saturdaynightinsight,” which received 15,777 retweets and 23,837 likes.

    The tweets prompted an outcry from many online who found it judgmental for Curry to recommend that women wear less revealing clothing. Many women on Twitter accused Curry of shaming them for dressing in their own style. Celebrities like Khloe Kardashian, Chrissy Teigen, and Roxanne Gay weighed in on both sides of the debate.

    Steph Curry weighed in on the debate by posting a photo of his wife to his Instagram account, calling her “#theinstagator [sic].”

    Notable Developments

    Food Network Television Show

    On March 31st, Food Network announced that it would be creating a show called At Home With Ayesha, starring Curry as she prepared meals, and adapted from her personal YouTube channel Little Lights of Mine, where she often presents content in a cooking-show style.

    A writer from Uproxx was one of the first to break the news, using a still from the above episode of Little Lights of Mine to illustrate the story. User StephenCurrency quoted the news organization’s tweet, adding the phrase ""Add a dash of salt for u hoes," as a way to parody Curry’s previous slut shaming incident. The tweet received 1,539 retweets and 826 likes. StephenCurrency made nine consecutive tweets with similar types of jokes, the most popular of which received over 2,600 retweets and 1,900 likes.

    Others joined in with making fun of Curry’s previous slut shaming. At 11:52 pm, user GeauxGabby tweeted a similarly parodical tweet using another still photograph from Little Lights of Mine which received 3,566 retweets and 2,615 likes. Yet another still was put into circulation by JHatesSports, who tweeted just three minutes before GeauxGabby with another joke.

    Search Interest

    External References

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  • 04/04/16--19:33: Internet Comment Etiquette
  • About

    Internet Comment Etiquette is a YouTube comedy channel run by Erik Hoffstad. [1] The primary focus of the videos is on the internet and its comment system, and how to “properly” comment on a piece of internet media. Erik demonstrates in his videos by leaving horribly offensive comments on other people’s videos.

    Online History

    Erik originally started a YouTube channel titled LetsGOtoCLASS [2], a channel dedicated to sketches and short films. His first video, titled Billys Guitar Lesson [3], was about a guitar teacher trying to come onto and trying to rape his student. It garnered over 95,000 views.

    On May 25th, 2008, the video “Gardening on Salvia” was uploaded, depicting Erik supposedly smoking and getting high on salvia whilst attempting to do a video on gardening (shown top). The video went viral, and as of April 4th, 2016, it has over 2,100,000 views. His sequel, Driving on Salvia, has the same concept but instead of gardening, he is shown driving (shown bottom). As of April 4th, 2016, it has over 2,300,000 views, even more than the first one. Two other videos in the “On Salvia” series were made, titled Gardening on Salvia Part 2 [4] and Writing a Letter to Congress on Salvia. [5]

    The first Internet Comment Etiquette (shown below) was uploaded on February 19th, 2009, where he displayed a “proper” comment on a video of a man showing his recipe for roasted chicken. It was met with positive reception by the YouTube community.

    There were 21 episodes made on the LetsGOtoCLASS channel, one of them being privated.[6]

    On February 17th, 2015 Erik announced he would be moving to a new channel solely for ICE, as he stated that the original purpose of LetsGOtoCLASS was for sketch videos and that with ICE he had strayed away from its original purpose.[7] He came up with a (no longer applicable) schedule, stating that every week he would have a new lesson on Tuesday, a new Subreddit of the Week on Wednesday, and a new Tweets from the Class on Thursday.

    The first video on the channel was “2015 Syllabus”[8], describing the (then) schedule of the new channel. The video was then followed by a “5 day open beta”[9] where viewers could submit any qualms or problems they had with the channel to Erik for him to change before the first official video, titled “Starting a YouTube Channel”[10]

    Jokes within the channel

    “Bounced on my boy’s dick”

    “Bounced on my boy’s dick” is a phrase commonly stated by Erik in the comments that he made as an idiom for him saying that he enjoyed something. This phrase is usually used sarcastically.

    Ted Cruz tweets

    In almost every single episode on the newer Internet Comment Etiquette channel, Erik makes rude and offensive tweets to Texas Senator Ted Cruz, usually mocking him and his policies (example below).


    Skjöldr is the first king of Denmark whom died centuries ago, but has now become a demonic spirit that feeds off of chaos and violence as life energy for him and Helja, the daughter of Loki and the ultimate bringer of chaos.[11] The character tries to inhabit mortal bodies for him to exist within Earth’s realm so that he can be free from his purgatory. Helja is never seen, as she seems to be an invisible spirit. Whenever she is spoken to, the camera zooms in on Skjöldr’s helmet.

    He was first introduced in the episode “People Hurting Themselves” on the LetsGOtoCLASS channel (shown below).

    Skjöldr appears to be based off of a real life half-legend half-real Danish king of the same name, being referenced in several ancient texts and writings, most notably the epic poem Beowulf, where he was titled Scyld.[12] Not much is known about Skjöldr’s mystical powers. He has shown the ability to travel between realms and/or dimensions, such as a “sandworm” dimension, where, “every minute on this Earth is a thousand over there.”[13] In “People Hurting Themselves” Erik writes that Skjöldr is controlled by a “sigul.” Where this sigul is and what it is remains unknown.

    In the show Skjöldr most often writes legends and tales within his internet comments, stating that his mother used to tell them to him when he was a child. These stories are often about infamous YouTube prankster SoFloAntonio. (Example shown below) How he knew about SoFlo and the future of the internet over one thousand years ago is unknown.

    Comment Quiz of the Week

    Occasionally at the end of a video, Erik will ask the viewers to answer a question by choosing one of four possible answers to choose from. The questions and answers are usually absurd, and despite what the title of the segment is called, the correct answer is never given.

    Series List

    Internet Comment Etiquette has several different series, several being one episode. Whether these one-offs will be continued or not is unknown.

    Main Series

    In the main series, Erik focuses on teaching proper manners or “etiquette” on the internet, and how to properly respond to different subjects and situations when the time arises. However, the comments that he leaves are often rude, vulgar, and are the exact opposite of polite. In the series his followers are his students, while he is the teacher, and he occasionally grades his students’ work.

    Getting in the Middle of It

    In this series Erik focuses on “Getting in the middle of it”, where he attempts to barge himself into situations that do not involve him in any way, shape, or form. He doesn’t try to stop the issue at hand, but rather to just leave his mark. Two episodes have been produced as of April 4th, 2016 – one about Martin Shkreli[14], and the other about NBC National News’ raid in the house of the San Bernardino shooters[15].

    Subreddit of the Week

    In this series Erik focuses on bringing public attention to obscure and odd Subreddits. As of April 4th, 2016, only two episodes have been featured, focusing on the subreddits r/cummingonfigurines[16][25] and the now defunct r/beatingwomen2[17][26].

    Tweets from the Class

    This series focuses on his users Tweeting him questions, media, remarks, or anything else that might warrant a response from Erik.[18]

    Website Spotlight

    This series is similar to Subreddit of the Week in that it features a notable website to bring attention to, whether good or bad. The first episode in the series focuses on [24], which was a blog that Erik had created himself for people to submit pictures of businessman and 2016 presidential candidate Donald J. Trump having intercourse with various beings and objects.

    Internet Cold Cases

    Only one video belongs to this series as of April 4th, 2016. The video, “Who Killed HitchBot?” (shown below) focuses on the death of the beloved HitchBOT, whom was mysteriously found destroyed. Erik makes several assumptions as to who the murderer could be, before being interrupted by HitchBOT who appears on his computer screen. He informs Erik that it was Ted Cruz who killed him. Erik promptly writes a tweet to Cruz, but is then shot in the head with a bullet in the middle of writing it.

    Backwards Friday

    A one-off series (and the supposed 40th in the entire series) as of April 4th, 2016 where Erik supposedly does everything the exact opposite of how he is supposed to do it. He states in this that his primary goal is to offend the creators of the videos, yet he ends up leaving abnormally polite and insightful comments as opposed to his normal rude and unwarranted remarks made within the usual videos. (Video shown below)


    Erik’s videos are met with almost 100% positive reactions, and he is well liked for his takes on on several touchy subjects such as racism, terrorism, politics, SJWs, and more.

    He has collaborated with a few other YouTubers, most notably Jack Dougulass of Jacksfilms[19], making a cameo in Your Grammar Sucks #100[20] and more recently in Top 10 Worst Flags in the World[21].

    Internet Comment Etiquette currently has over 100,000 subscribers, as of April 4th, 2016[1]. His Patreon as of April 4th, 2016 has him making over $470 per video/lesson.[22]

    Personal Life

    Outside of YouTube, not much is known about Erik. He has had an acting career, most notably on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia where he appeared in season 8 episode 8, “Charlie Rules the World.”[23]

    Search Interest

    External Links

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