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  • 08/20/14--15:22: Rick Perry
  • About

    Rick Perry is an American conservative politician and the 47th governor of Texas where he is currently the incumbent. In 2011, Perry ran for the Republican nomination in the 2012 United States presidential election.

    Political Career

    In 1984, Perry was elected to the Texas House of Representatives as a Democrat. In 1988, Perry supported nominee Al Gore in the Democratic presidential primary and worked on his campaign in Texas. The following year, Perry announced his switch to the Republican political party. In 1990, Perry defeated incumbent Democrat Jim Hightower for the position of Agriculture Commissioner. In 1998, Perry ran for Lieutenant Governor and defeated Democrat John Sharp. During the campaign, Perry was rumored to falling out with political strategist Karl Rove. On December 21st, 2000, Perry replaced George W. Bush as governor after Bush resigned to become President of the United States.

    Online History

    On December 13th, 2007, Perry launched his official Facebook[1] page, gathering upwards of one million likes over the next seven years. In January 2009, the @GovernorPerry[2] Twitter feed was created, which accumulated more than 245,000 followers within six years. On September 18th, 2011, the Bad Lip Reading YouTube channel uploaded a montage of Rick Perry clips with absurd dialogue dubbed in sync with Perry’s mouth movements (shown below). In the first three years, the video gained over 5.01 million views and 4,200 comments.

    Debate Gaffe

    During the nationally televised ninth Republican Party presidential debate, Perry had a momentary lapse of memory when trying to name the three federal government agencies he would seek to eliminate if elected president (shown below). The on-air blunder was met by humorous commentaries in the news and social media, as well as a series of musical remixes and parody videos on YouTube.

    “Strong” Ad

    On December 6th, 2011, Rick Perry’s YouTube channel uploaded an advertisement for Perry’s 2012 Republican presidential primary campaign titled “Strong”, in which he openly proclaims his Christian background, denounces the “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” policy and vows to end Barack Obama’s “War on Religion.” The YouTube video immediately stirred a controversy in the comments section and drew criticism from the LGBT and atheist communities alike.


    On August 15th, 2014, Perry was indicted for abuse of power and coercion of a public official by a Texas grand jury for vetoing $7.5 million in funding for the Public Integrity Unit, a state public corruption prosecutors department that was investigating Perry’s Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas. Some speculated the veto was in response to Democrat Rosemary Lehmberg’s refusal to resign as head of the department after being convicted of driving under the influence. On August 19th, Perry turned himself in to the Travis County courthouse in Austin, where he was fingerprinted and posed for a mug shot (shown below).

    The same day, Twitter user @xor[6] tweeted the mugshot photo with a pair of Warby Parker glasses superimposed over Perry’s face. In the first 24 hours, the tweet gained over 1,800 retweets and 1,500 favorites.

    That day, other Twitter users posted additional photoshopped versions of the mugshot, with notable examples highlighted on The Daily Dot,[3] Storfiy[4] and Twitchy.[5]

    Search Interest

    External References

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  • 08/20/14--18:12: snow storm
  • About

    snow storm” is a popular soundtrack from a Japanese arcade music video game beatmaniaIIDX GOLD, which is produced by KONAMI as a part of BEMANI line. This electric-pomp styled song has been used in several MAD remixes on the Japanese video sharing service Nico Nico Douga (NND) after its release in 2011.


    “snow storm” was written by a Japanese composer dj TAKA for beatmaniaIIDX GOLD released for Japanese arcades on February 21, 2007. It was the 14th game in the beatmaniaIIDX series, a series of rhythm video games and the sequel to Beatmania that was first introduced by Konami in Japan on February 26, 1999.


    WIP: Nico Nico Douga is currently in maintenance mode and will be active later.

    Notable Examples

    For more videos, check out the videos section in this entry.


    Left: Hissu Amoto San | Right: Nichijou

    Left: Donald McDonald – Ran Ran Ru | Right: Brain Rush

    Nico Nico Pedia info

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    Humanity has Declined Opening Parodies refers to a series of parody videos for the opening credit movie of a Japanese TV anime for a light novel series Humanity Has Declined written by Romeo Tanaka.[10] In the late of 2012, the opening credit movie was a popular subject for parodies and tributes on the Japanese web because of its adorable dancing.


    The TV anime, Humanity Has Declined, was aired from July to September in 2012. The song used in the opening movie, “Real World”, was sung by a Japanese pop rock band nano.RIPE.[1] The highlight in the movie is an adorable dancing by fairies and the heroine.

    This kind of simple dancing loop is known as a favorite rendition style of a director of this anime Seiji Kishi.[2] He has featured characters’ dancing in opening credit movies for his previous works My Bride is a Mermaid[3] and Galaxy Angel Rune.[4] In particular, the latter became to a fad on both Futaba Channel (2chan) and Nico Nico Douga (NND), which is called as Pappara Dance.

    Niconico 人類は衰退しました OP リアルワールド


    This cute dancing soon became to be dubbed as “Declination Dance” (Japanese: 衰退ダンス, Suitai Dance) by viewers, and was given a Shift-JIS art “(」・ワ・)」(⊃・ワ・)⊃” in the same manner as (」・ω・)」Uhh!(/・ω・)/Nya! and (σ回ω・)σ←↖↑↗→↘↓↙←↖↑↗ (Rikka's Finger Spin). Over a hundred of parody videos/illustrations uploaded to NND[5], Nico Nico Seiga[6] and pixiv[7] are tagged under this name, and that Shift-JIS art can be often found on comments in the videos.

    In addition, an audio-dubbing video featuring Indian actors groovy dancing taken from a 2004 movie Shankar Dada M.B.B.S.[8] is the most popular parody in this series and had been watched over 1 million times within its first month. The dance in this video “Indians Has Prospered” is also given a nickname “Prosperity Dance” (繁栄ダンス, Hanei Dance), and has dozens amount of its own parodies/tributes.[9]

    Niconico インド人類は繁栄しました

    Notable Examples

    Niconico フタエノキワミは衰退しましたNiconico 【MAD】百合は衰退しません【ゆるゆり×人類は衰退しました】
    Left: Futae no Kiwami | Right: Yuru Yuri
    Niconico 【アイマス手書き】事務員は妄想しましたNiconico 【東方×人類は衰退しましたop】幻想郷は衰退しました
    Left: THE iDOLM@STER | Right: Touhou Project


    Prosperity Dance Parodies

    Left: Miku Miku Dance Edition | Right: IRL Dance Cover

    Search Interest

    External References

    Editor’s Note: Registration is needed to browse the original videos/illustrations listed in this section.

    [1]Wikipedia – Nano Ripe

    [2]Wikipedia – Seiji Kishi

    [3]Wikipedia – My Bride is a Mermaid

    [4]Wikipedia – Galaxy Angel II # Anime

    [5]niconico Douga – Search results for the tag 衰退ダンス

    [6]Nico Nico Seiga – Search results for the tag 衰退ダンス

    [7]pixiv – Search results for the tag 衰退ダンス

    [8]Wikipedia – Shankar Dada M.B.B.S.

    [9]niconico Douga – Search results for the tag 繁栄ダンス

    [10]Wikipedia – Humanity Has Declined

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  • 08/21/14--11:20: Closed Captioning FAILs
  • About

    Closed Captioning FAILs, not to be confused with YouTube automatic caption fails, are a series of photographs that highlight poorly worded audio transcriptions and subtitles displayed on-screen during the broadcast of a pre-recorded or live television program.


    While the exact origin of online appreciation for erroneous closed captions remains unknown, the earliest known article detailing the phenomenon of closed captioning FAILs was posted online by blogger Joe Clark on March 15th, 2006.[9] Later that same year, FARK[10] hosted a photoshopping contest for inappropriate or funny closed captioning in TV broadcast.


    On December 4th, 2007, CollegeHumor[4] highlighted a photograph of a televised news report with a closed caption describing people “ejaculating” in a road (shown below).

    On January 5th, 2009, Flickr[3] user PowerGeeks uploaded a photograph of a news report featuring a man driving with the caption “Bartered blow job for roof rake” (shown below).

    On October 19th, BuzzFeed[2] published a compilation of 21 news caption fails. On December 9th, 2011, Smosh[5] highlighted several notable examples of closed caption fails. Throughout 2013 and 2014, additional compilations were featured on The Huffington Post[6] and BuzzFeed.[7][8]

    Notable Examples

    Descriptive Noise

    Descriptive Noise refers to a line of text used to describe various noises heard in the background of a movie or television show in closed captioning mode. Screenshots of such scenes are often shared on Tumblr to point out the absurd nature of these descriptions when taken out of context.

    External References

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  • 08/21/14--11:32: Humanity has Declined
  • [w.i.p. Wait until it’s done before complaining. I’ll probably finish the entry later]


    Humanity has Declined (人類は衰退しました Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita) refers to a Japanese Light Novel series written by Romeo Tanaka, and first published in 2007. After the anime adaptation of the series first aired, the series gained a notable fandom, spawning sub-memes and fan works.


    Humanity has Declined first originated as a light novel series written by Romeo Tanaka and published by Shogakukan. As of August 2014, there have been a total of 8 novels published, with the series still ongoing. There have also been a number of manga adaptations created based on the series. The first adaptation, which first started circulation March 2010 issue of Shogakukan’s Monthly Ikki magazine, ran for one chapter before being cancelled after going on an indefinite hiatus in May of the same year. However, there are a number of adaptations which are still ongoing, including the 4 panel gag strip Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita: Nonbirishita Hōkoku 4-koma. The series spiked in popularity after the anime adaptation of the series, which was produced by studio AIC A.S.T.A, and ran for 12 episodes between July 2 and September 17, 2012.


    Humanity has Declined takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where humanity has started to decline in numbers, and overall regress in culture. The series follows a girl who works for the U.N., who acts as a mediator between the humans and the fairies, a species of small creatures who are able to create different things as long as they are allowed sweets and remain happy. However, these fairies also end up causing trouble for her while trying to create their own amusement.

    Online Relevance

    In North America, Humanity has Declined is licensed by Sentai Filmworks, and is available for streaming on their Crunchyroll[1]. The show has gained a large online following on many sites, including on Tumblr[2], 4chan’s /a/ (Anime and Manga) board[3], My Anime List[4], and DeviantART[5]. There are numerous sites that provide episodic information about the series, such as TV Tropes[6] and Anime News Network[7]. In addition, the Humanity has Declined Facebook page also has over 5,000 likes[8].


    The Humanity has Declined series has spawned a significant online fanbase since it’s creation, which has created much fanart and fanfiction. On the Japanese fanart site Pixiv, there are over 2,000 images tagged under “人類は衰退しました”[9], as well as over 1,000 videos on the video sharing website Nico Nico Douga[10]. On DeviantART, there are also over 2,000 images tagged related to the series[11]

    Related Memes

    Humanity has Declined Opening Parodies/Declination Dance


    Search Interest

    External References

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  • 08/21/14--14:06: Shower Thought
  • About

    “Shower Thought”, sometimes spelled without space as “showerthought,” is an Internet slang term for an idea or epiphany that is formed while taking a morning shower.


    On January 30th, 2009, Urban Dictionary[4] user Kageka submitted an entry for “showerthought,” defining it as “an idea, thought or concept” that comes during part of a “morning routine.”


    On October 18th, 2011, the /r/showerthoughts[1] subreddit was launched for submissions of notable ideas formed during showers. On July 4th, 2013, CollegeHumor[3] highlighted several example posts taken from /r/showerthoughts. On September 29th, the single topic blog MyShowerThought[6] was launched, which allows users to vote on and submit showerthoughts.

    On April 19th, 2014, YouTuber Troye Sivan uploaded a video titled “Thoughts in the Shower,” in which he reenacts his morning routine narrated with a humorous internal monologue (shown below). In the next four months, the video received upwards of 1.3 million views and 4,400 comments.

    On July 31st, the Internet humor site The Meta Picture[5] published a compilation of Just Girly Things-style image macros featuring showerthought captions (shown below).

    On August 5th, Wired[2] published an article about “eureka moments” occurring in the shower. On August 20th, the Internet news blog Mashable published a video in which actor Nick Offerman recites various submissions from the /r/showerthoughts subreddit (shown below). In the first 24 hours, the video gained over 580,000 views and 260 comments.

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    External References

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  • 08/21/14--03:08: Clementine
  • About

    Clementine is a young fictional character from Telltale Games’ episodic video game series The Walking Dead based on Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead comic book series.

    First Appearance

    On April 24th 2012, Clementine made her first appearance on the first season of The Walking Dead game in episode one titled A New Day. You play as Lee Everett, a former college professor convicted for murder. During the gameplay, Lee encounters Clementine and later other survivors in the game. Together they work on surviving the outbreak against the undead. In the sequel The Walking Dead Season Two (released on December 17, 2013 with episode one All That Remains), Clementine, who was once Lee’s companion in the first season, is now the playable main character in the second season.


    The character Clementine has gained a lot of popularity from fans of The Walking Dead series. In Google search there are 1,610,000 results, meaning there’s a massive amount of images[1] in Google Images. In deviantART there’s over 3700 image results for “the walking dead clementine”[4]. On August 21st, 2014, Telltale Games released a trailer for the season finale episode of The Walking Dead Season Two titled No Going Back. At the end shows a hashtag #MyClementine which can be found at Facebook and Twitter websites[5][6].

    Related Clementine Memes

    Edgy Clementine is a image of Clementine smearing blood all over her face as seen in selection of The Walking Dead Season Two episode 4 titled Amid The Ruins. This has been mostly used and edited by 4chan.

    Kenny’s Revival is a shocking and most touching reaction by Let’s Players like PewDiePie that witness the shocking moment of Clementine’s reunion with Kenny from season one in The Walking Dead Season Two episode two A House Divided.

    Search Interest

    External References

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    Should not be confused with Into the trash it goes


    Belongs in the Trash is a response slang language used as a response to users of subjects that do or do not consist of words that rhyme with ‘Trash’. Bold and Brash is the name of an artowrk that was created by the cartoon character Squidward that had also generated attention due to the response that was given to him by the art critic.


    Within the episode ‘Artist Unknown’, a scene shows of Squidward showing off his artwork to a critic to be added to a collection. Within one of the paintings named “Bold and Brash”, the critic replies with “More like, Belongs in the Trash” and laughs as the artwork is collected by the janitor and is chucked into the bin.




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  • 08/22/14--08:45: #PayMyTuitionChallenge
  • About

    #PayMyTuitionChallenge is a Twitter hashtag which accompanies call outs to various celebrities to pay for a student’s tuition as a parody of the “ice bucket challenge”.


    On August 20th, 2014, Twitter user Africa_naptural called out United States President Barack Obama, television personality Oprah Winfrey, entrepreneur Bill Gates, musicians Don Jazzy, singer-songwriter Beyonce, R&B singer Akon, actor Brad Pitt, actress Angelina Jolie and actor Will Smith to pay for her tuition.


    On August 21st, 2014, Twitter user @joshgander1[2] tweeted the hashtag #paymytuitionchallenge and nominated Obama, along with Mark Zuckerberg, Jay-Z, Beyonce and several other celebrities to pay for his tuition. In the first 24 hours, the tweet gained over 11,000 retweets and 6,100 favorites.

    The same day, Social News Daily[1] published an article about the trending hashtag, which highlighted several examples tweets. According to the Twitter analytics site Topsy, the hashtag was tweeted upwards of 27,000 times in the first 48 hours.

    Search Interest

    Not available.

    External References

    [1]Social News Daily – Pay My Tuition Challenge

    [2]Twitter – @joshgander1

    [3]Topsy – #paymytuitionchallenge

    [4]Twitter – Africa_naptural

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    Food That Looks Like Iggy Azalea is a single topic blog which features photos of food side by side with images of Australian rapper Iggy Azalea which the Tumblr’s curator believes resembles the musician.


    On August 17th, 2014, the Tumblr blog FoodThatLooksLikeIggyAzalea[1], which features pictures of Iggy Azalea next to pictures of food that looks similar to her outfit, make-up, or overall appearance was created.

    On the blogs FAQ page, the blog curator explaings:

    “-Is this a hate page?


    it’s photos of food coordinating with photos of iggy

    it is

    an art blog"

    The blog is open to reader submissions.


    On August 21st, 2014, UpRoxx[2] published a post titled “‘Food That Looks Like Iggy Azalea’ Is A Tumblr About Food That Looks Like Iggy Azalea.” The same day the blog was featured on Elite Daily[3] and Jezebel.[4] On August 22nd, the blog was covered by The Brasier[5] and First We Feast.[6]

    Notable Examples

    Search Interest

    External References

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  • 08/22/14--11:50: Chris Pratt
  • About

    Chris Pratt is an American actor best known for his role as Andy Dwyer on the NBC sitcom Parks and Recreation and his role as Star-Lord in the Marvel film Guardians of the Galaxy.

    Acting Career

    In 2002 Chris Pratt[1] was cast as highschooler Bright Abbott in the WB drama Everwood. The show ran for four seasons until 2006. Pratt had a guest starring arc on The OC from 2006-2007, and in 2009 he was cast as Andy Dwyer in the sitcom Parks and Recreation, which will conclude after its seventh season in 2015. Pratt started in several films in the late 2000s including The Five-Year Engagemen (2012), Zero Dark Thirty (2012) and Delivery Man (2013). In 2014 he starred in the superhero film Guardians of the Galaxy.

    Online History


    On April 21st, 2014, Pratt posted a picture of a french braid he had tied in his wife Anna Farris’ hair on Instagram account.[11] Within four months the picture gained over 11,000 notes.

    On July 22nd, 2014, Entertainment Weekly posted[13] a video to their YouTube channel[12] which featured Pratt french braiding their intern’s hair during an interview. Within a month the video gained over 680,000 views. The video was covered by several sites including The Mary Sue[14] and io9.[15]

    Hospital Visit

    On August 20th, 2014, Pratt visited patients at the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles dressed as his Guardians of the Galaxy character, appearing after a screening of the film for the children. His visit was covered by several sites on August 21st, including E! Online[8], TIME[9] and New York Daily News.[10]


    As of August 2014, Pratt’s Twitter account[2] has gained over 710,000 followers and his Facebook page[3] has gained over 460,000 likes. Deviant Art[4] has over 400 pieces of fan art tagged Chris Pratt. There are also several fan run Tumblrs dedicated to Pratt including fuckyeahchrispratt[5], chrisprattdelicious[6] and fyeahchrispratt.[7]

    Search Interest

    External References

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    Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal (SMBC) is a daily webcomic series written and illustrated by California-based artist Zach Weinersmith.



    On January 28th, 2002, Weinersmith released the first incarnation of SMBC, featuring the romantic and academic lives of several recurring college student characters, running until September 3rd that year (shown below).[1]

    On September 5th, Weinersmith launched the current version of SMBC,[2] which contains no recurring characters or storylines, but focuses on themes surrounding religion, superheroes, romance, science, parenting and philosophy.

    SMBC Theater

    On July 20th, 2009, Weinersmith launched the SMBC Theater YouTube channel, featuring skits and other short videos written by Weinersmith. As of August 2014, the most viewed video is a sketch comedy video featuring a brainstorming session for sex tips to be published in the parody magazine Cosmotopian with over 420,000 views and 490 comments (shown below).

    SMBC Collection Kickstarter

    On January 23rd, 2013, Weinersmith launched a Kickstarter campaign for a printed collection of science-related strips from the webcomic. By the following month, the campaign was funded with $341,667 of its $20,000 goal.

    Notable Comics


    As of August 2014, has a global rank of 5,873 and a United States rank of 1,927 on the traffic analytics site Alexa.[3]

    Search Interest

    External References

    [1]Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal – SMBC Classic

    [2]Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal – SMBC-Comics

    [3]Alexa –

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  • 08/22/14--18:21: I Love You
  • Entry is a work in progress, please apply for editorship if you want to help


    I love you is a memorable quote made by Patrick Star from episode 52a (“Chocolate with Nuts”) of the third season from the animated T.V show Spongebob Squarepants.


    In the episode, Spongebob and Patrick were trying to sell chocolate bars and Spongebob told Patrick to flatter the customer to make the customer feel better so he could buy their chocolate bars. When they arrived at the customer’s door, Patrick then proceeded to say “I love you”.

    YouTube Fad

    I love you is a popular fad on YouTube but has mainly ben used in Sparta remixes and Can You Survive X Numbers of Minutes videos.

    Video Examples

    3 minutes of “I love you”:

    Sparta remix (epileptic warning):

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  • 08/22/14--20:36: Vivian James
  • About

    Vivian James is a fictional character created through the cooperation of 4chan’s /v/ (Video Games) board and indie game developer group The Fine Young Capitalists. She was designed as a video-gaming character inspired by the /v/ board itself and can be considered a humanization of the board.

    The character was the result of a series of events in response to Zoe Quinn’s attack on the 2nd wave feminist organization The Fine Young Capitalists (TFYC)[5] while they were trying to fund a Game Jam with the intention of encouraging women to get into the gaming industry.


    On August 18, in a Reddit thread,[4] an user named SillySladar alleged that Zoe Quinn intentionally sabotaged a female-centric game development event on the grounds that the idea was oppressive, in order to promote her own similar event, Rebel Jam (shown below, left).[2] On August 19th, The Fine Young Capitalists released a soundcloud recording containing their explanation as to what was going on and why they were doxxed.[1] On August 21, TFYC also gave an audio interview talking about the whole happening (shown below, right).

    Notable Developments

    4chan and TheFineYoungCapitalists Cooperation

    On August 21, 4chan’s /pol/ (Politically Incorrect) board came up with the idea of helping The Fine Young Capitalists with the objective of boosting the image of the whole imageboard. The board planned to help TFYC recover from Zoe’s previous attacks and spite her in the process. Shortly after, the /v/ (Video Games) board also decided to join the Operation. This was also covered by the gaming media website Attack on Gaming a day later.[3]

    [Click on the image for the full infograph]

    Before starting the Operation, 4chan contacted TFYC via e-mail, getting a more detailed explanation about the boycott of their event and later coming to an agreement on how the donations would proceed (shown below).


    • 4chan would donate for the $10,000 reward (display of donator’s logo on the loading screen of the games sold and on TFYC’s website for 6 months).
    • 4chan’s donators would be able to donate separately to prevent shills from destroying the operation.
    • 4chan would also get the right to design a character ($2,000 reward).
    • 4chan would choose to which charity the money would go.

    The charity was chosen via Strawpoll (shown below, top image). The winner with over 50% of the votes to “chemo butthurt” was The Colon Cancer Alliance.[6] This was communicated to TFYC who later announced it on their Twitter (shown below, bottom image).


    Enthusiastic members of /pol/ and /v/ started donating to the Indiegogo campaign of TFYC,[7] becoming the main donators to said campaign by donating over $5,000 on the first day. This was later confirmed by a tweet from the TFYC (shown below).

    Vivian James

    By reaching at least $2000 in donations, 4chan gained the right to have a character of their design be placed in the video game that would result from TFYC’s Game Jam. When /v/ noticed that they had reached the character design reward, multiple threads where created to brainstorm for ideas. This eventually led to the idea and design for what later would become Vivian James (shown below).

    It took a series of polls to eventually reach the final character design and her name. Afterwards the character design was sent over to TFYC, who subsequently shared Vivian James and her final design on their Twitter account (shown below). Some aspects present in Vivian James’ visual design represent 4chan’s /v/ board, such as her striped sweater being green and purple, a reference to the infamous daily dose images, and the four-leaf clover on her headband.

    /v/ has finished yelling at each other. Here are what’s been decided:


    • Name: Vivian James (joke here is that slight pronunciation corruption makes it “vidya games”, /v/s term for our hobby).
    • Nickname: Clover (4chan symbol).
    • Online Handle (should it ever for some reason come up): Level (Level → lel →lvl →/v/).

    Plenty of excited discussion around personality was had, but that’s something I think you should be free to work around. The only thing we’d like you to keep in mind (should relevant situations ever come up) are the things that are obvios from her designs and our board’s attitude towards the current controversy:

    • Tough-loves video games.
    • Loathes dishonesty and hypocrisy.
    • Low-affect, grumpy, perpetually fed up and tired.

    Ultimately it’s your game and the game of the ladies that pitched whatever concept wins.


    Following the creation of Vivian James and the cooperation between 4chan and TFYC, The Fine Young Capitalists received negative feedback on both Twitter (shown below, left) and Tumblr (shown below, right) from certain feminist groups and supporters for accepting help from 4chan, claiming TFYC to be hypocrites for dealing with 4chan in a friendly manner and accepting money from them.

    In reply to the accusations, The Fine Young Capitalists defended their stance regarding 4chan, claiming that should they wish to stop them from taking part in the project, they would have to oppress 4chan and that they didn’t wish to do that (shown below).[8]

    External References

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  • 08/23/14--09:51: Indian Movie Dance Remixes
  • About

    Indian Movie Dance Remixes are series of parody videos which dub pop music, mainly anime theme songs, over the dance scenes taken from Indian films. In the same manner as Tommy Seebach’s "Apache" on YouTube, the sharpness/grooviness of Indian movie dancing has been a popular visual resource for parody videos on the Japanese video sharing service Nico Nico Douga (NND) since 2007.


    Along with dawn of the online video-sharing era in mid-2000s, Indian films became to reach a wider audience via YouTube and other video hub sites. In particular, its characteristic dance scenes by a large number of actors have inspired viewers as well as its songs’ funny phonetic translations represented by “Benny Lava”.

    Meanwhile on NND, users found a way to utilize those groovy Indian movie dances for audio-dubbing parodies. One of the earliest instances in this series is “Lucky MegaStar” which dubbed ”Motteke! Sailor Fuku”, an opening theme song from Japanese TV anime Lucky Star, over “Kodithe Kottali” from 2003 movie Tagore[1] starring Indian “Megastar” Chiranjeevi.[2] The original video was uploaded to YouTube on June 22nd, 2007[3], and soon reuploaded to NND in the following month.[4]

    Left: “Kodithe Kottali” | Right: “Lucky MegaStar”


    Audio-dubbing is one of the popular techniques in video parodies on that Japanese video sharing service. ”A Million Ways” by OK Go, “I Wanna Love You Tender” by Danny Ja Armi and Crazy Frog Brothers are famous visual resources for this kind of parody videos. And, Indian movie dances have much more popularity than all of them because it shows much more hilarious synchronization with Japanese anime/pop vocal songs written in high BPM. As well as “Kodithe Kottali”, “Shankar Dada M.B.B.S.” from Chiranjeevi’s 2004 flim Shankar Dada M.B.B.S.[5] and “Gola Gola” from 2006 Tegulu film Ashok[6] starring N. T. Rama Rao Jr. (Jr. NTR)[7] are also popular Indian dance video clips.

    Left: “Shankar Dada M.B.B.S.”[8] | Right: “Gola Gola”[9]

    On NND, dubbed videos utilizing these dances are usually tagged under wordplay phrases “Naan[10] to Curry[11] na Odori” (Japanese: ナンとカレーな踊り; lit. “What a wonderful dancing”) or “Naan ni demo Au” (ナンにでも合う; lit. “This goes well with everything”).[12]And not a few of them have been watched over millions times.

    In the summer of 2014, a Telugu movie Baadshah[13] starring Jr. NTR was distributed to the Japanese theaters. In its promotion, the distributor highlighted the online popularity of his dance in parody videos, and described him as “Shingeki no Indo-jin” (進撃のインド人). It was inspired by that Attack on Titan / Shingeki no Kyojin Opening parody video which had earned over 1.5 million pageviews on YouTube until that summer.[14]

    Japanese Trailer

    Notable Examples

    Niconico インド人類は繁栄しましたNiconico 【インド】シュタインドゲートOP – Hacking to the Indo -
    Left: Humanity Has Declined OP Parody | Right: Steins;Gate OP Parody
    Niconico アニメ『進撃のインド人』OPNiconico ジョジョの奇妙ナン冒険 スターダストククレイダース OP
    Left: Attack on Titan OP Parody | Right: JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure OP Parody

    Search Interest

    [Not Available]

    External References

    Editor’s Note: Registration is needed to browse the original videos listed in this section.

    [1]Wikipedia – Tagore (film)

    [2]Wikipedia – Chiranjeevi

    [3]YouTube – Lucky Megastar – らき☆めがすた / Posted on 06-22-2007 (Internet archive, Defunct)

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    [5]Wikipedia – Shankar Dada M.B.B.S.

    [6]Wikipedia – Ashok (film)

    [7]Wikipedia – N. T. Rama Rao Jr.

    [8]niconico Douga – 【ゴリマー】【高画質】Begumpeta Bullammo – Shankar Dada MBBS / Posted on 07-01-2009

    [9]niconico Douga – 【インド】 Gola Gola – Ashok 【高音質】 / Posted on 08-06-2007

    [10]Wikipedia – Naan

    [11]Wikipedia – Curry

    [12]niconico Douga – Search results for the tags ナンとカレーな踊り OR ナンにでも合う

    [13]Baadshah (2013 film) – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    [14]YouTube – Shingeki no Kyojin opening / Posted on 04-13-2013

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  • 08/23/14--13:39: Identifying X
  • Work in progress


    identifying X typically refers to a photoshop and snowclone meme consisting of the subject of the image carefully examining a commonplace and easily identifiable object. In its snowclone variants, the image is generally captioned with “Yep, it’s X.”


    The original image from which the meme was derived was the cover of the book Identifying Wood: Accurate Results with Simple Tools[1] by R. Bruce Hoadley, published in 1990.[2]

    (Researching precise origin)

    The earliest known variation of the meme was created by adding the caption “Yep, it’s wood.” to the image, thereby highlighting the humor behind writing an entire book dedicated to identifying something so commonplace.


    On May 22nd, 2007, a thread[3] was posted on the community website FARK requesting photoshops of the book cover. The thread, receiving 36 replies prior to being archived, produced several notable examples of the meme (shown below).

    Notable Examples

    Search Interest

    External References

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  • 08/23/14--19:22: Gul'dan offer
  • About

    The “Gul’dan offer” is an image macro in which Gul’dan makes an offer towards Grommash Hellscream, as to where Grommash anwers “And what, Gul’dan, must we give in return?”, to which Gul’dan pulls back his hood and says “Everything”.


    The image macro originates from the trailer for World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor. In the trailer, Gul’dan is seen offering Grommash Hellscream a cup, which contains the blood of Mannoroth the Destructor, to which he adds “Drink, Hellscream. Claim your destiny. You will all be conquerors.”. The screen blurs and you can see Garrosh Hellscream standing in the background of Grommash. Then, in response, Grommash answers: “And what, Gul’dan, must we give in return?”. At this point Gul’dan pulls back his hood, revealing his red gaze, and exclaims: “Everything.”. This leads to Grommash pouring the blood out of the cup, to which Gul’dan grunts. An evil laughter would then be heard in the background and Mannoroth comes forth, asking: “You, would reject this gift?”. A battle then ensues between Grommash and Mannoroth.

    Trailer for World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor[2]

    A few minutes after the cinematic was released, a thread appeared on Reddit’s /r/WoW board, MMO-champion[3] and also on wow-europe[1][4], where the cinematic[2] was posted. This prompted users to writing different parodies of the conversation in the comments.


    The image macro soon spread to other sites, including 4chan and MMO-champion, where the template was posted and parodies were made in the thread.


    Original image

    External references

    [1]The homepage of World of Warcraft

    [2]Trailer for World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor

    [3]A parody thread on

    [4]A forum thread on, where a parody of the image macro was made

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  • 08/24/14--04:20: YuruYuri
  • About

    YuruYuri (Japanese ゆるゆり?, lit. Easygoing Yuri) is a yuri slice of life manga and anime series. The series revolves around the daily lives of four schoolgirls, members of the Amusement Club: Akari Akaza, the protagonist who struggles with her lack of presence; her childhood friends, Kyōko Toshinō and Yui Funami; and her classmate, Chinatsu Yoshikawa; along with the school’s Student Council.


    The manga series was written and illustrated by Namori. The series began serialization in Ichijinsha’s Comic Yuri Hime S magazine from June 12, 2008, before being moved over to Comic Yuri Hime in September 2010. An anime adaptation by Dogakobo aired in Japan between July and September 2011; a second season aired between July and September 2012. An original video animation is currently in production by TYO Animations.


    YuruYuri has been praised for its non-sequitur comedy and the general randomness of its characters. While Akari Akaza is supposed to be the main role, her lack of presence (to the point of becoming invisible), is used to change the protagonist every episode. The manga is currently (August 2014) in the top 30 Japanese Comic Ranking [1]
    The anime has a 4.5/5 rating on Cruchyroll [2]


    Akari has been praised for her struggle to become the protagonist during the series.

    Akane Akaza, the sister of Akari, is an obsessed siscon that has draw attention despite her brief time in the anime

    Search Interest

    External References

    [1]Anime News Network – Japanese comic ranking / Posted on 2014-08-13

    [2]Crunchyroll – YuruYuri on Crunchyroll

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    Warriors is a book series written by Erin Hunter and published by HarperCollins. The Warriors Series contains over 37 books including The Main Series, The Manga, The E-Novellas, and The Super Editions. Warriors: Into the Wild was the first book which was released in 2003.


    The Warriors fandom mainly goes to deviantART and YouTube post Content.
    The average time a picture of Warriors goes up on deviantART is once every 15 minutes. Warriors has many fan clubs on deviantART, most notably Warrior-Cats-Fanart.

    The average time a video of Warriors goes up is 1 hour. SSS Warrior Cats, which has made many fan animations so far, has over 80,000 subscribers. Their first video has 2 million views.

    The Warriors fandom is also prevalent on tumblr.

    Role Playing

    Warriors role playing has a significant number of sites online. In Warriors role playing, players use their OCs to interact with text on a forum. There are many sites, and even sites to organize the best ones.

    Related Memes


    Main Entry

    Graystripe is one of the characters in the Warriors Series. Some very bad fanart of him was posted on the deviantART, which the tumblr blog The Worst Warriors posted and became popular around the Warriors tumblr community. This inspired various fanart.

    Bad Fanart

    The Warriors fandom is full of bad fanart, which has become very famous. Many people mock the fanart, and some have even drawn bad fanart as a joke. Bad fanart is usually created by young or inexperienced artists who had recently discovered the Warriors fandom.

    Notable Examples

    Search Interest

    External Links

    The Worst Warriors
    SSS Warrior Cats
    Official Site


    I would gladly appreciate help with this entry.

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  • 08/25/14--09:18: Richard Attenborough
  • About

    Richard Attenborough was an English actor, film director, producer and entrepreneur best known for his roles in The Great Escape, Miracle on the 34th Street and, most famously in Jurassic Park as John Hammond, the main antagonist and the owner of the park. The actor passed away at age of 90 on August 24th, 2014.


    Richard Attenborough made his acting debut on stage by making various appearances in shows at Little Theatre in Leicester, prior to his enrollment at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA). Richard’s film career began in 1942 in an uncredited role as a deserting sailor in the Noël Coward/David Lean production In Which We Serve. The actor later starred in the west-end longest running stage production Agatha Christie’s The Mouse Trap, In 1963, he appeared in the ensemble cast of The Great Escape as RAF Squadron Leader Roger Bartlett based on the real-life exploits of Roger Bushell. It was his first appearance in a major Hollywood film blockbuster and his most successful film thus far. He also starred in Flight of the Phoenix (1965) and directed Gandhi (1982), for the latter of which he was awarded a number of awards, most notably two Academy Awards for Best Director and Best Picture in 1982, as well as two Golden Globes for Best Director and Best Foreign Film in 1983.


    Jurassic Park (1993)

    Although Attenborough had established his name in the British cinema as a renowned actor and filmmaker during the mid-to-late 1960s, he reached a new level of fame in the early 1990s after starring as John Hammond, the main antagonist in the 1993 American science fiction action adventure film Jurassic Park. According to the film’s casting director, Stephen Spielberg convinced Attenborough into taking the role, even after the actor had declined similar offers in two previous Spielberg films, bringing him out of a 14-year hiatus from on-screen acting.

    Miracle on the 34th Street (1994)

    In 1994, Attenborough starred in the fourth remake of the American Christmas fantasy film Miracle on the 34th Street as Kris Kringle, the protagonist character who is assumed to the be real Santa Clause.

    Personal Life

    Richard Attenborough was born on August 29th, 1923 in Cambridge, England as the eldest of three brothers, he was educated at Wyggeston Grammar School for Boys and later studied at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. Attenborough later served in the RAF which lead to his rise to stardom because of him starring in the propaganda film Journey Together (1943).

    h2. Awards

    h4. Death

    In August 2008, Attenborough was admitted to the hospital due to heart problems and was fitted with a pacemaker. In December 2008 he suffered a fall at his home after a stroke. In May 2011, David Attenborough revealed that his brother had been confined to a wheelchair since his stroke in 2008, and while he was still capable of holding a conversation, he stated that “[Richard] won’t be making any more films.” On August 24th, 2014, after years of battling heart disease complications, Richard Attenborough passed away at age of 90, five days before what would have been his 91st birthday.

    h4. Tributes

    Following the announcement of the actor’s death, his name quickly became one of the top trending keywords on Google, ranking as the fifth most searched term with more than 200,000 queries in the United States on August 24th, while his name topped the chart with over 1 million queries in the United Kingdom that same day. In the following 24 hours, the fans of the filmmaker and actor on Tumblr, Reddit and Twitter quickly responded with GIF and supercut-style tributes to Attenborough’s achievements and celebrated roles throughout his career.

    h2. Search Interest

    h2. External References

    fn1. Wikipedia – Richard Attenborough

    fn2. IMDBRichard Attenborough

    fn3. Daily Mail – "":

    fn4. The Guardian – Richard Attenborough on laughter, levity and the loss of his daughter

    fn5. Reddit – Search Results for Richard Attenborough

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