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  • 12/11/12--10:27: IKEA Monkey
  • About

    IKEA Monkey is the nickname given to a Japanese snow macaque named Darwin that was found loose wearing a coat at a Canadian IKEA store in December of 2012.


    Twitter user Bronwyn Iler Page tweeted a photograph of a Japanese snow macaque monkey wearing a shearling coat at an IKEA store in Toronto, Canada on December 9th, 2012. Within three days, the tweet received over 415 retweets and 158 favorites.

    The same day, Twitter user Lisa Lin tweeted a new photograph of the same monkey standing in front of a window at IKEA, receiving over 120 retweets and 40 favorites within the next three days.


    As the photograph of the monkey began spreading online, the @Ikea_Monkey novelty Twitter account was created, which posted tweets from the perspective of the juvenile macaque.

    That same day, Gawker[1] published an article titled “Shearling Coat-Wearing Monkey Found Wandering Around Canadian Ikea,” which reported that the monkey was roaming the store for an hour before animal control arrived. The article was later updated to include tweets from Tom Podolec of CTV News, who reported that the six-month-old macaque would not be returned to its owners.

    On December 10th, Redditor toucher submitted Bronwyn Page’s photograph of the monkey to the /r/WTF[6] subreddit, where it received over 18,700 up votes and 440 comments within 24 hours.

    External References

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  • 12/11/12--12:57: Rich Kids of Instagram
  • (WIP)


    Rich Kids of Instagram is a single topic blog that showcases images taken with the photo sharing app Instagram by the presumably wealthy due to luxury items or lavish settings.


    The single topic blog Rich Kids of Instagram[1] began on July 13th, 2012 to showcase and critique lavish lifestyles of some teenagers who share photos on the app. The anonymous owners of the blog encourage Instagram users to use the hashtag #rkoi to collect the photos. Within two weeks, 1228 Instagram photos had the hashtag.[2]


    The blog was featured on the NY Daily News[3], Buzzfeed[4], the Atlantic Wire[5] and the Huffington Post[6], who published a quote from one of the teens whose photo was featured on the blog. Ninteen year old Annabel Schwartz, who was shown vacationing in Saint-Tropez, told reporters she was embarrassed to have her photo on the site, saying her and her friends “consider themselves to be a lot more substantial than their father’s credit card.”

    On August 14th, CNBC[7] published an article titled “‘Rich Kids of Instagram’: Overserved and Oversharing”, which compared the Tumblr blog’s voyeuristic appeal to the 2003 documentary film Born Rich[8] and the MTV series “My Super Sweet 16.” The same day, PC Mag published the articles “Embarassing Rich Kids of Instagram”[9] and “Oversharing Prompts Shutdown of Dell Daughter’s Twitter Account”[10], which reported that a photo Michael Dell’s son Zachary eating on a family jet (shown below) was featured on the single topic blog. The photo had been shared on Instagram by daughter Alexa Dell, who was subsequently forced to shut down her various social media accounts.

    On August 15th, MSNBC published an article titled “Rich Kids Are Oversharing on Social Medial; Are Yours?” On the following day, the Examiner[11] published an article titled “‘Rich Kids of Instagram’ Set to Knock McKayla Maroney’s Meme Off Its Lofty Perch”, which quoted the blog’s owner who revealed that the site was doing quite well. Also on August 16th, the technology blog Gather[12] published a post titled “Rich Kids of Instagram: You Haven’t Lived Until You’ve Doused Yourself in Dom Perignon.” On the following day, The Washington Post[13] published an op/ed titled “Why the Internet Hates the Rich Kids of Instagram and the Brant Brothers”, which argued that the Internet reviles “ostentatious displays of wealth.”

    Notable Examples

    Spinoff Blog: Rich Cats of Instagram

    Search Interest

    External References

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  • 12/11/12--13:45: Dopefish

  • About

    The Dopefish is a character that appeared for the first time in the video game “Commander Keen: Secret of the Oracle” in the year 1991. He became a video game industry inside joke and has many appearances in other games in the form of cameos and easter eggs.


    The Dopefish was one of 24 potential characters that id Software’s Tom Hall designed for the fourth Commander Keen episode: “Goodbye, Galaxy!”. The drawings were approved and the character got implemented into the final game.

    Tom Hall’s original sketches of the Dopefish.

    It is described in game as the “second-dumbest creature in the universe”. His thought patterns go “swim swim hungry, swim swim hungry” and “They will eat anything alive and moving near them, though they prefer heroes”. His artificial scientific name is Pisces swimeatus.

    The Dopefish appears for the first time in the underwater level “The Well of Wishes”, where one of his signature moves is belching, while facing the viewer directly.

    Appearances in other games

    In progress…

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  • 12/11/12--17:37: Texts From Dog
  • About

    Texts from Dog is a single topic blog featuring a series of fictional chat logs that supposedly take place between U.K.-based blogger October Jones and his pet bulldog. Since its launch in April 2012, Jones’ blog has been covered by several news publications and even turned into a book in October.



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  • 12/12/12--03:14: Le Dryer Dropped Sock
  • As far as I know, this hasn’t been a comic yet. I’ve had this problem so much and I’m pretty sure most of you guys have too, assuming you do your own laundry.. ;)

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  • 12/12/12--11:42: Snoopy the Cat
  • This is a stub entry. You can help by requesting editorship!


    Snoopy is an exotic shorthair cat based in Chengdu, Sichuan, China known for her short snout and large eyes.



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    External References

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  • 12/12/12--16:48: The Fine Brothers
  • [w.i.p.]


    The Fine Brothers[1], made up of Benny and Rafi Fine, are popular Youtube producers. They are best known for their react series, in which they show different groups of people popular internet phenomena and record their reactions and comments on the video, and MyMusic[2], a mockumentary-style web series, about the antics of the fictional MyMusic, a transmedia production company .

    Online History

    The Fine Brothers posted their first video on Youtube released on 21 September 2004, titled G.I. Joe The Epic Saga. The series soon gained a large fanbase, but despite the popularity of the series, the videos were taken down due to cease and desist orders from Hasbro. However, the Fine Brothers continued to release videos afterwards.

    React series

    The React series is a web show in which different groups of people, such as kids, teenagers, elders and fellow Youtube celebrities, are show a variety of viral internet phenomena and record their reactions and opinions o them. The series first started on 16 October 2010 with “Kids React to Viral Videos #1”. Due to the success of Kids React, a spin-off series titled Teens React was launched on 17 November 2011, following a similar premise, but with more mature videos. This was then followed by Elders React on 24 May 2012 and Youtubers React on 6 December 2012 respectively


    MyMusic is a comedy web show, first created on 15 April 2012. It is set as a mockumentary, based on the working lives of the employees at the fictional MyMusic transmedia production company. Originally created as a TV show, it grew into a web show after $100 million funding from Youtube, as part of their Original Channel Initiative[3].

    Search Interest

    External References

    [1]Youtube – FineBros’ channel

    [2]Wikipedia – MyMusic

    [3]Wikipedia – YouTube Original Channel Initiative

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  • 12/13/12--04:04: Your Tears are Delicious
  • (need help with article)
    “Your tears are delicious” is a popular catchphrase on the internet, usually as a retort or as a reaction image to someone complining too much or whines for unjustified resons.

    Unknown as of yet, but this phrase has been around on the internet for a very long time. it is most likley was first used in real life.
    but the phrase had a very notable usage in the adult cartoon series ‘SouthPark’ when there was a scene when the obnoxious character ‘cartman’ licks the tears off a crying kid. spouting: “your tears of unfathomable sadness are delicious”.

    This most likely caused the meme to be more popular and helped it spread to the mainstream

    This sentence is widly used as an image macro in image boards often used with pictures of crying people/cretures with with an exaggerated amount of tears and/or someone drinking them or smiling.
    It is also commonly used in conjuction with other catch phrases such as ‘Butthurt’ and ‘Cry moar’ and ‘QQ’

    Tt is also widly used in text forums and online chat.

    notable examples:

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  • 12/09/12--19:25: Pacquiaoing
  • Pacquiao after being knocked out in his most recent fight with Marquez.

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    My friend sent me this picture of their cat a few weeks ago and it was too perfect not to make it into a meme. The facial expression and pose just screams for a caption that says “First I Will Take Your Tuna. Then The World!!!”

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  • 12/14/12--12:17: Connecticut School Massacre
  • Work in Progress


    Connecticut School Massacre takes place in Newton, Connecticut, where two shooters, one by the name of Adam Lanza went on a massacre at the elementary school, shooting and murder 27 people[1], mostly children.

    Notable Developments

    (Working in Progress)

    External References

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  • 12/14/12--18:23: Niña "Osea, Que Pedo"
  • About

    Niña “Osea, Que Pedo” is an image macro of a little girl that is used when expressing confusion or sarcasm. The phrase “Osea, Que Pedo” can be translated into English as: “What’s Up With That”.


    The little girl in the picture is Mía Talerico and she appears in the Disney Channel TV show called “Good Luck With Charlie”. The image was taken from the episode titled “Meet the Parents” in a scene where Charlie is drawing with her mom they hear Chalie’s dad screaming for help, Charlie’s mom runs to see what happened and that’s when Charlie makes the gesture.


    The image has been going around mainly in Mexico through the use of Facebook [1] and Twitter. [2]

    Search Interest

    External References

    [1]Facebook – Osea, Que Pedo

    [2]Twitter – @Oseaquepdo

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  • 12/15/12--00:41: Nikita Litvinkov
  • Nikita Litvinkov (rus. Никита Литвиноков) is a character from famous YouTube interview video. Interview have been taken in one of Korolev city school, in their canteen, and this schoolboy telling to interviewer about food in it. His phrases “great tea”, “sausages”, “borsch, with cabbage, but not red”, “for real, it makes me mad” have become Russian internet-memes.

    Original russian lyrics

    Тут был хороший борщ, с капусткой, но не красный. Так… Сосисочки.
    Ну, еще есть какой-то непонятный салат, куда крошат морковку,
    капусту и яблоки с ананасами (смеется). Вообще, он меня бесит.
    Вот… Еще чё… Вкусный чай, он так утоляет жажду, я чувствую себя человеком! (машет руками).
    Вот. Всё. Я Никита Литвинков.


    There was a good borsch, with cabbage, but not red. So… sausages.
    There also was a weird salad, with crumbled carrots,
    cabbages, apples and pineapples (weird laugh). For real, it makes me mad.
    What else… great delicious tea, it quenches my thirst so much, I feel like a human.
    Well, that’s all. I’m Nikita Litvinkov.


    This video has been recorded in 2008 at Korolev city 13th secondary school. An interviewing women had to do a survey about food, and asked Nikita about food in this school’s canteen, where he was studying. On the same day interview was shown on TV, and then was uploaded on YouTube. After that, this video fast became popular in Russian internet, perhaps, because of his unusual appearance and language form. This person also has become a character of a lot of remixes, parodies and has become one of Russian YouTube Poop’s sources.


    In real life, this person is living in Russian Korolev city, existing in Moscow province and now he’s studying in Voronej music secondary school. He’s a little weak-minded, but competent. He considers his internet-popularity neutrally and shelters from his fans. Anyway, he has come to famous Russian TV show, specializing on internet-memes.

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  • 12/15/12--10:42: The Christmas Gent
  • The Christmas Gent is a picture of a young man with a christmas sweater, a santa hat, and a pipe who is witty with passive aggressive quotes.

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  • 12/15/12--16:47: The Ketchup Rooster
  • The Ketchup Rooster aka Ketchup Cock, TKR. It’s a relatively new meme that appeared on Reddit in 2012. The meme is protagonized by a badly drawn bird, similar to Dolan Duck, spreading ketchup all over places or people. It’s common to take a relugar picture that a redditor uploads and draw TKR above it.

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  • 12/15/12--17:35: Dead Bart
  • About

    Dead Bart is a creepypasta about a “Lost Episode” regarding the character Bart from the animated sitcom The Simpsons.

    Though proven false, the story claims that unseen footage of the series was given to the witness by Matt Groening himself, who immediately became nervous upon the mentioning of the mystery episode.



    The story was allegedly written by a user named KI Simpson. (Source for user currently unknown.)

    The video above is just one of several recreations found on Youtube, some labeled as supposed “evidence”.




    You know how Fox has a weird way of counting Simpsons episodes? They refuse to count a couple of them, making the amount of episodes inconsistent. The reason for this is a lost episode from the first season.

    Finding details about this missing episode is difficult, no one who was working on the show at the time likes to talk about it. From what has been pieced together, the lost episode was written entirely by Matt Groening. During production of the first season, Matt started to act strangely. He was very quiet, seemed nervous and morbid. Mentioning this to anyone who was present results in them getting very angry, and forbidding you to ever mention it to Matt.

    I first heard of it at an event where David Silverman was speaking. Someone in the crowd asked about the episode, and Silverman simply left the stage, ending the presentation hours early. The episode’s production number was 7G06, the title was Dead Bart. The episode labeled 7G06, Moaning Lisa, was made later and given Dead Bart’s production code to hide the latter’s existence.

    In addition to getting angry, asking anyone who was on the show about this will cause them to do everything they can to stop you from directly communicating with Matt Groening. At a fan event, I managed to follow him after he spoke to the crowd, and eventually had a chance to talk to him alone as he was leaving the building. He didn’t seem upset that I had followed him, probably expected a typical encounter with an obsessive fan. When I mentioned the lost episode though, all color drained from his face and he started trembling. When I asked him if he could tell me any details, he sounded like he was on the verge of tears. He grabbed a piece of paper, wrote something on it, and handed it to me. He begged me never to mention the episode again.

    The piece of paper had a website address on it, I would rather not say what it was, for reasons you’ll see in a second. I entered the address into my browser, and I came to a site that was completely black, except for a line of yellow text, a download link. I clicked on it, and a file started downloading. Once the file was downloaded, my computer went crazy, it was the worst virus I had ever seen. System restore didn’t work, the entire computer had to be rebooted. Before doing this though, I copied the file onto a CD. I tried to open it on my now empty computer, and as I suspected, there was an episode of The Simpsons on it.

    The episode started off like any other episode, but had very poor quality animation. If you’ve seen the original animation for Some Enchanted Evening, it was similar, but less stable. The first act was fairly normal, but the way the characters acted was a little off. Homer seemed angrier, Marge seemed depressed, Lisa seemed anxious, Bart seemed to have genuine anger and hatred for his parents.

    The episode was about the Simpsons going on a plane trip, near the end of the first act, the plane was taking off. Bart was fooling around, as you’d expect. However, as the plane was about 50 feet off the ground, Bart broke a window on the plane and was sucked out.

    At the beginning of the series, Matt had an idea that the animated style of the Simpsons’ world represented life, and that death turned things more realistic. This was used in this episode. The picture of Bart’s corpse was barely recognizable, they took full advantage of it not having to move, and made an almost photo-realistic drawing of his dead body.

    Act one ended with the shot of Bart’s corpse. When act two started, Homer, Marge, and Lisa were sitting at their table, crying. The crying went on and on, it got more pained, and sounded more realistic, better acting than you would think possible. The animation started to decay even more as they cried, and you could hear murmuring in the background. The characters could barely be made out, they were stretching and blurring, they looked like deformed shadows with random bright colors thrown on them.

    There were faces looking in the window, flashing in and out so you were never sure what they looked like.

    This crying went on for all of act two.

    Act three opened with a title card saying one year had passed. Homer, Marge, and Lisa were skeletally thin, and still sitting at the table. There was no sign of Maggie or the pets.

    They decided to visit Bart’s grave. Springfield was completely deserted, and as they walked to the cemetery the houses became more and more decrepit. They all looked abandoned. When they got to the grave, Bart’s body was just lying in front of his tombstone, looking just like it did at the end of act one.

    The family started crying again. Eventually they stopped, and just stared at Bart’s body. The camera zoomed in on Homer’s face. According to summaries, Homer tells a joke at this part, but it isn’t audible in the version I saw, you can’t tell what Homer is saying.

    The view zoomed out as the episode came to a close. The tombstones in the background had the names of every Simpsons guest star on them. Some that no one had heard of in 1989, some that haven’t been on the show yet. All of them had death dates on them.

    For guests who died since, like Michael Jackson and George Harrison, the dates were when they would die. The credits were completely silent, and seemed handwritten. The final image was the Simpson family on their couch, like in the intros, but all drawn in hyper realistic, lifeless style of Bart’s corpse.

    A thought occurred to me after seeing the episode for the first time, you could try to use the tombstones to predict the death of living Simpsons guest stars, but there’s something odd about most of the ones who haven’t died yet.

    All of their deaths are listed as the same date.

    Search Interest

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  • 12/16/12--04:28: Swagged out virgin
  • Once a virgin, always a virgin

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  • 12/16/12--09:25: Arthur
  • Work in progress. Feel free to request editorship


    Arthur is an educational television series, created by Cookie Jar Group (formerly known as Cinar) and WGBH. The show is set in the fictional American city of Elwood City, and revolves around the lives of 8-year-old Arthur Read, an anthropomorphic aardvark, his friends and family, and their daily interactions with each other. The series have a big fanbase and have generated some memes.

    Related Memes

    Arthur Comic Creator

    Arthur Punches D.W.

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  • 12/16/12--10:45: SONIC.exe
    Sonic.exe is a Creepypasta about a strange Sonic game CD that could be either glitchy, hacked or possibly made by someone (or “something”) other than SEGA


    I’m a total Sonic the Hedgehog fan much like everyone else, I like the newer games, but I don’t mind playing the classics. I don’t think I’ve ever played glitchy or hacked games before, though I don’t think I want to play any after the experience I had…

    It started on a nice summer afternoon, I was playing Sonic Unleashed (I liked how you get to explore the towns in it) until I noticed, out of my peripheral vision, that the mailman had arrived and put something in my mailbox as usual and left. I paused my game to go see what I got in the mail… The only thing in the Mailbox was a CD case for computers and a note. I took it inside.

    I looked at the note first and realized it was from my dear friend Kyle (Let’s just call him that), whom I hadn’t heard from in 2 weeks. I know that because I recognized his handwriting, though what was weird is how it looked; it looked badly written and scratchy and somewhat difficult to read, as if Kyle was having a hard time writing it down and did it in a hurry.

    This is what he wrote…


    I can’t take it anymore, I had to get rid of this thing somehow before it was too late, and I was hoping you’d do it for me. I can’t do it, he’s after me, and if you don’t destroy this CD, he’ll come after you too, he’s too fast for me….

    Please Tom, destroy this god-forsaken disc before he comes after you too, it’s too late for me.

    Destroy the disc, and you’ll destroy him, but do it quick otherwise he’ll catch you. Don’t even play the game, it’s what he wants, just destroy it.



    Well, that was certainly weird. Even though Kyle IS my best friend and I haven’t seen him in 2 weeks, I didn’t do what he asked me. I didn’t think that a simple gaming disc would do anything bad to him, after all it’s just a game right? Boy, was I wrong about that…

    ANY way, I looked at the disc and it looks like any ordinary computer CD-R disc, except it had black marker on it written “SONIC.EXE”, and it was much unlike Kyle’s handwriting, meaning that he must’ve gotten it from someone else, like a pawn shop or eBay. When I saw “SONIC” on the writing of the CD, I was actually excited and wanted to play it, since I’m a a BIG Sonic fan.

    I went up to my room and turned on my computer and put the disc in and installed the game. When the title screen popped up I noticed that it was the first Sonic game, I was like “Awesome!” Because like I said earlier I liked the classics. The first thing I noticed that was out of place was when I pressed start, there’s was a split second when I saw the title image turned into something much different, something that I now consider horrifying, before cutting to black.

    I remember what the image looked like in that split second before the game cut to black; The sky had darkened, the title emblem was rusted and ruined, the SEGA 1991 was now instead SEGA 666, and the water had turned red, like blood, except it looked hyper-realistic.

    But the freakiest thing that was in that split second frame was Sonic, his eyes were pitch black and bleeding with two glowing red dots staring RIGHT AT ME, and his smile had stretched wider up to the edge of his face. I was rather disturbed about that image when I saw it, though I figured that it was just a glitch and forgot about it. After it cut to black it stayed like that for about 10 seconds or so. And then another weird thing happened, the save file select from Sonic the Hedgehog 3 popped up, and I was like “WTF? What’s this doing in the first Sonic game?”, anyway, then I notice something off, the background was the dark cloudy sky of the Bad Stardust Speedway level from Sonic CD, and there were only three save files. The music was that creepy Caverns of Winter music from Earthbound, only it was extended and seemed to have been in reverse. And the image for the save file where you see a preview of the level you’re on is just red static for all three files.

    What freaked me out more was the character select, it showed only Tails, Knuckles and to my surprise, Dr. Robotnik! Now I was sure that something was up, I mean, how can you play as Robotnik in a classic Sonic game, for crying out loud?

    That’s when I realized that this wasn’t a glitchy game, it was a hacked game.

    Yeah it definitely looked hacked, it was really creepy, but as a smart gamer, I wasn’t scared (or at least I tried not to be), I told myself that it was just a hacked game and there’s nothing wrong with that. Anyways, shaking off the creeped out feeling I picked File 1 and chose Tails and when I selected and got started. The game froze for about 5 seconds and I heard a creepy pixelated laugh that sounded an awful lot like that Kefka guy from Final Fantasy before cutting to black.

    The screen stayed black for about 10 seconds or more, then it showed the typical level title thing, except the simplistic shapes were different shades of red and the text showed only “HILL, ACT 1”. The screen faded in and the level title vanished revealing Tails in the Green Hill Zone from Sonic 1, the music was different though, it sounded like a peaceful melody in reverse. Anyway I started playing and had Tails start running like you would in any of the classic Sonic games, what was odd was that as Tails was running along the level there was nothing but flat ground and a few trees for 5 minutes, that was when the peaceful music started to lower down into slow deep tones very slowly as I kept going.

    I suddenly saw something and I stopped to see what it was; it was one of the small animals lying dead on the ground bleeding (That was when the music started to slow down), Tails had a shocked and saddened look on his face that I never saw him have before, so I had him move along, and he kept that worried look on his face. As he kept moving I saw more dead animals as Tails moved past them looking more and more worried as the music lowers and he moves past more dead animals, I was shocked to see how they all died, they looked like somebody killed them in rather gruesome ways; a squirrel was hanged on a tree with what appeared to be his entrails hanging out, a bunny had all four of his limbs torn off and a duck had his eyes gouged out and his throat slit. I felt sick to my stomach when I saw this massacre and apparently so did Tails. After a few more seconds there were no more animals and the music seemed to have stopped, I still kept Tails to continue.

    After a minute passed after the music stopped, Tails was running up a hill and then he stopped, it wasn’t until I saw why; Sonic was there on the other side of the screen with his back against Tails with his eyes closed. Tails looked happy to see Sonic but then his smile faltered, obviously noticing that Sonic wasn’t responding to him, if not acting as if he was totally oblivious of Tails’ presence. Tails walked slowly toward Sonic, and I noticed that I wasn’t even moving my keyboard to make him move, so this had to have been a cut scene.

    Suddenly I began to have a growing feel of dread as Tails walked closer to Sonic to get his attention, I felt that Tails was in danger and something bad was going to happen. I heard faint static growing louder as Tails was but inches away from Sonic and stopped and stuck his hand out to touch him. That foreboding feeling in my gut was growing stronger and I felt the urge to tell Tails to get away from Sonic as the static grew louder.

    Suddenly in a split second I saw Sonic’s eyes open and they were black with those red glowing dots, just like that title image, thought there wasn’t a smile. When that happened the screen turned black and the static sound was off.

    It stayed black for about 7 seconds and then white text appeared forming a message, saying, “Hello. Do you want to play with me?”

    At this point I was creeped out, I didn’t want to continue with the game, but my curiosity got the better of me when I was taken to a different level with the level title now saying “HIDEANDSEEK”.

    This time I was in the Angel Island level from Sonic 3 and it looked like everything was on fire.

    Tails looked as though he was scared out of his wits this time. He actually looked at me and made frantic gestures to me as if he wanted to get out of the area he was in as fast as possible. I was starting to get freaked out by this…I mean Tails was actually breaking the fourth wall, trying to tell me to get him out of there.

    So I pressed down on the arrow key as hard as I could and made him run as fast as he could, a pixelated version of that creepy theme when you meet Shadow at the ARK as Robotnik from SA2 was playing as I made Tails trek through the desolate forest, trying to help him escape from whatever he was trying to run from.

    Suddenly I heard that creepy laugh again… that awful, Kefka laugh… right after 10 seconds have passed as I helped Tails run through the forest, and then I started seeing flashes of Sonic popping everywhere on the screen, again with those black and red eyes.

    The music changed to that suspenseful drowning jingle as I see Sonic behind Tails slowly gaining up on him FLYING; Sonic wasn’t running, he was actually FLYING! The flying pose his sprite was making looked very similar to Metal Sonic’s flying pose in Sonic CD, except it was just Sonic and he had the black and red eyes again, only

    THIS time he had the most deranged looking grin on his face, he looked as though he was enjoying the torment he was giving the poor little fox as he gained up on him.

    Suddenly when Tails tripped (another cut scene) the music stopped and Sonic vanished. Tails laid there and started crying for 15 seconds. The scene was rather upsetting to watch and I kind of teared up myself. But then Sonic appeared right in front of Tails and Tails looked up in horror.

    Blood started to come down those blackened eyes of Sonic’s as a grin slowly grew from his face as he looked down at the horrified fox, I could do nothing but watch.

    Just in a split second Sonic lunged at Tails right before the screen went black, there was a loud screeching noise that only lasted 5 seconds. The text returned only this time it said “You’re too slow, want to try again?” and then that god-awful laugh came with it.

    I was so shocked by what had happened…did Sonic murder Tails? No, he couldn’t have… He and Tails are supposed to be best friends, right? Why did Sonic do that to him?

    I shook the shock off as I was brought back to the character select, the save file that had Tails was different; Tails was no longer in the box itself but in the TV screen itself, which was flickering with that red static, Tails’ expression scared me, his eyes were black and bleeding, his orange fur had gone black and he had an expression of anguish on his face, Trying to ignore it I picked Knuckles next.

    The laugh came again and the screen cut to black again and stayed there for another 10 seconds, this time the level said “YOU CAN’T RUN”.

    I was really freaked out by now, I couldn’t really tell if this was a glitch, or a hack, or some kind of sick twisted joke… or anything really. But despite my fear of what happened next, I kept playing.

    The next level looked much different, it had the ground of the Scrap Brain zone, but the sky background looked like the main menu; it had the dark reddish cloudy sky. But it was the music that creeped me out the most: It sounded like Giygas’ theme right after you beat Pokey in Earthbound. I also noticed that Knuckles looked afraid just like Tails did, though not as much, more rather he looked a little unnerved. He broke the fourth wall just like Tails and looked as if he wasn’t sure about going on, but I made him move anyway.

    He ran down the straight pathway in this dark level, and as he did the screen started to flicker red static a couple times and then that maddening laugh came again.

    Then after a few seconds of running I notice several bloodstains on the metallic ground, I felt a growing sense of fear again thinking something horrible is going to happen to Knuckles. He looked nauseated walking down this blood-stained road, but I still kept him going.

    Suddenly as Knuckles ran, Sonic appeared right in front of him with those black and red eyes and then red static appeared again, when the static vanished showing nothing but black screen with text saying “FOuNd YOu!”, I was now scared, Sonic found Knuckles already?! What was going on?!

    Anyway red static came again and then I was back to the level, Knuckles looked like he was panicking, and Sonic was nowhere to be found. And this time that high-pitched squealing from the Silent Hill 1’s final boss was playing.

    Was this some kind of boss battle with Sonic? I hoped to God it wasn’t, honestly.

    Suddenly Sonic appeared right behind Knuckles in what appeared to be pixelated black smoke, I made Knuckles turn and then punch Sonic, but Sonic vanished in black pixelated smoke before I could even land a hit, that terrible laugh went off again. Then Sonic appeared behind Knuckles again and then I made him punch again, and Sonic vanished again laughing. Knuckles was panicking even more, and even I felt like I was going crazy, Sonic was practically playing with us, he was playing a sick twisted little mind game with me and Knuckles…

    Another cut scene played as Knuckled fell to his knees and clutched his head sobbing, I felt his agony, Sonic was actually driving us BOTH crazy.

    And then in a split second Sonic lunged at Knuckles and the screen went black with another distorted screeching noise that lasted for at least 3 seconds.

    Another text message appeared, “So many souls to play with, so little time… would you agree?”

    What the hell… Just what is going on? I started to think Sonic was actually trying to talk to me through the game… But I was too scared to think that.

    I was brought back to the main menu and this time the second file box had Knuckles in the TV screen, his red fur had darkened to a reddish grey, his dreadlocks were dripping with blood and his eyes were black and bleeding too, and he had a look of sadness on his face. I began to think that those are the actual characters trapped in those TV screens on the save files, but I couldn’t believe it… I didn’t want to believe it…

    So I shut off the game and took a break. I took a nap, wish I hadn’t, ’cause I then began to have the most disturbing nightmare, I was in pitch black darkness, though I was under the light given off by a lamp that hung high above my head. I could hear the cries of Knuckles and Tails nearby. They were saying stuff like, “Help us…” and “Why did you give us to him?” and “Run away, before he gets you too…”

    Their cries died out as I then heard Sonic laugh, his laugh… it sounded a lot like the distorted Kefka laugh.

    “You’re a lot fun to play with kid, just like your friend Kyle, though he didn’t last long…”

    I was scared and looking around for the source of the voice…

    “Won’t be long now until you join him and all my other friends…”

    I saw him walking toward me, flickering in and out in several directions…

    “You can’t run, kid. You’re in my world now. Just like the others…”

    When he grabbed me and I saw his bleeding black and red-eyed, grinning face, I woke up with a fright.

    After a couple of hours I decided to continue playing the game. I don’t know why, but I had to know, I had to figure out why this was happening… So I turned on the computer, turned on the game and selected Robotnik next.

    I still thought that was wacky, playing as Robotnik, but anyway the level title appeared again and this time it said “…”, which I found really freaky.

    This time I was in some kind of hallway, didn’t really look like it was from any of the classic Sonic games, though it has the pixelated style; the floor was shiny and checkered, the walls were a dark greyish purple with animated candlelight’s and a few dark bloodstains here and there, and there was a dark red curtain hanging above on the top part of the screen. Every 12 seconds or so that red curtain sways very slowly, but whenever you’re playing the game you can barely see it move. The music was oddly pleasant, a piano playing a rather sad yet peaceful song, but I knew better, this was the song that played in Hill act 1, only it wasn’t in reverse.

    Robotnik didn’t look entirely nervous like Tails and Knuckles did, but he did have a suspicious look on his face as if he was just a bit paranoid. He did a little animation when I just left him standing, he turns his head to the left and then to the right at least twice and then shrugs at me, as if he has no idea where he was or what was going on. Even though I was scared outta my mind about what was going to happen, I had Robotnik continue onward. He did his usual running animation (You know, when you’ve beaten him at the end of a classic Sonic game and you chase him) as we continued going through the hallway.

    Then I stop at a long flight of stairs leading downward, now I was nervous, even Robotnik seemed unsure of himself, though I pressed onward.

    As I led Robotnik down the stairs, I noticed that the walls have gotten darker and more reddish; the red torches are now an eerie blue. Then we landed onto another hallway, this one was longer than the last one (or at least it felt like it) and then we headed down another flight of stairs down, this one was much longer, took at least 1 full minute.

    And then I heard that horrid Kefka laugh again and then the music slowly faded until it was quiet, as it did the walls turned more dark red and the torches were a black flame now.

    When Robotnik landed onto the 3rd hallway, I noticed he now looked really creeped out, though he tried to hide it, I couldn’t blame him, I was scared too.

    Suddenly, Sonic popped right in front of Robotnik the same way he did Knuckles and then red static. The red static lasted for about 15 second and then it showed me a most unpleasant image…

    The image showed a hyper-realistic of Sonic standing in the darkness where you can only see his face while his head and torso faded into black, and when I say hyper-realistic, I mean like he looked so real you could actually see the lines in his blue fur, as if you could actually feel the fur if you touched the screen.

    His face…oh god, he had the most horrifying smile I had ever seen.

    And that’s saying something considering I saw that image at the start of the game.

    His eyes are wide and black and once again crying blood (Which also looked hyper-realistic) and there were two small glowing red dots in those black eyes staring RIGHT AT ME, as if staring into my mind. His grin was wide and demonic, it literally stretched to the sides of his face like a Cheshire Cat except Sonic had fangs, VERYSHARP fangs, much like the Werehog’s teeth except more vicious-looking, somewhat yellowish and from the look of it, he had stains of blood and small bits of flesh on his lips and fangs as if he ate some animal.

    I stared at that gruesome image for a good 30 seconds, never taking my eyes off it, I felt as if he was actually looking at me, smiling at me…that face, it just took 10 seconds for it to etch itself into my brain for good.

    Then the screen flickered with red static again 3 times, and on the 3rd time I heard the Kefka laugh, except this time it sounded distorted, demonic even…

    It went back to the image again except this time there was the text again though it was messed up, but it was pretty much one of the most horrifying things I looked at since I had this game…

    “I AM GOD.”

    It was when I read that message while looking at Sonic when it hit me, I realized right there and then.

    This Sonic was a monster, a pure evil, sadistic, all-powerful, nightmarish, demented monster… and all of his victims, including Tails, Knuckles, Robotnik and possibly Kyle, are just his little toys, and the game is the very gateway into his chaotic, nightmarish world and the very Hell his victims are trapped in.

    Suddenly in an actual split second I screamed as Sonic lunged at the screen screeching loudly with his mouth wide open to an unnatural length revealing nothing but a literally spiralling abyss of pure darkness before the red static came again, this time much louder and distorted, so loud that it hurt my ears, I yelled and grabbed my ears as the red static screeched for a good 7 seconds.

    Then it stopped and showed nothing but black screen.

    As I sat there staring at the black screen, one last text came up.

    “Ready for Round 2, Tom?”

    The Kefka laugh, now sounding more clear as if Sonic was right behind me, played again 3 times as I looked at that text in shock and confusion.

    Then I got booted back to the main menu and this time the third save file had a TV image of Robotnik in the same, tormented state as Tails and Knuckles; Robotnik’s skin turned a dull grey, his moustache drooped and had blackened, his glasses broke and blood is coming from them and he had a mere dead like expression on his face.

    I looked at Tails, Knuckles and Robotnik and I cried a bit, I pitied them for the agony they’re going through, they were forever trapped within the game, forever tormented by that horrid hedgehog, and always will be.

    Then the computer shut itself off, I couldn’t turn it back on no matter what I did.

    I sat there for maybe 25 seconds, horrified by what had just happened…

    Sonic is the very embodiment of evil, he tortures people who play his game in more ways than one and then when he gets bored he drags you into the game, literally drags you to Hell, where he can play with you always, as his toy….

    I can’t get the game outta my computer. I think it’s stuck in there, but at least I managed to turn it back on now.

    After I sat there for 25 seconds I heard a voice right behind me, like a whisper…

    “Try to keep this interesting for me, Tom.”

    I turned around to see where the voice came from, and what I saw made me scream…

    Sitting on my bed… staring right at me…

    … Was a Sonic plushie, smiling with bloodstains under its eyes.




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  • 12/16/12--11:25: Mortal Kombat
  • Mortal Kombat is a fighting game in which the player must defeat the opponent within a certain time limit. This game has spawned many memes, such as; Finish Him!, Fatality, Get Over Here, and Toasty!

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